Creation of Thorium - Solar Energy Charges the Atomic Battery -

Creation of Thorium – Solar Energy Charges the Atomic Battery

Thorium Energy
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  1. The origin of Thorium is wrong! All neutrons created in star core are traped FOREVER!Supernova is not enough to produce heavy elements! Only DEATH of neutron (or other collapsar) star death can produce actinides (or more violent reaction)

  2. While thorium is great and all, the process in the video is not unique to thorium. Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is where every element "comes from", stars exploding, star stuff, yadayada. What exactly are you meaning to convey in regards to thorium? Thorium good, Carbon Bad?

  3. Hopefully this channel will have more content worthy of our attention soon. Three minutes isn't really long enough especially when it is full of glib generalities. Give us some credit, give us some detail.
    We need to know about the attendant systems required (sometimes referred to as the kidney)to keep the molten salt core fuelled, the problems and potential solutions thereincontained.
    Reading the comments below I see you are going to embark on an excursion into Stellar Nucleosynthesis in certain types of supernovae. While stellar nuclear chemistry is quite interesting and admittedly relevant to some degree, the name of the channel is "Thorium Energy" and I hope we get to the real meat of the subject pretty soon.

  4. new upload, same error.
    heavy elements are created from iron-iron interactions. net negative heavy atom fusions, not neutron capture and beta decay.
    Just as the transuranic new elements are created by heavy ion bombardment of other heavy elements.

    You need the high energy to overcome the coulomb barrier and get the nuclei close enough for strong force to predominate.

  5. Great video! Environmentalists should understand that nuclear (fission) energy is as "natural" as solar energy. Nuclear fuel is formed very similar to other valued metals like rare-earths, gold, platinum etc.

  6. There is no such thing as sustainable energy development. Stars are born, stars consume light elements, then they implode. The sun will yield a finite amount of energy to planet earth while we humans harvest that energy via plant photsynthesis, uptake of CO2 and water being mostly liquid here due to earths temperature is the carrier for all life. Photocells and wind turbines are only possible from mining and refining lanthanides, and that requires intense heat for pyrometallurgical processes only possible today by burning carbonacious fuel. No nuclear fission reactor has ever been built en mass in order to melt metals in a controlled manner.

  7. Science here is wrong. Heavier elements like Thorium were not formed by supernovas.  Thorium is only formed when neutron stars merge. The term for this higher energy event is kilonova, which is really an awful name.   Check with an astrophysicist.

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