DeWalt 20v Power Stack battery Review -

DeWalt 20v Power Stack battery Review

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DeWalt 20v Power Stack battery Review


  1. Did you get a bad battery?? Or maybe it really is just marketing 101 on Dewalt apart!! 😮

  2. Just bought today, wish I saw this video first. Don't work much better than my original smaller 2ah but are a super tight fit requiring much effort to remove and replace. No fun when your up on a ladder. Seems like tolerance are off. These ones are made in China my old battery is not. Dewalt should be ashamed. Doesn't Dewalt investigate or care anymore. I've seem many other comments with same issue.

  3. I like them, they will put out constant power till they run out, where as the normal start dieing as the battery gets half way, you can hear the reduced power output.

  4. Bad pack. Its like a damn epidemic. Dewalt got screwed and some china man is laughing his ass off. They should and will absolutely stomp the og batteries when they gey this figured out

  5. You 100% got a defective Power Stack. I would look into returning for a replacement. I do agree they definitely don't last as long as the 5ah run time wise. However, they do still pack a punch with the initial power especially considering the power to weight ratio. Also charge time is pretty darn quick with them

  6. Then I’ve got a bunch of defective ones! Trash!!! Dewalt we expect better

  7. You sound surprised that they dont last half as long as a 5ah when 1.7 is less than half of 5

  8. They will not last as long they don't have as much juice but they put out as much juice as a 5 amp which means they're going to depleat quickly.

  9. Gotta be defective man, I have two of them and they work great

  10. not sure about the battery lights, but they're just supposed to deliver a higher more stable voltage, equivalent to that of a four or five amp hour battery. so they would give the tools the same punch, but be smaller and lighter. not supposed to last longer 🤷‍♂️

  11. How would they last as long as a 4ah???? They clearly are a 1.7 ah. Most of the reason I love them is because of their high power output. Great for mechanics, not so useful for construction

  12. There 1.7ah. Do your research before you buy something, they’re selling point is their high output power on compact size. They sell 5ah ones now.

  13. Have to agree brother, if you plan on using them a lot during the day. They are a POS👍

  14. Tried one. Not buying another. I’ll stick with 5AH

  15. Thanks for you honesty. I was about to buy these

  16. Those batteries are special for mechanics. They fit in tight spaces where the battery gets in the way.

  17. I think you got discharge rate and capacity mixed up. Same POWER, lower capacity. Great for mechanics, terrible for construction workers.

  18. I bought a two pack for $200 and got a free power tool that was worth that much out of it.. so I'm not complaining. 2 small extra batteries to have laying around… PS it's my first dewalt purchase EVER (Been a milwaukee dude 12years now)

  19. Just bought some completely do not last the original 2ah is better returned the power stack

  20. Yea the small ones for an impact! Last a week! You need the 5 power stack on a saw. This guys an idiot tho you can tell.

  21. You can’t be that stupid . I hope your not a framer . The two pack is not even the same ah as one 4ah …go buy the 5ah powerstack and try to educate yourself

  22. Yeah I watched your video bud I'm here to tell you. you got 2 defective batteries man thsts for sure because I been using the 1.7 power stack an the 5ah power stack an they definitely work great man way much more power I've seen them hang with a 15ah battery you got 2 broken batterys

  23. this dude does not under stand dewalts new tech the power stack is way better than the 2 amp battery

  24. Looks like the cells are imbalance. If you know how to hack it, you just need to drain/charge the cells individually, then u're good to go

  25. Got to get the 5 ah stack ones.. amazing!!! But expensive.. little guys are 1.7 ah not much improvement….

  26. the powerstack is a high output battery it dumps power better making tools stronger but the ampage / watt hours on the battery is still the same whether its powerstack or not. the power claims and runtime claims are against its equivalent i.e 2 amp the real selling point is the charge cycles now you may have had a faulty battery or it was damaged in some way. i have both and can tell from experience the powerstacks are very efficient batteries if used for their designed purpose. if a tool has a fixed power consumption then the runtime will be the same i.e hoovers radios etc anything with a motor and varying speed has a variance in current draw and that will see a benefit from a cooler battery and voltage sap as the batttery empties its charge. there is also not alot of voltage sag near the end of charge which you'll notice on xr batteries as loosing its power output in th4e tool near empty. best thing to see like for like comparison to the 4 / 5amp batteries your using is the 5ah powerstack mine is like injecting the xr with steroids in terms of power

  27. I don’t really think that those are meant to meet the quality specs for the next ones those are supposed to be safer

  28. My guy these batteries are meant for mechanics

  29. I agree! I tried mine yesterday and they literally ran out faster than my 1.5 aH battery! Junk! And for consistency, it was a constant steady load and it happened on both Powerstack Batteries. I was inflating a 523 cubic foot globe. Took 43 minutes for those interested.

  30. Ive found the power stack is perfect for my impact wrench and that alone. Any high torque use just eviscerated it.

  31. Its 1.7 Amp battery that holds the 20v max longer then the other XR batteries when you use it so it has the size of a small battery but you get the voltage power of say a 5 Ah

  32. Someone take this clowns power tools away, doesn't even know what he's buying, lol buys a 1.7 ah then complains it doesn't last as long as a 4ah 🤣🤣🤣🤡🤡🤣🤡🤡

  33. You just got the plain power stack not the power stack 5ah so get the right one and compare it to the xr 5ah

  34. Get the 5 amp POWER STACK it will last longer then the 5 amp 18650 cells

  35. It is absolutely amazing to me how so many people do not realize that none of these battery packs maintain their full peak voltage output as they discharge that they carry when they are fully charged. The entire point of the power stag batteries is to be able to get the same high voltage output from a much smaller battery that stays more consistent as it is discharging, that you would otherwise have to use a much larger fully charged battery to get. I mean it's fine that people don't know that but what I don't understand is why so many people are actually surprised or upset and thinking these batteries are garbage for not lasting as long as another battery that is literally two or sometimes three times the size as their power stack pack. What is it I'm out the words power stack that makes a person think 1.7 ah All of a sudden equals five ah? I just don't understand at all why power snack makes people's brains think it means times two whatever the Ah rating is on their previous batter. Its ridiculous

  36. These are a secret weapon when using the atomic 921 and 923. Killer power

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