DeWalt Atomic 20V MAX Brushless Compact Drill Impact Combo Kit -

DeWalt Atomic 20V MAX Brushless Compact Drill Impact Combo Kit

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ATOMIC 20-Volt MAX Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Drill/Impact Combo Kit (2-Tool) 2 Batteries 1.3Ah and Charger


  1. Just wondering if anyone knows if Milwaukee has as an equivalent to this set? Looking for the sub compact size. Thanks

  2. Works good on a gy6 engine variator bolt, clutch bolt, stator bolt, rear wheel bolt, so for a scooter owner this impact wrench is good for $99.00 or you can pay $279.00 for rhe higher model with a 1/2" chuck.

  3. 130ft lbs. of toque is insane honestly. Wont take off stubborn seized bolts, but it'll get off most if not all on your vehicle. Great value.

  4. Mind just went bad good 2 years of learning how to use it. It was my first drll.The clutch went bad .

  5. My fiancée loves this MyBest.Tools I like that both drills came with their own battery packs and the case. The lights on the torque are a pretty neat little quirk.

  6. Thank you for this great reviews. Other reviewers on this kit are already predisposed to being bias against it so their reviews ae a waste of air IMHO.

  7. The drill is definitely a nice addition to the line up. Maybe not as powerful, but it differentiates itself with size and weight. Even has a mechanical clutch as well!

  8. $199 makita sub compact all day long. Love the channel

  9. Hi,

    I have to say this compact atomic kit by DeWalt is totally a bad decisions and marketing for this tool set (20v line).

    They have a new 12v brushless tool kit (drill and 1/4" impact) in the UK now which looks so much better. They should have just waited and come out with better and larger 12v tool line. DeWalt just needs to pull this one off the shelves and take a loss.

    The flexvolt line looks good but they are lacking on improving on the 20v brushless tool line. DeWalt needs to have two strong tool lines. If they're going to bring back the 12v after 8 years then really come back strong and a larger tool selection.

    Check out the videos at: (LittleMilto) channel from the UK.

  10. Am sure it a great drill. I’ll stick with my Milwaukee. Simply because it’s brand new LOL

  11. DeWalt should stick to premium have craftsman in the middle, Stanley in the low end. And portal cable in 12v full line!😁😁😁

  12. if you are using headphones.. be forewarned, from the second the video starts, for some reason, the reviewer will start shouting.
    wish someone could have warned me on that.

  13. I don’t see a purpose for these.
    DCD791 and DCF887 are already this size and similar weight, but with more options.
    DCD792 and DCF888 (what I own) with “Tool Connect” are the similar size and weight with the ability to set one of your settings so that you can turn the tool’s work light on for 20 minute intervals, eliminating the need to carry or purchase a flashlight. “Tool Connect” then allows you the freedom of leaving your tools out without having to worry if one of your kids grabs your drill or impact off your work bench to hang something on their wall, potentially hitting electric or plumbing.
    $120 more for that level of convenience and peace of mind is money well spent! IHO

  14. I like those tools for my electric guitar invention/s project just the right size 👍

  15. Does anyone know what the torque is on the drill

  16. you my friend gave me the real answers i was looking for

  17. Does the drill use the mechanical slip type clutch or is it the ESC type that just cuts off power?

  18. What they call nut busting😂😂😂 that’s just too funny

  19. Gave 125ish bucks for mine today @ Westlake . It kicked my mailbox's ass . I didn't want to stop using it .

  20. My DCD708 has a hammer function. Any comments?

  21. Great video! Just picked these tools up. Will be using around the house for misc projects and some occasional woodworking

  22. That atomic drill is just what I need to pre drill decks all day ie light and powerful, thanks Dewalt 👍👍

  23. Skip the DeWalt compact impact and get another compact impact brand.

  24. Is this DeWalt atomic better than Milwaukee 18v 2801??

  25. Any experience with the hammer drill version of the drill driver? I just got it on sale and wondering if it’s gonna hold up

  26. This is one of the most accurate and realistic takes on the Atomic drill & impact. With the current prices on the DCF887, usually $99 bare tool, and $179 with two 2.0ah batteries, I'd advise people to grabs the $179 887 kit and add the Atomic drill/driver as a bare tool. The drill is one of the nicest DeWalt makes. Not as powerful or fast as others in their line, but the chucks are a step up and the size and weight is an absolute luxery! If you need a hammer drill, buy a heavier duty drill and use it for the hammer function and large wood bits. The Atomic impact is a dandy impact, but the price is the real problem… It's new, and probably has some refined internals compared to the nearly 10yr old 887, but the 887 is still a very good tool. Still competes with the absolute best impact drivers available today. I've seen a few channels burn them up… But I think that's more of a safety issue than it is a quality of parts issue. Where other impacts do less work or time-out due to heat or voltage, the dewalt kept going… And going… And going and eventually overheated. There have been type 2 and type 3 upgrades to that and I think it's a thing of the past. Just my two cents.

  27. Sale is on again now. I grabbed just the 1/2" drill today with 2 batteries, charger, bag for $99.

  28. I don’t know why everyone hates this, I have the pack and they work amazing. Awesome power and long battery life.

  29. I think your review is superb and enthusiastic… Never a dull moment. Just got my Atomic over at Splakes Mitzen at a great discount

  30. I just got these for 100$ brand new from a dude of marketplace

  31. What the max torque on the drill not the driver DCD708

  32. Stupid 12v design. Ridged and Milwaukee 12v are actual 12v

  33. You should have drove the bolt on then use the torque to take it off and see what it can torque to.

  34. How are they when u need to drill into a frame looking for a nice set to drill out bolts and frame mounts for my atvs

  35. Can you add a better battery pack? Would something like that be compatible at all?

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