Crystal Blue Stunner! | Seiko Coutura 100m Atomic Solar Quartz Sports Watch SSG019 Unbox & Review -

Crystal Blue Stunner! | Seiko Coutura 100m Atomic Solar Quartz Sports Watch SSG019 Unbox & Review

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#MAVERICKWATCHREVIEWS#BESTWATCHREVIEWS Sorry for the re-upload guys. Had some technical glitches in the first upload.

What a great looking watch from Seiko and that dial is an absolute stunner! One of my favorite dials ever. Here it is on Amazon for $299.00:

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  1. I have one in for repairs right now and the repair man can't get the Notch Less Glass Case Back . . . reinstalled. Had to replace the capacitor because it sat in a box for too many years without any charge. I bought it not running.Any help from experienced master repair experts would be appreciated. P.S. The capacitor was $73 . . . my cost.Thanks Seiko

  2. time starts in england, white guys say a lot of shit 🙂

  3. I have this watch, I have some that are much more expensive but this one is my prized jewel, what a handsome time piece, every now and again seiko goes and makes a masterpiece they could get WAAAYYY more money for..luvit

  4. Way too long. Too much time dedicated to repetition and "gee whiz!" comments. Needs editing.

  5. It's a very beautiful watch! It's solar, so no battery change needed ever. And, it's super accurate because it picks up the wwvb signal every night. Love it!

  6. I'm just getting into watches and I'm still amazed by the engineering behind automatic watches. I had no clue whatsoever that something like this even existed. GPS reception like what??? This is insane and to think there's even more complicated watches out there. Insane. Really made me take back the whole mentality of "fk a watch ill just check my phone"

  7. Sgo21 i just picked it up for 260 from Amazon warehouse

  8. The Dial window material type is synthetic sapphire.

  9. I wish to know how exactly set the day and date and time!

  10. very nice watch … but dont like the bracelet and i bet u cannot change it

  11. Mav, I forgot, what is your wrist size? Nice looking watch too! Thanks!

  12. 1 in USA, 2 in Europe (Germany and UK), 1 in China, 2 in Japan. You're welcome.

  13. Hi… what you do..we share the same passion for the same style of watches. I know you like things to be right and I think I may have mentioned this before, but U.T.C. stands for Universal Time Co Ordinated….not Code. Keep up the good work and sorry to bug you about this.

  14. i have a question , can u adjust the time manually ? , since this watch dose not work in Saudi arabia coz of the solar sync .. etc , i have been looking into so many watches but nothing toke my breath like this watch and such good price , waiting for your answer thank you in advance sir 🙂

  15. Only 4 dial markers bright? Duuuuude I was going to buy this…but now I'm not so sure.

  16. You mentioned that the watch allows you to manually adjust the day hand perfectly, because it's a little bit off the index. How is that done?

  17. Don’t think I could easily read this watch throughout the day. Looks nice tho.

  18. I’m definitely will buy this from Amazon

  19. The glass case back is to improve radio sync signal reception. An all metal case back would work to impede the signal reception.

  20. I bought this watch on Amazon about 6 months ago. Had originally found it at Seiko's website but balked at the $600 asking price. On Amazon I got it for just under $300. It is a stunning watch. There is nothing I would add or take away from it. It has kept amazingly accurate time. Have never had any issues with it syncing with the atomic clock. I do take it off at night and place it on a dresser near a window facing North since I live in Louisiana. I do have to manually choose the clock it pings for adjusting it for Daylight Savings Time, which at first can be a bit confusing. I wear it daily and have received quite a few complements.

  21. I appreciate this review very much. I just bought the SSG020 model on Amazon which I'm sure is the exactly the same as the 019 except the 020 has a two tone wristband. My only comment is that I wish the date indicator was larger, because at 73 years old it would be easier to see a larger number. Also, will certain types of inside lighting charge the battery?

  22. My question is if you don't have a good signal from Denver to your home in the early AM can you take your watch somewhere else and activate a signal finder at any time?

  23. Greenwich is close to central London, not 20 miles outside. World Heritage site and beautiful.

  24. This Is Me Can’t u see It’s a CZ says:

    What size band is on this watch? I like the moose straps you reviewed

  25. I don’t think I have ever seen a more beautiful dial.

  26. I ordered one today. I plan to use this one to set time on my other watches.

  27. I’m gonna have have to do some more reading but what if the closest thing that sets it’s time is actually in a different time zone, will this watch still
    Be accurate on its own?

  28. I don't like taking my watch off even showering and sleeping. Can that happen with this watch?

  29. I don't know if you take requests but I'm considering getting either this or the Seiko Coutura SNP017, the black and gold one with a perpetual calendar and a whole bunch of other things.
    Unfortunately I haven't found any video reviews of it so I'm a bit reluctant as I think it's really important to see a video of the watch since pictures are often terribly misrepresentative.
    For instance the blue face on this is gorgeous but it's not the same blue colour as the Seiko Product Shots shows it to be. It's still beautiful, but not the same. So yeah these sorts of videos you do are so important. And I think it's great you do lower-end watches like the Seiko Coutura range rather than the channels that basically only serve people who can spend upwards of $10k on a watch every time they buy one.

  30. Would you prefer this one or the SSG009? I think i like more the SSG009 because it is more stealthy but the blue on this one is outstanding. Is it still so slippery as the SSG009?

  31. I bought the Coutura from Macys but the nasty crooks didn't send the instruction book, never buy from Macys.

  32. I was gifted this watch. I am an auto kind of guy, but this thing has won my heart. It’s a great watch.

  33. This watch is too big for me… Do you know of any that look similar? This one is visually stunning!

  34. 55mm lug to lug? Are these made for wrists or legs? Way too big for anything but comedy

  35. Love the watch, looks fine on my 7.5 inch wrist. Hate the band, no half links, no micro adjust on clasp – and most importantly you cant change the band to something else – its integrated. If you like atomic – and have the cash consider Astron.

  36. Nice and beautiful but I'd rather have perpetual 📆 instead

  37. Why doesn’t this line of Seiko watches get more attention?

  38. The background pattern is kind of a herringbone design.

  39. How do you make the manual adjustments to which tower you want to set your time?

  40. I own this watch and it's a nightmare to figure out all the settings. It also doesn't automatically set daylight savings time like my Casio Wave Ceptor and Lineage watches, so twice a year you have to reset the watch.

  41. Can we talk about the elephant in the room – like what is the mini-dial at the bottom for and how do you use it? Those features look pretty good under a close up camera lines but the truth is one really needs a magnifying glass to see many of the markings, such as the Y and N and even the hands and markings on the mini-dial.

  42. I have the Oceanus S100 watch and ever since owning that I've been completely obsessed with atomic watches
    I just ordered this one today ! Can't wait 🙂

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