Chinas New Nuclear Battery SHOCKS The Entire Industry -

Chinas New Nuclear Battery SHOCKS The Entire Industry

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  1. The US has used nuclear batteries for military, space, and related uses for years. However, there are too many issues for uncontrolled civilian uses.

  2. But everything you say about them spells Danger we don't what millions of them laying around.

  3. we have had these since the 50's, we cant get motre than about 3v, so yes its ok for pace makeras, but wont fly a drone, let alone a car, so no its not a game changer, just china copying old teck and elon musking it as they invented magic lol, no racial devide in scamers.

  4. China forfeit their right to deliver medical surplus to the world will lose everything because of population control Africa Indonesia Cambodia Australia Philippine Hong Kong Vietnam North and South Korea wuhanvirus plandemic crimes against humanity

  5. Thanks to the China's invasion and sharing with the world, they are very smart that's why so many is gelos of them.

  6. It's similar to a kickstarter scam. Showing a product based on long standing technology which has very limited usability and somehow promising the extra super powerful improved model is just around the corner and will revolutionise everything.

  7. Been waiting for this battery to surface and finally the real deal. Great Thanks to China Tech

  8. I'm going to name my electric car with this battery Fatboy.

  9. bet most people well ever see one there is more to the story than this it will be banned soon!

  10. nuclear batterys can help my power at home , so i have no need for the grid

  11. Wow, China develops a nuclear battery that can last for over 50 years without recharging. This RTG or non-thermal beta or gamma-decaying nuclear battery uses an isotope and the electricity is generated directly or indirectly from a chain reaction. Betavolt has produced a BD100 nuclear battery using Ni62 isotope that can produce electricity for 50 years. This battery is fire-proof which makes it safer than lithium batteries. China is at the forefront of nuclear battery technology which puts her far ahead of the west.

  12. What dreams are made of

  13. NASA has 2 satelites that are still operation via radioactive source for over 30 years and have exited our solar system. You are copy cats!— Matt

  14. Ww3 niw tired of tomuch bla bla so that we know whose the best of alll lol

  15. Old technology , i knew about how it work way back early 70's

  16. The bright future of technology and the game changer πŸ™ thanks a lots to science πŸ€žπŸ˜ŽπŸ’―βœŒοΈπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ‡ΏπŸ‡¦

  17. Does it explode with over charging sounds good

  18. A huge boon for EVs, bikes, EVTOLs and airplanes!

  19. Yeah, been hearing about these….interesting. πŸ‘

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