DeWALT 12V Max XTREME Tools Are Better Than 20V! (I CAN'T BELIEVE IT) -

DeWALT 12V Max XTREME Tools Are Better Than 20V! (I CAN’T BELIEVE IT)

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DeWALT 12V Max XTREME Tools Are Better Than 20V! (I CAN’T BELIEVE IT) and you won’t either when you see some of the highlights of last weeks #TTR or #tooltestsraw where we tested the new DeWALT 12V Max XTREME impact driver against the compact 20V MAX Atomic impact driver. Although the 12V is smaller in voltage, it makes up for it by having more modes on the tool, being $50 less than the atomic, and having more power! No doubt that the new 12V max xtreme tools from DeWALT are better than the 20V MAX Atomic tools. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!


  1. Great recap! This shows newer is not necessarily better! 👍🏻😊

  2. I really like my little 12v extreme. I use it on my side handyman jobs. Great little impact. Would love to see a hydraulic version of it.

  3. Another Enertaining vid Fellas!! As an invested Dewalt platform guy I appreciate that the new 12v line is apparently solid but man Dewalt needs to get their act together on the 20v impact. My 885s woulnt last forever and It would be a real shame to have to switch platforms since I'm all set up on Dewalt and the 20v tools that I have currently are solid and have made me good money.

  4. Less is more!

    12 V……is:
    Lighter in the pouch.
    Drives with accuracy.
    Less expensive to purchase.
    Better feel in the hand.
    Cheaper batteries.

    To me a drill that can set slower with more accuracy is a better tool than one that can pound screws in seconds with no feel and poor modulation.

    For me 12 Volt has always been a preference when it comes to drills anyway.

  5. My second 12 volt tool DCF801F2, The Tool has a Ball Bearing holder, this works great on 2' Hex 1/4" bits, Lowes said
    that list tool will work on 1" bits, This will not work with Dewalt 1" bits, the cut
    rings are .33" at the long, 2" bits are about .28" and work great. I have found the
    Wiha 1+ 29mm bits work fine and some Milwaukee 1" bits, Bosch 1" bits will not hold.

  6. Never used Dewalt cordless in 30 years in Construction. Bosch and Milwaukee for the most part. But this new Extreme system seems pretty decent.

  7. “Covers airflow” “wonders why isnt working”

  8. Vince is a Archangel he's got mystical powers

  9. Gotta have a compact and powerful man run a compact and powerful tool.

    Good video.

  10. Extreme is smaller tool and het it performed I'm confinsed it did very well for being a 12v

  11. Your guys are so so right. I love dewalt, and i did start out with them, but i love Milwaukee now. I still own a crap load of dewalts

  12. If I want extreme torque & power from a drill I will use my 20v max XR drills, and possibly with my Flexvolt batteries. If I don't need that extra torque for heavy duty applications but just for everyday use with a compact style drill I would much rather have the 12v max extreme drill/impact set. It is an awesome drill/impact setup and I'd much rather use and build on that than the Atomic line. The Atomic line makes no sense to me. They already have the max & max XR. The Atomic line is stupid. Build on the 12v max extreme!!

  13. The SAME exact deal with the Milwaukee 12 volt tools. The new 12 volt tools for in the hand great. They have great power for most every job. They are lighter for all day use. I'll take having an extra battery all day long over having to keep a heavier, more cumbersome tool. That's why the newest 12 volt tools win. Red or Yellow. The new 12 volts are impressive. Great video as always!

  14. There is absolutely no reason to buy the atomic impact. Why get the 12v either? It has power but the 18xr is the one to buy

  15. Lol… 😂😂😂
    Slippy Bits strikes again!!

  16. Just purchased the 12v max extreme impact , for 99 bucks why not?? Anyway been using it for two days on a wheelchair ramp build and I am a believer ! This little impact is awesome ! No issues at all driving all the deck screws o tossed at it ! I also picked up an extra 3AH battery for 49 bucks , i also have the Millwauki fuel gen 2 impact , while the fit and finish may be a bit better , i never felt the need to take it out of the trailer ! I really love this little dewalt ! And at 99 bucks i think its an absolute steal at lowes right now !

  17. Dewalt atomic is actually a 12v tool with the 20v battery on it. The reason why is exclusivity. The Home depot wants to differentiate themselves from lowe's and did not want the Xtreme line. The Home Depot actually used to carry the first generation of dewalt 12v max years ago and took them out of the stores. They wanted a new dewalt compact line but with the 20v batteries being interchangeable. That's the reason why Flexvolt and atomic are exclusive at the home depot and not at lowe's. The same reason lowe's had the dewalt 40v line and now 12v Extreme. Now I'm with you about the impact not making sense since is actually bigger but i was told by the dewalt rep there is a lot other tools coming out in the atomic line which are smaller and more compact like recip saw,circular saw and many other to follow coming out next year. the new DCS369B Atomic Reciprocating saw looks nice, Would be nice to see a review on it. I'm thinking about buying it.

  18. I’d like to see DeWalt step up with their 20v line instead of just cutting corners and making users pay for the name on the tool rather than its quality. I’m a Milwaukee guy, but it’s not fair to DeWalt guys to be paying DeWalt prices for a yellow ryobi in my opinion.

  19. 12V Max batteries don’t fit in my 20V Max Fast Charger, only the sloooow one. 🙁

  20. I love those 12volt tools the atomic impact does the job but like you it's bigger than the 887 but the atomic drill is sweet, and those 1.5 batteries are garbage, man cave did a comparison between the 1.5amp and 2.0 amp and there was considerably more difference

  21. LOLOLOLOL damn Boss man is hilarious

  22. I love my 12v dewalt impact driver 3/8 an 1/4 hex … i bought the 20v atmoic an took it back it just seem weak out of the box I'm much happier with my 12v line .. much respect VCG

  23. And it depends who’s on the drill experience notice the guy on the left Is accurate in Straight

  24. Now covers it with a glove so hard to watch

  25. Great review! I'd love to see the Dewalt 12v go against the Skil 12v pwrcore.

  26. Can you use 20v battery on 12V DeWalt?

  27. My XTREME impact driver paid for itself in the first few days of use. Great tool!
    Waiting for the new impact wrench to drop.

  28. I love my 12v impact, I’ve been using 20v impact for years but in my bag is my 12v.

  29. 1. that dudes a psychopath.
    2. it's not a test of the tools if its not an even match on whos behind the drill…. lol

  30. The only thing atomic can beat is a manual Phillips driver. Am I right ✔️

  31. Guy on the right is only using a finger or one hand, the right guy has two hands. Is the right guy pushing down?

  32. Will dewalt 12v be getting a router and or track saw for the system ?

  33. Fiy. Atomic is just a marketing name specifically to be sold in home Depot. Can't tell you who my source is though but it's 100% reliable

  34. Why is that guy yelling at us? For crying out loud. Can anyone do a quality video on drill tools that's not overproduced, structured like a long boring infomercial, or like it was produced by a woman. All I want to know is "WILL IT DRILL, WHAT WILL IT DRILL INTO, & HOW LONG THE BATTERY LASTS. I don't need some hillbilly hick yelling at me like he's bringing us world peace doing a drill review video.

  35. Good god, I'm at the part where they're doing drill tests. Please redo this video and keep that yelling idiot out of it. What kind of meds is that guy taking? seriously

  36. I'ma have me a set of Xtreme impact and drill 😂😂😂

  37. Why are you yelling? And Extreme doesn't have a 'sh' sound in it. Learn how to talk right and nice.

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