DeWALT 20V MAX Oscillating Multi Tool UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! *Buyer Beware* -

DeWALT 20V MAX Oscillating Multi Tool UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! *Buyer Beware*

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DeWALT 20V MAX Oscillating Multi Tool UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! *Buyer Beware*

Dewalt just released a brand new 20V max oscillating multi tool for their atomic line up of tools, but something is not right about it. We give you the utterly ridiculous truth about the new tool from Dewalt. Buyer Beware. Makes sure to share this video with your friends and family so they don’t get fooled!

New DEWALT ATOMIC 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Oscillating Tool (Tool-Only):

DEWALT 20-Volt MAX XR Lithium-Ion Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi-Tool (Tool-Only):


  1. I just got the 356 that has 3 speeds and came with battery, charger, tool bag, and 3 blades for $99 at Lowes

  2. Only atomic I like is the 4.5 circular saw, every other atomic I don't like especially the drill/impact.

  3. I came here because I'm looking for why my brand new DeWalt Oscillating tool, model DCS356C stopped working, the 1st time I used it.
    I was in the middle of cutting the edges off my chevron countertop when it just *stopped*.
    I tilted it upright, & it started again. Then it wouldnt start at all.
    Now I have to spend one more work day troubleshooting instead of getting this done, & I am PISSED.
    The B model is $50 more at Lowes right now, so I'm not totally shocked, but how does this happen?

  4. Having problems with the XR the quick change doesn't work for me it comes loose so I have to tighten with Allen key then it stays locked.

  5. Talking about the 20k vs 18k OPM, the only thing that makes sense to me would be wider degree swing on the blade thus needed less OPM, and they don't disclose that….

  6. I bought mine before seeing this. I got the atomic with 2 blades 2 hour battery and a charger for 99.99 right before christmas and only on line

  7. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the best

  8. Purchased the XR with 1.5 battery, bag, and charger on Amazon for $99.

  9. I've a question Vince. I'm a roofer in vt and sometimes have to store my lows flex power tools. I had most of them charged when I put them in closet .Will tbi be bad for my battery

  10. The XR is superior. You forgot to mention that the XR has variable speed and the Atomic doesn't

  11. Takes as long as possible to say as little as possible, in as silly a way as possible. Literally the exact opposite of what I want from a YouTube video.

  12. What the difference between dewalt 20v max and the 20v Xr anyone better

  13. Someone's getting paid to make a bad review

  14. Both good tools. The atomic vibrates a bit less I'd guess.

  15. Just as I thought it’s a smaller motor thank god cause I just ordered the XR

  16. The only way to listen to this guy is playing the video at 1.5x

  17. Soooooo, 9 minutes it took to explain only one difference is rpms besides that older models become cheaper(duhhhh)…… bout an illustrated test next time slick.

  18. Used one at work at After a year of use started to stall so bad and would never turn on, it would crap out and take 20 trigger clicks to run for five seconds

  19. Not sure why there is a bra ad on this tool vid.

  20. I did some price comparing before I purchased. Home Depot in my area, Boise, is $179. I found it on line at an Amazon affiliate for $117, the XR that is.

  21. I own both tools and the both after a short time developed a hot spot on the top of the handle. Love the tool free quick change but very upset about the hot spot

  22. Grabbed the 356B a few days ago for an upcoming deck project. Went with it mostly for the free 5AH battery promo at the blue store. The wording in the description is a bit odd too- it is variable speed, but the 3 speed selector at the base is more of a speed limiter.

  23. No insult intended…It is like this video is made for children. Painful to watch. I feel like MMA programing style commercials should be lurking near by, as well.

  24. I just bought one a few weeks back and remember wondering what the difference was. The atomic can run on certain lower amp batteries that the Xr cant. That's my understanding and explains the price variance.

  25. Obnoxious Vince. I'm SEVEN minutes into this guy listening to himself talk while saying NOTHING. Just buy one of each dummy stfu.

  26. Corder dewalt has 2,000 more oscillations per minute than xr

  27. They slowed the oscillations so your bits would last longer and cut better on harder materials. Faster isn't always better. Too fast and it just knocks the teeth off the bits or creates too much friction and heats up the bits and damages them or just doesn't cut the material. Also it will have a longer life than the XR.

  28. I'm a carpenter by trade, I've got through x2 of these dewalt multitools & they don't last! IMO there's allot of bullshit hype over this tool. The trigger switch in both cases was the first component to fail. I think fein rules when it comes to multi tool build quality , but most of my batteries are dewalt & makita so will reluctantly stick with these brands

  29. 2 seconds looking at Dewalts site tells me the difference is weight. Atomic weighs quite a bit less per the HomeDept links you provided.

    MaxXR weighs – 2.976 lb
    Atomic weighs – 2.33 lb

    They also state the atomic brushless motor is longer lasting. So lighter and longer lasting equals a few more bucks.

  30. 2k less oscillations = longer battery use maybe

  31. Holy Shit, this guy looks exactly like Sal Governale from the Howard stern show

  32. Just bought my xr today to fix my shower grout. Any tips?

  33. Dewalt may simply attempting to gradually change the name over completely to an all Atomic series, replacing the XR and charging a little bit more for a lesser quality product?! The BOTTOM LINE IS ALWAYS WHAT IS BEST FOR THE STOCK HOLDERS!!! NEVER FORGET THAT!!! Because on the outside the pricing between the two makes NO SENSE!! If they were upgrading a particular part of the XR platform to make it perform even better, THEN DEWALT TELL US WHY!!!

  34. DeWalt took 100 years to build its brand. It took them 9:20 min to destroy it.

  35. im pissed off at why Dewalt decided to get rid of that belt clip on the newer Multi tools…. When i need to use this tool at spots where i would need to free up my hands but cant… Thats then is when i need a belt clip or hook to hook/clip it on my tool belt.. Although they never had a belt clip before… but i use one from my old Dewalt drill …. it made a different … it really made a difference… My old one crapped out and i bought a new one…. Dsc355…. I was fucked off that clip screw hole is not a thing anymore… but… im going to drill a hole there and find a nut for the inside… because its different in there too..

  36. Dami mong kuda, di ka naman bumili para i-try yang produkto na yan. Buset, nagsayang lang ako ng oras panonood sayo.

  37. Got this in a lightning deal yesterday on Amazon. DEWALT 20V MAX XR Multi-Tool Kit, Oscillating Tool, 6-Speed, Quick Blade Change for Multi-Tool Needs, Cordless (DCS356D1 for $120! Just came to see if it's good. Thank you sir!

  38. Man this guy could give a aspirin a headache good stuff though

  39. $99 + tax with 20v batery, charger & carry bag. Come with three oscillating blades. Renton city WA as of may 15th

  40. I have watched a few videos and the info you give could be summed up in less than a couple of minutes. You talk too much and say the same catch phrases over and over.

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