China’s MOST ADVANCED Battery Will Destroy The EV Industry! -

China’s MOST ADVANCED Battery Will Destroy The EV Industry!

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  1. CATL & BYD already build sodium factory ready by this year. It meant for small cars.

  2. We will be making ICE cars for a long, long time !!!!!

  3. dont trust the Chinese and never will what they produce is usually crap.

  4. chinese prodiuct look good but are poor quality and dont last

  5. its very simple, reverse engineer it. China has been doing that for years and to the west. Reverse it, copy it, improve on it. The west must not give China any control to dictate patents, as China does the some

  6. Or, there will be a lot of out of work Africans.

  7. Many countries are doing this. Too big for cars. So what because Hydrogen will rule anyway.

  8. So, Li-battery will replace ICE engines. So-batteries will replace Lithium ones, and Toyota's water engine will replace those. And the billionaires who have interests in ICE engine and battery tech will just accept their fate and go broke, right? 😀 Haha, you cannot change anything while those who have money are forming the world around us. We are just slaves.

  9. By “destroy the EV industry,” he meant the battery will blow up the EV car.

  10. China must have stole US technology…..even though US dont have manufactured any battery..cry wolf cry wolf

  11. New battery should more R&D, Make it cheaper

  12. Kudos to China and battery powered car World 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🚙🚗🚙👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨👨‍👩‍👧‍👧👨‍👧👩‍👧

  13. China will switch to making and marketing Nuclear Batteries to stop wasting materials and resources by its industry. Western companies in particular using a process called designated engineering to make products to fail in certain number months or years in course of a life cycle of any product.
    This method by industry is keep companies involved to make products which in turn keeps them profitable and moneymaking until a newer and profitable device us made to make more money.
    Here is an example, when the Japanese car companies broke into the American marketplace, their cars and products didnt work and it was crappie. However when Japan switched to Deming's quality control model in the 1980s, cars were better made and simply more efficient and parts were easily replacable until digitalization. Now can anyone troubleshoot their cars without computer diagnostic software or tool. Hmmm😮😮😮😮!!!
    The same innovation will happen again except it will be China instead of Western controlled Japan!!!!

  14. How is a new battery going to DESTROY the EV Industry? Cheaper and more efficient battery technologies can only boost the advancement of electric vehicles. Personally I doubt that this battery exists. China is always boasting about how technologically advanced they are, but just like the fictitious "Nuclear diamond£ battery, the technology does not exist, or is such infancy that it will not be available before nuclear fusion.

  15. Nothing new here. they have been talking about this for years, Fires are putting people off big time, and Tesla has new batteries coming too. Graphene is the answer for the future.

  16. Funny that you can find lithium in England so we will just build up competition and we all know that even now Chinese technology is nasty ud say cheap but uts not anymore its now expensive crap

  17. NOT only the EV but also the crude oil producing countries LOL

  18. china makes good things some break like other ones from other countries i have no problems with the e steps xiaomi and kugurin g2 master is a f beast battery is also good

  19. Chinese cuting edge technologies are the future of humanlity, Chinese scientists are dedicated to build a better human world, not to destroy it. Would you pls change the text in the title.

  20. China's most advanced propaganda will change nothing

  21. Im sorry but made in China is not for me because they are copycat with no respect for copyright

  22. This what I view of ,,,,China has momentum in innovation it just like a water flowing from pressurized hose, that's the result of diligence their government faucos on manufacturing using their innovation..

  23. It's already out on sale and people have tested it and it's not as good as lithium batteries 🤗

  24. ….these will all be blown off the market by the new battery that runs for fifty years with out recharging…..

  25. yes even china develop they dont have quality it is wase

  26. now if china can quit using coal and show the world geothermal and solar can replace coal and hydrocarbons and give us a world we can raise our grandchildren and Nature in. come on china, take a lead, be the lead, the world will join, follow, care completely and humans won't extinct themselves

  27. Will they remain FIRE Starters how will insurance companies embrace the new batteries the dangers of fire I feel will remain the same as it will be a mix of Lithium and Sodium nothing will change.

  28. The time of the West leeching on the Asian and African continent is ending.

  29. Can Chinese & American EV car’s & Battery swapping stations succeed outside of the U.S. & Chinese market? without a universal sized E.V. battery like Ample’s for all EV. cars. Like in rural Australia? With brands such as Nio & Lucid or BYD & the Bolt

  30. The only reason why China is so far advanced in technology is because they have operatives scouring the United States Patent Office for many years, effectively stealing the technology they find. One other more important matter is the way our government does not want certain technologies to be released because of the disruption to the economy, such as free energy devices, and anti-gravity, as well as technology that are military secrets.

  31. Welcome, that was yesterday, AI has crackedit dude USA, aggressive propaganda normally shows clearly who is in the wrong, especially fear mongering!

  32. Game over, game changer, it nailed. Suck!

  33. Stolen technology from Japan.
    Japanese already developed car running on sodium iron batteries 😂

  34. Add this to new solar tech from sweden and GG

  35. BYD has more car fires than all other ev combined.

  36. Do not count the egg before it has become chick

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