China’s Beta volt develops nuclear battery with 50 Year lifespan -

China’s Beta volt develops nuclear battery with 50 Year lifespan

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Betavolt a startup company in China has developed a teeny tiny battery that it claims can provide power for 50 years without needing to be charged.
Named BV100, the tiny battery is created from technology which converts energy from decaying isotopes (in this case nickel-63) into electricity.

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  1. Yeah, a Chinese company claiming to have technology more advanced than others. Definitely trustworthy and has always been true when claimed. /s

  2. This is like 50 year old technology…
    Stop shitposting

  3. The first LEDs were expensive and glowed with a very dim red light.

    Even now we can parallel them to multiply the power

  4. technology will sure elvolving more. All machine will also follow to evolve into something more efficient. Hope this new tech will come out soon in the market.

  5. China will rule the world American will try against that new technology to say is dangerous you will see people wil not use petrol all people will use this kind batery for car imagine the no need to charge for 50 year 😮😮

  6. What is the explosion radius of these nuclear battery and how much land one battery can ruined? How much cancer can one expect being near this battery?

  7. Nice nuclear it's friendly now😮😮

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