DEWALT ATOMIC 20-Volt MAX Cordless 4-1/2" Circular Saw Review DCS571 Power with New FlexVolt Battery -

DEWALT ATOMIC 20-Volt MAX Cordless 4-1/2″ Circular Saw Review DCS571 Power with New FlexVolt Battery

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The DEWALT Atomic 20V Brushless 4-1/2″ Circular Saw is a lightweight and compact saw designed for pro use all the way down to DIY.  The size of the saw and blade makes it comfortable and easy to use, even for people who are new to wood saws.

The DEWALT Atomic 20V Circular Saw will be a popular saw due to its easy one-hand cutting on thinner materials.  For small jobs or quick work, this saw is easy to get out, travel with and put away.  It will not take the place of a traditional 7-1/4″ circular saw, but more as a supplement for smaller jobs and in tight spots where a standard circular saw won’t fit.

4-1/2″ Circular Saw Design

When looking at the DEWALT Atomic 20V Brushless 4-1/2″ Circular Saw from the side, you will note a few places the saw was designed to hold with a single hand.  The trigger has a multi-level sort of “S” shape that allows for a forward or rearward grip, each having access to the trigger.  This is ideal for tight places in a more professional application.

There is a secondary or auxiliary handle above the motor and just slightly to the rear of the blade.  This is a great place to hold the saw with a second hand for precise cuts.   We found the auxiliary handle comfortable for cutting sheet goods.  The auxiliary handle is also removable if you need the saw for tight areas.

Height and bevel adjustments have a familiar feeling to a traditional circular saw.  The Atomic Saw will bevel to 45º with a depth of cut of 1″.  You can adjust the stop at 90º with a Philips head screw for improved accuracy. At 90º you have a 1-1/2″ cutting capacity that will just cut 2x dimensional lumber.  This saw will struggle to fully cut 2x lumber that is warped as we show in the video.

Finding 4-1/2″ Blades

The DEWALT Atomic 20V Brushless 4-1/2″ Circular Saw comes with a Carbide tipped 24-Tooth 4-1/2″ blade.  This blade works well for rough cuts but leaves a lot to be desired when used for trim or siding.  We have listed multiple blades above that will fit this saw and increase the cut quality.  Unfortunately, if you purchase this in a big box store, you will most likely not find any blades to fit this saw in the store.  we feel this will quickly change once more of these 4-1/2″ saws become more popular with pro-grade brand names.

For now, we can look and find decent blades on Amazon.


Model: DeWalt DCS571P1 (DCS571B bare tool)
Power Source: DeWalt 20V Max batteries
Blade Diameter: 4-1/2″
No-Load Speed: 4500 RPM
90º Cutting Capacity: 1-9/16″
Weight: 5.5 pounds bare
Warranty: 3 years

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  1. I didnt need it, but I bought this saw to have a new gadget. I love it! It is always in my truck right next to my Dewalt 60 volt 7 1/4". The only downsides are yes, loosing the allen tool, wish it would cut just 1/8" deeper, the screws leaves gowges in the rip guide, and its left handed. Not a fan of left handed, but on occasion that characteristic comes in handy. Besides for that, I love it. Its rips fantastically, lets me get into tighter spaces, and actually has a bit of power for its size.

  2. Retired after 40+ home renovation.
    I would never buy DeWalt.
    Many years ago I walked into our local tool store and saw a brand new drill made by DeWalt. It looked 100% the same as a lower priced Black&Decker. Eventually all the cheap quality B&D tools turned yellow and prices were 30-40% higher. Carpenters fell for the scam thinking a higher price meant better quality. All the tools carpenters would never touch because it was consumer quality they were now buying by the pickup truck load. Us older guys saw this transition but you younger guys never knew you were being sold consumer grade tools with a new yellow color and higher price.
    Actually I did buy a DeWalt screw holder once.

  3. Are you marking a guide lines for long distance cutting? Does it has a guide rod?

  4. if you flip the blade upside down (in reverse) you can cut siding using the friction

  5. Says in the manual that this is only for wood or fiber cement. Not to be used for metal, plastic, concrete, masonry or wet tile. Is this so or can it be used for drywall, thin metal skirting?

  6. Thanks so much!…I bought the saw based on your video review…

  7. 99 bucks with a 5 hour battery, 3 hour battery and charger. I could probably take advantage of these promos and trade up to a new F-150 in a couple years lol. Matter of fact, I think Im going to take this on as a side project, see how many extras I have and start trading up. Start selling a couple batteries and charger new, then a couple bags, maybe a back pack. An extra drill here and there. I just want to see how far I can take this as a project.

  8. As a painter i F-ing wish all joiners/carpenters spent more money on dust collection. in the uk im still yet to see someone on site with one!!

  9. Thanks for the review. I’m planning to buy one tomorrow.

  10. I've really appreciated your reviews. Dewalt forced me out of my favorite 18v tools.
    3 days of shopping and watching your revenues saved me $ and mistakes.
    I rounded up 11 miscellaneous 20v Dewalt tools and
    4 batteries and free $90
    rolling toolbox! $1100

    DCKTS600M2 combo kit was an accidental find @ HD

  11. Brian, I am a dewalt man, just baught a dewalt circular cordless saw and a planer, also have the saw in your video. Love your demo. I own a UPS store in Austin and build crates for customers and boy I tell you these tools have made my life easy and more than half the time with the corded tools. Thanks

  12. I own the 7 1/4 flexvolt version but I find that I mostly use it for breaking down sheet goods and the occasional cutting of 2-by lumber. I mainly got this because I can never get used to the blade being on the right side. No one can explain to me why it's beneficial to have the blade on the right yet all "worm-drive" version are on the left.

  13. Has anybody bought one and had issues where when new battery in and starts and stops like brushes went bad

  14. Wondering it is cut accoya wood? My shit brand big skill saw didn't make it as the wood is to hard and blade just stop. Thickness of the wood was something around 30mm

  15. Can you cut French Cleats? Deciding if this or a full size Circular Saw. Thanks

  16. I just bought one and I’m looking for a blade to cut porcelain tiles. What blade do you recommend and from where? Thanks

  17. Hello sir, can i use my 18v xr 4.ah battery on this tools?

  18. What is the cool watch you’re wearing that shuts off vac?

  19. Is there a word to describe which side of the saw the blade is on?

  20. Can it cut 2×4 hard wood with a single cut?

  21. I just got this saw from Amazon after Prime sale (the price dropped by $50 from $149 to $99! Which what I was hoping from Home Depot Father's Day sale but they didn't have this saw at HD.). Now I am looking for the plywood blade. In your recommendation, you put Porter Cable saw but it looks like the blade direction is the opposite of Dewalt's. Is it possible or even safe to flip the blade to match the Dewalt saw rotation? Thanks.

  22. I just bought one from amazon for $95

  23. I just picked this thing up because I need a saw in my reciprocating wasn't doing the job for the 2×4 again plywood.. this thing saved the Day! I picked it up for $100 at Home Depot because for some reason they had a $99 sticker on it on the floor but the system was ringing up at 1:50… I snatched it up and wanted to get two. As good as this thing worked I wish I would have.

    Clean cuts through the 2x4s and plywood. I could use it one handed and did not have one issue. The 5 amp hour battery already had lasted the entire job today

  24. Been a plumbing apprentice for a year now and bought one of these because we cut lumber for backing all the time. A sawzall was too much work and inaccurate. A normal circle saw seemed overkill. This was the perfect middle. Perfect for pocket cuts and patching holes in floors. Tool is awesome.


  26. How does it do cutting pressure treated 2x?

  27. I had picked this saw up awhile ago and its a nice saw, but it is not really small or that light. With the battery on it makes it quite long.

  28. Nice video ..👍 Do you think you could squeeze a 5" blade on there ??

  29. Would this tool be any good for thin metal like electrical trunking don't like using a grinder

  30. Was thinking of getting one of these for drywall sure that'd be a good use for it

  31. The battery Amphour shouldn’t make a diff on power, just run time!!!

  32. I always wanted one of these and recently a guy on a remodeling job I was doing had one and I finally got a chance to use one , I really liked it , its great for doing some quick cuts especially were space is limited and it's so lightweight I can take it with me everywhere I think I might need a saw , I immediately when out and bought myself one , right now H.D. has them on sale for $99 and that's a great price for this tool , they don't go on sale too often , so I'd suggest getting down there and buying yourself one ….11/12/21

  33. If the depth of cut was a little bit better it would be perfect.

  34. Great, thorough review – thanks! It's a shame the saw doesn't have a plunge action, if it did I'd buy it in a second.

  35. Amp hours has nothing to do with the power of the tool….

  36. I don’t like the long handle they need to make one more compact I have an old makita and it fits in small corner when I cut out bad subfloor

  37. I need some help on the blades here as now i'm totally confused. I bought this one linked above ►Rockwell 4-1/2-Inch 60T Circular Saw Blade: as it has 60 teeth and 40-80 teeth is what everyone says your supposed to use on finish wood…I put this thing on and it cuts significantly worse than the 24 tooth that came with it on finish grade pine. What am i missing here? are all 60 tooth blades different? Am i not supposed to be using that specific rockwell blade on wood?

  38. At 7:23 what are you doing with the back of the wrist to the saw?

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