Dewalt Atomic and 887 impact driver match up !!! -

Dewalt Atomic and 887 impact driver match up !!!

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I go over the Atomic and compare it to the 887 impact driver. I go over a couple fun tests to stick around till the end.
I am just trying to show you that the Atomic line is not worth your money, so If I were in the market for a new tool I would not buy the ATOMIC!!!!

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Dewalt DCK489D2 ATOMIC 20V MAX Brushless Lithium-Ion Cordless 4-Tool Combo Kit (2 Ah):

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DEWALT 20V MAX XR Impact Driver, Brushless, 3-Speed, 1/4-Inch, Tool Only:

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  1. Am i right in saying the atomic range is a lot cheaper so aimed at the diyer?
    and for me i don't understand all this bull shit about who's best, they are all so close who who give f–k!!
    Im british and if i was American all that would matter to me is which company are trying to keep as much manufatering in usa as poss. just my 2 pence worth 😉 
    (china are taking over we need to make changes)

  2. you jib end,its not meant to be more powerful!

  3. VCG did some testing on the 887 and burned it out. He then got another to see it wasn't just a fluke and burned that one out, too. The 787 performed much better.
    Thanks for the testing.

  4. I agree. This new Atomic line is misplaced so I"m not sure where it fits in. I presume they are aiming to fill that tiny market gap between Serious user and the very causal user. I would never buy this kit. But I will disagree with you comments about the Atomic 4.5 Circular saw DCS571. Though similar to the corded Worxsaw, the Dremel US40, the Dewalt a Cordless saw. This would be their selling point- a Robust compact portable saw for quick cuts. The R&D of even this saw is not inexpensive. It would be in the $100K. I would say they had copied the WORX WU520 and rebranded.

  5. What are the temps of other brands? Kind of hard to say how abnormal and flawed this is without a comparison. We use a few different brands and no issues with any to speak of though we use drills for drilling. I do prefer the mechanical switch vs the push pad that seems to be getting finicky.

  6. I'm not saying it's not under powered, because it is. But I also want say is that we are talking about impacts. They are screw drivers not mentioned for lags, sds, or paddle bits. Just because some genius made it so impacts can us those items doesnt mean a impact is the best choice. Drills are far superior in Torque and can handle those tasks with better results. So let's stop trying to make a impact do something it isn't designed to do.

  7. Most of the guys around here are black and yellow. But again i looked at the atomic line see made in china… see it's cheaper then older xr..its not on par as red crapsman fine…. but they are hurting their brand.

  8. Look I love dewalt. I have for years. Most tools in the new atomic line are pretty nice. The mini circ saw and the multi tool are fricking awesome. That being said, the atomic impact is trash. If you want a cheaper option than the 887 get the 787 even the 885 brushless is better than the atomic. Dewalt you dropped the ball bad on this one!

  9. Um not trying to tell u wat to do but ur not supposed to be using the flex volt on the 887 the 20v drill is fine but the flex volt will burn the motor up on the 887 they don't make a impact driver built for the flex volt line just a drill and then everything else again if I'm wrong holler

  10. I bought this tool recently and don’t have any problems on it this all passed on QC in United States what’s talking about. You only wasted you time.if you have bad comments just buy screw driver and do it to your self💩

  11. Digital switches are a wank for millenials, the pads on the board wear out too quickly. Give me an analogue switch anyday

  12. Have a look at skillbuilders impact shoot out. 6 inch solid oak and tue 887 killed th competition, thats what professionals are looking for, not wanky flash switches, performance first.

  13. Who cares about a digital switch..its just more electronics to fail

  14. You cheated. There is way less resistance driving a screw in on the end than on the side. Shame on you.

  15. Why a spade bit on an impact driver ? Then compare that to driving screws ? Ya wrong tool for job is going to produce bad results.

  16. The new brushless motor design of the Dewalt 20V MAX XR Impact Wrench used ◔◔>е very little battery power to easily remove the lug nuts on my 1990 Chevy K3500 1-Ton 4×4 Dually which were torqued to 175 foot-pounds◔◔> After my heart attack, I was no longer able to physically remove and reinstall these lug nuts, until trying this Dewalt impact wrench. I was able to complete the entire job of installing these bolt-on stainless steel wheel simulators in about 15 minutes.

  17. 887 all day long , love dewalt. Never once let me down throughout the years

  18. Are there any other de Walt impact drivers that are good?

  19. What generation of the 887 is yours? Type 1, 2, or 3?

    I have the type 1 -XE and have never found anything bad about it or have had any issues, no issue with performance either. I know the type 2 had issues with the electronics but DeWalt fixed that in the type 3 887b model. The 887b does seem to get hot under heavy load.

    As for the switch, the push button style usually wears out over time, so I'm happy with the slider type.

  20. i love the analogue speed change on the dewalt! reliable and gets the job done, simple stupid

  21. Dewalt sucks ass dont buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Dewalt dcf887 i love this drill using it 3 hours nonstop everyday in 1 year

  23. Thanks for vid bro 👍 it sure is nice to know Whats up with our purchases these days , keep going bro it's nice to know about these tools

  24. You can buy a drill and impact atomic for a few $ more than the XR 887.
    If you are a homeowner that doesn't use them to make a living it is perfectly fine

  25. If you're gonna make tests on power tools, have everything you need to conduct a fair test. You should have the right number and type of batteries first, don't you think. I started watching your video, but after about 40 seconds, I shut it off.

  26. What if it’s on sale and I don’t plan on entering mine in any races?

  27. Understood this is a test but so many are buying impact drivwrs and using as drills. Its not the right tool for that job. Dcd996 is the one you want for your application of drilling. One can use a flat blade screwdriver as a chisel but doesn't mean its the right tool.

  28. I know this is an older video but I cant decide between the 787 and the 887. The 887 has quite a bit of negative reviews. (home owner total renovation)

  29. I think the Dewalt is pretty Ace-Tits myself

  30. I have used Dewalt 20V XR brushless drill since 2014. I have 3 of them. First was bought in 2014, one in 2017 and the last one Jan 2020. All 3 works just fine with a lot of abuse and working every single day. I install custom built screen rooms and drive over 1000 selftaping screws and lags every day. All 3 impacts are still going strong. My 2014 hammerdrill died a couple months ago, but 3 years before, I was drilling through floor joists with it, it kicked and got stucked. Some smoke came out and still worked great for almost 3 years before it sadly past away. 6 year of beating, drilling just as much into wood, steel, aluminum and concrete. I own over $5000 worth in Dewalt 20V tools, and the only thing that let me down quick are 2 5ah batteries. 1 2017 battery and 1 2019. I had them replaced under warranty, and that's about it. Compared to a kit of Brushless Bosch I was given for Xmas with 2x 4ah batteries, my Dewalts have been more than reliable. My Bosch are a ''home'' kit for when I leave my tools on site. Had them for about 2 years now, probably not even 10hours of use, and the Impact had to be replace and so is a battery. Not impressed with them at all, especially for the price. Go Yellow!

  31. Nobody seems to understand that the Atomic was intended to contend with the M12 series from Milwaukee. It wasn't really intended to be compared to the 887. This is also reflected by the price point.

    As for the issues with 887, I'd take a real switch over a membrane switch any day of the week. Once membrane switches wear out, you're out of luck. Sure, they protect against the ingress of dust / liquids, but they are far less durable than the sliding switch. The reason other tool companies have switched to a membrane switch / digital setup is because it's far cheaper to produce (of course the customer doesn't see the savings). They sell it as being "better" because it's digital, but in reality it's a cost-cutting measure.

    Now comes the biggest thing I see reviewers complain about in regards to the 887, which is the heat / switch failures. It's funny how there are tons of reviewers who do performance test who end up destroying the switch in the tool (this is the failure mode in 99% of cases), and yet if you read the comments on all these videos you see people who have used the tools for years and have never had it fail. Why is that? Because the tests reviewers run are far beyond the normal conditions that these drivers are used in. Impact drivers are intended to drive / remove fasteners, and medium-sized nuts and bolts. They aren't intended to be used to drill with spades, remove lugnuts, etc. Just because a tool CAN do it, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it. Go to any real job site, and you won't see the guys drilling 1 1/2" holes with their impact drivers. They may attempt to in a pinch if it's only one hole, but they aren't going to run 20 holes with it, they're going to go grab a proper drill.

  32. Very surprising the negativity in some of the review below. The point was a comparison of two impacts and not "analog" vs "digital" or "wondering why it gets hot." The point is one Dewalt is not as good as another Dewalt. I found this very helpful. Thank you for the video and forward and upward.

  33. If you take apart the impact drivers, you will see that there isn't really any grease to help keep it cool. Due to that it overheats and burns out. Add more grease it does get cooler while using it for a longer period of time.

  34. The switch question is physical vs electronic – that's not the same as analog and digital. A dimmer switch would be analog. on/off or 3 position switches are digital.

  35. I just love 2 DeWalt tools together in a battle

  36. 887 is great… for a driver under $100 (if you shop smart). The 888 is a horrible direction though. I dont want Bluetooth. I dont need a machine to have exact settings or location finder… but a tech update would be great like you said. A digital pad vs analog switch should be a given. Especially for the XR version.

    I love the Dewalts for impact drivers, but they need to step it up and separate their fear from the Craftsman Control Team designers.

  37. My dcf887 broke when i was hammering nails into a 1 inch slab. I don't know, maybe i should have use a hammer instead?

  38. I am looking to buy a Dewalt impact driver for home use off of Amazon but can decide between DCF885C2 and DCF887D2. It looks like the 887 is brushless and has 3 speeds. They are similarly priced. Can you offer any help?

  39. I think the problem with the 887 has to do with the higher amperage in the high ah batteries rather than the too itself

  40. Why does everybody hate the 887? I have never had a single problem with mine. Plenty of power.

  41. I have two of the 887's, one for home use and the other for work. The work one is still going strong and it's beat all to hell. My drill is the 999 with the big flexvolt battery. It's a beast.

  42. I don't use atomic but for real world use the 887 works great and is rugged and reliable. These You Tube guys are taking tools and abusing them and saying, look this tool will not hold up if you try using it. I use all of my dewalt tools for years professionally and they perform just fine, and trust me I do not baby any of my tools. I just don't abuse them either.
    For example I will zip my lug nuts on with my 887 but I torque them down with a lug wrench. Typical You Tube guy would hold that trigger down and wait for tool failure. And then say oh wow don't buy this tool, I can't even use it beyond its rated capacity without it breaking.

    A shining example of people trying to deliberately break tools is VCG Construction. Those guys actually rig their tests to try and make milwaukee come out on top. I bet they don't build shit either, unless they use subcontractors for everything. And then they get a guy who's pretty good at driving screws with a Milwaukee screw gun, and then get that one ham fisted guy that can't do anything running the DeWalt and then say well look at that Milwaukee won again. You know the guy I'm talking about the one that yells all the time and says yeah baby and fucks up every time he tries to drive a screw. At least this guy doesn't seem nearly as biased as those vcg construction guys.

  43. What's wrong with this impact driver why do you hate it so much why why never pick it up

  44. No Dewalts for me!!…….battery systems are WAY too complicated and keep changing models, XR, Atomic, 18v, 20v Max……Fuck that bullshit.

  45. The clue is in the name impact driver ( NOT DRILL ). It's hardly surprising that a tool overheats when being over worked.

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