Citizen AS 2020 Atomic Nighthawk - H461 Caliber - review & tutorial on how to setup and use -

Citizen AS 2020 Atomic Nighthawk – H461 Caliber – review & tutorial on how to setup and use

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A review and a guide for all the functions of the H461 caliber
A special thanks to Silvertime watch store for supplying this watch, to check them out, click here:

Table of content:
0:00 Review – About the watch
08:36 Low Battery Warning
09:08 All reset
11:38 Checking & Correcting Hands Position
13:49 Atomic time adjusting
15:53 Manual time & date adjusting
21:21 Time zone adjustment

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  1. Hi Watch Geek!
    Needing a bit of advice, just got the
    Gw6900 I ordered and it came dead
    As a door knob! Blacked out. The outer box had dust on it so I'm assuming it has been sitting for some time! Can it be brought to life or do I need a new battery!? Thx in advance, Bob

  2. Thank you WG sorry for late hr in Croatia , I appreciate your help my

  3. Hi, just recently purchased this watch from a friend, specifically the euro titanium version. He sold it to me for $110 because he doesn't know how to set the watch. Just came across to your channel & was very happy i was able to set the watch in no time. Looks cool on an olive green nato strap, like an aviator field watch 😄. One question though, do i still need to set & update the date setting monthly manually again even though i followed everything in your video? Thanks for the very informative channel! Liked & subscribed to your channel.

  4. Brilliant and informative. This said this is a ridiculous level of complexity. Not catching all six world radio signals is daft Just get a Rangeman, much easier.

  5. You sir are a gifted instructor. Explanations are well delivered and I like how the focus is always on the watch. As for this watch, I love it. Only, I am in the U.S. so it saddens me that if I did purchase it the atomic feature would not function. Is there an equivalent for the American market you can recommend? I would like the slide rule feature.

  6. Thanks a lot for this great video, helped me set up my grandfather's AS 2020. Amazing content!
    Cheers from Italy

  7. Other than the atomic timekeeping feature of this watch, how does it differ from the CITIZEN PILOT PROMASTER ECO-DRIVE NIGHTHAWK B877-S015693 I recently ordered? Many thanks.

  8. Thank you so much for an extremely clear and comprehensive explanation!!! You should apply for a job at Citizen! Bravo and many thanks again!

  9. Hello thank you for this great tuto, I have a question, do we have on this watch the GMT function, I explain, living in London but I need to travel to NY, can I set the time for those 2 cities en check quicky the time of each country?

  10. Is there any Citizen watch which have Atomic clock sync + compass feature ? Any suggestion !

  11. Got this watch with titanium/sapphire as a gift from my father. Own it many years, top watch. Still wear it with love. I think your not right on Sync. My watch has Titanium/ sapphire but it looks like the right (Japanese) watch in your picture. Not with the orange under the Citizen logo on the display but with "Radio controlled sapphire" instead of "Radio controlled wr 20 bar". It has written Japan on the screwback and syncs very well in Germany/Europe. Thx for explaining.

  12. Hi, I'm looking at an eco-drive promaster h-461-T005527 – 742060, titanium, sapphire, on eBay. Is this the same as the titanium, sapphire you feature during you're video?

  13. Fabulous, as usual! I have just purchased the Titanium version of this watch but would not have without this brilliantly clear instruction on set up. Thank you.

  14. Such amazing watch and awesome piece of engineering. Represents the word "precision" by itself in a not crazy tons of money. Bravo for Citizen. 
    I love this watch, one of my favorites and you made a video at same level that the watch requieres. So lets say congrats.
    I have been following this piece since time ago but always with the doubt about the size. I have small wrist (6.3 inches, 16cm) and 44mm watch could be much for me. I found in eBay a seller page which says that the size is 42mm and I'm gonna ask him but I'm pretty sure that has to be a mistake. If this watch is not available in 42mm I´ll try to check how it fits in a physical store and probably will becomes in my next watch as soon as I could.
    Sorry for my english, and thanks for the nice work done in the video.

  15. 2:28 he says the case is the same as "the original" I tried "the original" on and it was too big. now I checked and the as2020 seems to be 2 mm smaller in diameter. now, is that true or not??

  16. Since the atomic clocks are shuting down it will be a waste buying it

  17. No GMT?! The options for quality analog watches at that price are so limited. No go…

  18. Too complicated! I wont remember none of what was talked about in this video. The skyhawk, seem's more suitable 2 deal with on a daily basis.

  19. I loved the video and the explanation. Good job!

  20. Damn you citizen making it European and Japanese and not available in North America

  21. i just got a used titanium for really cheap, a non runner but after leaving it under the sun it moves, the second hand ticks but not hitting the mark on point, still need a full recharge, was able to set the time thanks for this great video

  22. Shouldn't it be possible to quick change the date by rotating the crown ANTI-clockwise???

  23. Hi, when setting up the atomic time you say we should check if the sync with the radio went through. But if it went through shouldn’t the watch automatically adjust himself? And if not immediately when does it adjust himself? Thanks in advance

  24. Great video. I have struggled with the manual, but this made everything clear to me. Thanks.

  25. This is a very well done review of the Citizen AS2020 Nighthawk Radio-control watch, but the maker of the video review makes an error when he states that the version of the regular Nighthawk watch that has an engraving on the back of the watch case was only available in the European and Asian markets. The version of the regular Nighthawk watch with the engraving on the back of the watch case was available in the USA. Jewelry stores in the USA could order the watch from CitizenUSA in Torrence, California.

  26. Amazing watch. Thank you for the explanation.

  27. Hola, alguien me lo puede pasar en español por favor? Gracias

  28. "From smart people to smart people" – should be citizen moto!

  29. I’ve just discovered your video because I bought this watch online and I’m preparing myself to be able to set it ! I want to thank you soooo much for your GREAT explanations : congratulations for the precise and useful explanations !!!

  30. An abbolutely brilliant analog watch! and such perfect instructions! Amazing!

  31. Excellent video and very helpful in adjusting this amazing watch.

  32. There is an iphone app that mimics the tower signal. Works great for watches like this.

  33. Just an advice: when i push the sync button, the second hand doesn’t point “NO” neither “H” “M” or “L” , but “RX”. Does it mean?

  34. I have always loved your tutorial, please do consider doing at least the mode function tutorial on citizen navihawk especially after it major price drop in recent years. Thanks

  35. Great comprehensive review mate. Would be awesome and absolutely appreciated if you could do a similar review on its successor, the CB0230.👊🏼🙂

  36. I had to change the battery after 14 years. Great watch.

  37. Great tutorial!! Many thanks! (Got lost a bit with the original manual published by Citizen, though very detailed and comprehensive)

  38. Thanks man! I just got this watch, and the video was super helpful to set it up!

  39. what is the difference they have H461 and H145 caliber ???

  40. I have had this watch for about 15 years, it never stops working perfectly. I live in the Netherlands so it picks up the atomic signal from Germany. And yes, it should have Sapphire crystal, the only drawback.

  41. Thanks mate, super! Can I ask you something? how can the year be set in 2021? looks like the watch is not allowing setting the year after 2019 right?

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