DeWalt 20v ATOMIC 4 1/2" CIRCULAR SAW LIVE !! -


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  1. I know this is about the saw, but I like that tape measure. I want one of those.

  2. I am struggling on getting discs 9.5 115mm. For wood variations of grades?

  3. great little saw, I just built a shelving system in my basement, used only this saw for all the cuts, worked great

  4. Dewalt es y será número 1 asé falta más apoyo alos asesores

  5. M12 vs atomic dewalt…which one is better??

  6. What about the blades? I was at HD yesterday and they didn’t have any 4 1/2” blades. And if you’re limited to ordering the 24 tooth blade from DeWalt, that’s not going to do much good cutting trim. Seems to me that the lack of blades is the biggest drawback to buying this tool.

  7. Thanks for posting the very informative video. I've seen these tools for sale on eBay, OfferUp, etc as new bare bone tools, without the battery, dust port, measuring guide or even the allen wrench for $99-$125. I understand most bare bone tools come without the battery, but I think it would bug the hell out of me if I bought one without the dust port, measuring guide or allen wrench. But I also don't know if it's worth $50+ more to get all those items with the tool if I were to purchase it at the bigger box hardware stores, vs just buying the additional parts separately online.

  8. can i cut tile with that tool?
    i will change the blade

  9. DeWalt really have missed a trick with this saw, if only it had it's own special track. If I get one I'm making a home made track for if.

  10. Mine keeps stopping and slowing. Tried two different batteries can't figure it out just bought it today

  11. i got one today from home depot and it was just awesome,,don't waste your money on other brands

  12. Excellent video! I just got this saw for Father’s Day and the instructions on installing the blade left a lot to be desired. Your demonstration solved that! Thanks for a great tutorial.

  13. Máy này còn không giá bao nhiêu việt nam có cửa hàng không

  14. is it okay if I put metal blade to cut pipes?

  15. Can anyone please tell me the outer diameter of the blade retainer arbor bolt washer ? I wish to fit a continuous diamond blade but can not find with 9.5mm (3/8") bore. I can find 15mm bore and was wondering if I turned a reduction ring (15mm~9.5mm) they would fit but obviously the arbor nut needs to retain the blade 👍.

  16. How come they make a 20v max and 20v max XR compact recip saw but only a regular compact circ saw?

  17. I've been using this all summer and it is great for certain kinds of projects. And I have been using it one handed for about 300 cross cuts. It shines at this in particular. If you have longer cuts it does very good but you really have to stay on the line. It has a great visual on your cutting line. Find your right battery for balance, for you, and go.

  18. Thank you for showing the blade installation. I used yesterday, and it's great. Yeap one hand.

  19. Tool weights don’t include the battery because they can be used with different AmpHour batteries, which have different weights.

  20. I just got one today and couldn’t figure out installing the blade. It was that lock button. Thanks for the info. Loved this video.

  21. I can tell you have no idea how a circular saw really works and your not comfortable using one. I've been using one for 25 years framing houses, which is why I'm talking shit.

  22. Stop talking and start cutting for fucks sake

  23. Doesn't this just do what a jigsaw already does?

  24. Dude, this video was so awesome and helpful! I’m so glad you decided to do the blade video!😬 I’ve followed you and hope to watch many more videos and learn more! Thanks again man!

  25. I never got a battery with mine. I bought a 9.0ah battery cost me 250 bucks Canadian. But thanks for video the blade install was much appreciated. The instructions were confusing

  26. Hi great videos your voice sounds familiar are you Trayscapes on ATS ?

  27. October 25, 2021 99.00 tool only at the depot

  28. The only video that covers everything thanks

  29. Just bought this for Black Friday and I love it.

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