China makes a Quantum leap in Semiconductor production with Gallium | Tech AI Robotics EV Chip -

China makes a Quantum leap in Semiconductor production with Gallium | Tech AI Robotics EV Chip

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In this video, we delve into the exciting world of quantum chip design and the groundbreaking advancements in using gallium nitride. We explore how this innovative technology is revolutionizing the way we approach computing and its potential impact on various industries. Join us to uncover the future of quantum computing! Don’t forget to like and share this video to spread the word about this cutting-edge technology. #QuantumChipDesign #GalliumNitride #BreakthroughInnovation


00:00:00 Quantum Leap: The Breakthrough in Chip Design
00:00:43 Unveiling the Quantum Light Source
00:01:23 GaN: The Quantum Material Platform
00:02:10 Quantum Optics Perspective
00:02:47 GaN’s Expansive Capabilities
00:03:29 Fortifying Quantum Security
00:04:10 Origin Wukong: A Quantum Marvel
00:04:47 The Promise of Quantum Computing
00:05:31 Quantum Computing Applications in Finance
00:06:14 Quantum Computing and Drug Discovery
00:06:55 Quantum Computing and Climate Modeling
00:07:33 Quantum Computing in Aerospace Engineering
00:08:18 Closing Remarks and Invitation

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  1. Wow… Sir David Attenborough is so knowledgeable…

  2. China is systematically making breakthroughs with semiconductor chip design n manufacturing with new material like Gallium Nitrite

  3. China must completely ban export of gallium nitride. Gallium nitride is the substance that will control the world.

  4. This site is good example of AI generated content. You get a few snips of real information and by using a voice similar to that of Sir David Attenborough makes it much easier to listen to. Well done.

  5. Wow, China has made breakthrough in quantum computing using gallium nitride as the basis. As gallium nitride is in abundant in China and restricted to be exported to the west due to the USA’s containment policy China will have not only the knowledge and expertise but also the capability to mass produce the quantum chips in the near future. This will put China far ahead in the semiconductor technology and production than the USA. Quantum computing will change the world for the better as it will unlock many possibilities to finding new drugs, climate control, explore the outer space and make lives more comfortable for all mankind.

  6. Why must Uncle Sam make China its own nightmare? It's getting scarier and scarier each passing day.🥶🥶🥶🥶

  7. More nation security bs coming from the miserable wretched United American States

  8. United States????
    Whats that
    Surely you mean….American States of
    United American States

  9. Congratulations to China for making advances in chips technology and quantum technology. I hope it is real that mass production has started. So far there is only hints of that in social media, and not in market place. The rest of the non western world need China to break western hegemony.


  11. КНР впереди планеты всей 🇨🇳👍🇨🇳👍🇨🇳👍🇨🇳👍🇨🇳👍

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