DeWalt 20v Atomic Impact Driver Torque Test on Lug Nuts !! -

DeWalt 20v Atomic Impact Driver Torque Test on Lug Nuts !!

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  1. which screwdriver has more torque, the dcf809 or dcf887

  2. The Mount of Olives Channel with Gary Sawyer says:

    Hey, Advanced Auto stores are phasing out the GearWrench brand. Were you possibly planning to do a video (or videos) from Advanced Auto Stores to see if GearWrench gets marked down on any clearance prices

  3. Hi, thanks for your review. I'm looking for a budget impact gun I can use for removing lugs, and basic car work, but also last me a decent time. What can you recommend?

  4. Nice vid and it's Not a stupid channel.🔧🛠🔫🤷

  5. Hi Tool Boss,

    I just don't know why DeWalt didn't put an 3/8" anvil on the DCF887 or DCF888 model. I watched 94 GT Coupe video on converting the DeWalt 887 with an 3/8" anvil and it's pretty sweet having it like that.

    It works for me and for my smaller impact jobs. Also once in awhile if i have to take a lug nut off from my Ford F250. It does take it off easy but i like using my 1/2" impact most of the time.

    Not sold yet on this atomic compact yet. Maybe i will wait to see what they do with it in phase 2…

    I do like that Milwaukee M18 gen 3 hammer / drill and small impact.

  6. They need to work on their 1/2" and 1/4" adapter bits before going up anymore in torque tbh because I'm seeing those fail frequently now when trying to work a bolt loose. Add a little more torque and the bits won't last if it doesn't break loose on first impact

  7. Would you buy an Kolbalt brushless impact wrench

  8. The Atomic is the sister with small tits and a flat ass & the XR is the sister with the nice ass and nice tits. Whichever one you prefer is personal taste. I have both.😁

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