Could Britain Survive A Nuclear War? -

Could Britain Survive A Nuclear War?

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With the development of the atomic bomb, questions arose about how mankind could survive the existence of such a weapon, and what a war where they’re used would look like. With the development of the hydrogen bomb, these questions were answered – mankind could not survive the use of such a weapon, and a war where they’re used would mean oblivion.

This video looks into how the UK government perceived nuclear war breaking out – and how it intended to counter this damage.

This is one of the strangest videos I’ve ever made – I like to focus on the history of the Imagined – less the stuff that actually occurred, and more the stuff that people perceive had occurred. Nuclear war is, by necessity to us, a thing which we can only imagine.



  1. Couldnt survive sod all any war comming we are already out numbered amount of illegals here now 😮

  2. I find it somewhat curious that I was born exactly 9 months after the peak of the cold war crisis. It's almost like my parents made their last stance 🤔

  3. . . . Still, with all that being said, we should look on the bright side. . . The country might be a radioactive mosh-pit, but at least the Royal family would survive. . .🤗

  4. The country went to pot during covid never mind a nuclear blast

  5. No and what a ridiculous question

  6. Tend to feel that the big underground fertiliser mine that is likely the biggest in the world could possibly set up an operation to grow and sell mushrooms. So that it is financially worthwhile to run such a business and gradually expand its operations within unused areas of the underground mine. That way in such a situation food could be grown that is not contaminated with radioactive contamination for a while. Having such an operation running in a financially successful way at a time of nuclear war might encourage politicians to try to help expand such an operation as there is a slight possibility that they might like the idea of themselves and other people having food to eat for a while in a small way to help a small piece of society to survive for a while as such an operation would likely to be able to continue growing food during a nuclear winter helping to give people food to eat as opposed to the starvation of everyone. Having such an operation up and running with near limitless underground space would mean that it could be expanded after a nuclear war if some people were interested in having food to eat and helping to continue some small part of normal society. The quicker food production could be expanded in such an environment the more people there would likely be that could be saved from starvation if a nuclear winter occurred. That would likely require people having an ability to actually think so there will be little likelihood of such a bussiness operation actually being set up in real life and if it was you would probably never hear about it as it would be meant to feed the few not the many. Have a good day 😊.

  7. If nuke's can do all that damage i wonder way they built such things it doesn't make sense

  8. No. Stupid question. Your next video, could Liz Truss have lasted longer than a lettuce??? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  9. Na. But there is a pub, a pharmacy and a Greggs at the end of our street. I reckon I could do five pints and if I survive the blast I can nip over to raid the pharmacy. Then into the Greggs for a couple of sausage rolls. Oh there’s an offi too. Sorted. 👍

  10. Britain's leaders couldnt organise a shopping list with 3 items on it!!!

  11. I grow weary of people fucking up this fact:
    Got it?

  12. Next you should do can new zealand survive a nuclear winter.

  13. I seem to remember that all one had to do was ""Duck and Cover", you'd simply use a thick blanket and "duck" under it and "cover" youself, rendering the thermonuclear explosion completely harmless.

  14. This is not the video I should have watched before going to bed.

  15. Britain would absolutely survive with relatively minor damage to the overall landscape. The population would have a difficult time but some would survive and probably wish they hadn’t. Nuclear bombs are powerful but they relatively limited in effect compared to an entire country. All the nuclear weapons in existence would not be able to completely remove the Isle of Wight. That’s the island in the middle of the south coast of the UK.

  16. Ill take "slim to none" over doing nothing.

  17. I've seen 'Threads' and 'The War Game', they unlike the rather pathetic "The Day After" show us that in the case of nuclear war you can kiss your arse goodbye. As even if you survive the initial blasts, there won't be anything worth living for.

    I would recommend if it came to it and the gas supply was still functional for a while, blocking up the flume of the gas boiler and flooding the house with carbon monoxide. Be a lot quicker and less painful than falling apart over a number of days…

  18. This video should be sent to everyone in governments……

  19. Ye plenty of caves but they full of asylum seekers no room at the in.

  20. I like how your animations show the appropriate skeleton and shadow for the 'people'.
    But yeah, nuclear war is death to everyone.
    Pro NATO, pro Ukraine, pro Democracy person here too.
    edit: stuff

  21. Why use a Soviet Selena Vega Transistor Radio as an iccn?

  22. Regional commissioners did not have the option of capital punishment

  23. I know it's stupid as I personally wouldn't survive it, but I am angry about the decommissioning of the bunkers and regional plans. The bunkers should store things like iodine tablets plus all the knowledge bases possible in science, medicine, history, agriculture and animal husbandry, etc to give survivors the best chance.

  24. If we did have a nuclear war I bet the Daily Mail would still find a way to blame immigration 🤦🏻‍♂️

  25. I’ve spent many many hours in an ROC post many times, I couldn’t imagine spending 12 hours there. I was on my own an it was hard work, it was like being in a cell.

  26. trust in me as one who is trained to survive…do not.

  27. If there's a nuclear war, everyone will have to get vaccinated against radioactivity. No group activities or travel will be allowed and no-one will be allowed to approach closer than 10 feet to another person. Everyone will have to wear a face mask made from asbestos.

  28. No chance. Watch "Threads" that is what WW III will be like in the UK.

  29. The UK's plan will be simple.
    Save select politicians, the mayor of London, the King and some select billionaire's.
    After that not a damn will be given!

  30. under the tories we won't survive a nuclear war lol as they will sell the nukes lol directly to the enemy lol like an acelerated brexit lol

  31. Brexit has done a pretty good job of destroying the country, why go to the expense of dropping a bomb??

  32. We can’t even sort out immigration on our beeches we’re Fucked

  33. lol yeah if survival means living with 3rd degree burns until the cancerous mass of flesh u call your body gives out

  34. lol no plan in britain, there is its called EVERY MAN FOR HIMSELF

  35. The biggest irony in all of this is like in every war which has been fought in history, it was those who declared war or instigated war were the ones who didn't fight in the very wars they waged.

    Same thing with Nuclear fallout shelters; they caused mass death and destruction by poking the Russian bear, then took shelter in relative comfort underground while their electorate were either burnt to death, irradiated or starved.

    Cowards, the lot of them

  36. thee gets board taught chairing when when mann on chairs is ground and he i here is chairman of,f the boards spits cards out like a printing machine when on board is app y paying l 4 stem sell cell er re search phono fono

  37. Nuclear destruction is preferable to a Labour/Conservative government.

  38. It would improve Liverpool.

    It is already like Mad Max outside.

  39. The preppers seem to think prepping will matter after but it will just buy them a little extra time of suffering before they run out or are overrun by other survivors. Did they not learn how people will react in a crisis from the toilet paper shortage?

  40. There are a lot of Putin meatriders and Russia propagandists in this comments section – the guy's turned 100,000 Russian men into fertiliser (and counting), and people are still convinced Russia is anything but a backwater?

    Pro NATO, pro Ukraine, pro Democracy, in case there were any doubt.

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