DEWALT Atomic 20V 5/8" Compact Brushless SDS PLUS Rotary Hammer Review DCH172D2 DCH172B -

DEWALT Atomic 20V 5/8″ Compact Brushless SDS PLUS Rotary Hammer Review DCH172D2 DCH172B

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DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX 5/8″ Brushless SDS PLUS Rotary Hammer Kit –
DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX 5/8in. Brushless SDS PLUS Rotary Hammer Bare Tool –
The DEWALT Atomic 20 Volt Compact SDS Plus Rotary Hammer has a brushless motor and durable German-engineered hammer mechanism that delivers 1.4 Joules of impact energy.

This tool is part of the PERFORM and PROTECT product line and is integrated with the SHOCKS ACTIVE VIBRATION CONTROL System. The SHOCKS ACTIVE VIBRATION CONTROL System reduces vibration felt by the user at the handles compared to rotary hammers without this feature.

This tool becomes OSHA Table 1 compliant when used with the DWH200D shroud and DWH161D1 dust extractor.

The updated mode selector switch of tool aids to switch between drill and hammer drill applications quickly. Lightweight and compact design makes this tool perfect for rod hanging, concrete forming, cable tray and strut mounting, clip and bracket mounting and railing mounting.

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  1. When you did the drill here in the vid, where you putting much pressure on the drill?

  2. Is this DeWalt ATOMIC 20V MAX Cordless Brushless Ultra-Compact 5/8 in. SDS Plus Hammer Drill suitable for mixing thinset and concrete?

  3. Not all drill bits are created equally. I recently purchased a diablo sds bit with rebar cutting abilities. Even if I’m not drilling through rebar it makes drilling through concrete that mucj more efficient than just using a regular sds concrete bit. I’d like to see a comparison of this same hammer drill but using different brands of bits, ect. From this video I’m not very impressed with this little hammer drill.

  4. Thank you for demonstration I just got that tool today. The information was very helpful 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  5. But you did amazing job showing this merchandise

  6. Top notch video sir , great idea with the voltage meter visual.

  7. Thanks Brian this looks a brilliant tool. I am all Milwaukee but I want a set of compact tools to complement my full size Milwaukee tools. I don’t like the M12 Milwaukee tools owing to their battery design/uncomfortable hand grip as a result. I think with the power stack Dewalt is seriously making me question the point of 12v tools. I think I will get this along with the 805 hammer drill and 850 impact driver all with Powerstack. Dewalt is making the best compact tools right now for my money.

  8. Why tf would you not be able to just hammer with it? Fkin ridiculous:

  9. Had a lot of my dewalt stolen with my tough system 2.0 last week and I think I miss this thing the most out of the whole work collection

  10. I used this all day at work today. Hung conduit around a mansion, also drilled in with a 1" and this thing rocked. I bet i drilled 80 holes in total.

  11. Has anyone else noticed grease coming from the vent on the top. I use mine for 100 or less holes a week ive had it for 6 months and it just started happening about 3 weeks ago.

  12. Am i able to put a chipping bit on it or is it just for drilling?

  13. This is 199 on home Depot with charger 6ah battery and 4ah battery xr batteries

  14. I'm completely new to rotary hammer drills. Would the DCH293 be able to use the same bits as this one without breaking them? I'm debating whether to get that drill over this one for more range in the drill bits I can use.

  15. Think it would be ok to run the 6 ah flex volt battery on this?

  16. Pro tool seller in KCMO Impressive that the voltage drop with the power stack and 4.0 low profile battery were identical. The 3.0 and 4.0 low profile batteries are identical. Same size, same weight, take exactly the same amount of time to charge. Hence the 3.0 low profile battery is really 4.0 Makes any tool stand without tipping, my personal favorite battery in the Dewalt line.

  17. I liked your thorough description. 👍 Thanks! I know now I have to get one 💯

  18. What is the milwaukee competition for this product?

  19. Could I use this to install wall plates on a concrete slab?

  20. I got this one as a bare tool for $149. For a lightweight rotary hammer I can't find better than that. I barely go over 1/2", though

  21. strongly considering buying this for a new business I want to start. thanks for the review boss, it looks good!

  22. I have a 20v5ah although it takes away from compact it should work, correct? I mean it will connect right?

  23. The size makes it a good choice for kitchen cabinet installations .

  24. Thx. I just ordered 1. Im an electronic systems tech i drill up to 3/8 and rarely 1 inch which i wont do with this one. Anyway here in florida we go through masonry a lot and the size and demo makes it perfect for my field.

  25. hello, can larger drill bits be drilled as in the description up to 16mm. greetings

  26. I like it. Now I want them to make the 5 in 1 installation screwdriver in atomic. No interest in the 12v line

  27. I’ve got the full size one ( guess would say that ) love it use it a lot on setting red heads and rebar 1/2” but got my wheels turning for tapcons 🤔 👍

  28. I drilled a hole thorugh sheet steel with a DCD791 and 1.3Ah obsolete battery yesterday – in high gear – cut out multiple times on what was effectively a very easy job 😀 I will reconsider what I run on that drill. I think I'd like to get some power stacks for my impacts and 79X drills only. But not available to me yet. Patience. 4/5 packs in the meantime.

  29. Watching all of that concrete dust shooting out of the holes you were drilling, I was cringing thinking, "where is your HEPA vacuum?"

    OSHA would certainly write you up for this safety violation! Lol

  30. Great channel, solid , reliable info as always. This is perfect for smaller multiple holes up to 3/8. Not at that depth though. More like 2-2 1/2” deep like tapcons

  31. Very cool showing the battery voltage during use! It would be cool to see the same on some other tools in the future.

  32. Great for fiber cement siding. Popping a wire hole through the side of a house. I like the small form factor.

  33. Just bought this on special from home depot with free 5ah battery. Installed 18 shutters in brick wall with the 2Ah battery with no problem. The best part it has a belt hook and light weight on extension ladders. I watched a few videos about the power stack but now I'm definitely getting them for all my small tools like drywall cutter and screw gun, router, planer, impact

  34. The powerstack will be cool on that tool i guest

  35. Would be cool if you also took current measurements too. Then we'd know how much power the tool is using.

  36. I have a 1" a 1 1/4" and a 1 3/4" roto hammers I think that thing is cool but I think I'm going to stick with my 996 or 999 for little stuff, plus the 200 bucks. It might be nice to see a comparison with the drills???

  37. nice video. How's it fair powerwise compared to the ryobi p222?
    Yes i know that it's brushed and lots of ryobi haters ans whatnot

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