Deuterium’s Role in Your Energy Production & Efficiency - Part 1 -

Deuterium’s Role in Your Energy Production & Efficiency – Part 1

busysuperhuman – Sara Pugh
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Welcome to today’s video, where I will go into world of
Deuterium as
its vital for growth in the right tissue at the right time, healthy
mitochondria & metabolism , energy production, ageing  and cancer

The difference between hydrogen and deuterium is atomic
mass, or size, this mass difference plays a crucial role in several biochemical
processes as it ties into einstens equation E= MC2 where E is energy m is mass
and C is the speed of light and light is that important 

: Deuterium contains a proton, a neutron, and an electron.
The larger size and higher energy barrier make it more challenging for
deuterium to undergo quantum tunneling, influencing various biochemical
reactions in the cell, it also provides half the energy.

Plants and chloroplasts will put up with deuterium, but
water high in deuterium can produce lower yields as in up to 40%

Where as deuterium are a distaster in the mitochondria, so
the mitochondria go to great lengths to keep deuterium out

Mitochondria are A  organelles are
essential in releasing stored energy through cellular respiration, converting
acetyl-CoA derived from carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into adenosine
triphosphate (ATP). They are also responsible for producing precursors of amino
acids and the reducing agent NADH for other biochemical reactions.

There is a process called the Krebs cycles and in a nut
shell lectrons and protons/hydrogens are stripped off so they can be fed into
the ETC and used to make ATP and water, there are many many steps in the krebs
cycle to prevent Deuterium – the big hydrogen from getting in

Detuerium levels are quite high in the blood as it does something
different there which I will go into in Part 2 PART 2: Concentrating Hydrogen Proton

The ATPase, the smallest rotary magnetic motor in
nature and it operates at high efficiency, driven by protons (H+) moving from the
matrix to the outer mitochondrial membrane – like water driving a turbine .
Deuterium (D+) is too large to fit into the ATPase channel, like an adult
trying to use a kids slide with a  child
sized tunnel so it basically gets in the way and severely disrupts energy
The disruption in energy production This has big  implications for longevity, cellular health
and cancer

So the mitochondria produce deuterium-depleted water (DDW)
or just low density or light water  and
this gets structured  into EZ or 4th
phase of water by the infra red light made by the mitochondria as well as
sunlight or an external red light

This structured or EZ water coats all biological surfaces
in the body to reduce friction or inflammation and the EZ water also acts as a
second battery, allows other molecules to act like semi conductors and is part
of the communication system in the body

We deplete or remove deuterium by sweating, pooing, weeing
and also sunlight will deplete deuterium so we remove more in the summer

Fruit and grains contain a lot of deuterium, fruit
especially as its wet. So eating lots of grains and fruit will raise deuterium
levels especially eating grains and fruit out of season in the winter is very
bad idea.

Eating fruit in season is fine if it works for you, but
even the equator has rainy and dry seasons so sometimes there is no fruit

We cant just vilify plants as junk food is also high in

Fats are low in deuterium and so are proteins. So ketogenic
or carnivore diets are low deuterium ways of eating.

When people are inflamed and its via the COX1 pathway this
can affect how well the mitochondria screen for deuterium so more get in to the
matrix where they arent allowed

So its never just about food as not sweating or going out
in the sun enough means less deuterium leaves the body

It very expensive but its not a fad, you wouldn’t drink it
neat as it often comes at 18 ppm or 25 ppm so you can dilute it up to about
100ppm if you wanted to lower levels of deuterium in yourself

But as I said you can use methods that are free too or
don’t put lots of deuterium into yourself to start with


These videos are entertainment and educational purposes only and not to treat or cure any disease or illness. I am a not a medical doctor, I’m a doctor of biochemistry so information given here is not medical advice it is information for you to consider and further research yourself. Please consult your health care profession or doctor before commencing any kind of exercise, supplement or dietary regime if you have any concerns or current health conditio


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