DeWalt Atomic Impact Driver vs. Lug Nuts -

DeWalt Atomic Impact Driver vs. Lug Nuts

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I do a series of torque tests on the DeWalt Atomic Impact Driver (DCF809) to see if it can open the lug nuts on my car.

I bought the kit at Home Depot. Linked below:


  1. You don't understand what an Impact wrench is used for. Your gonna break the trigger.

  2. Isn’t the idea of an impact tool that you let the impact hammer continue to turn, building impact strength until the nut breaks loose? It isn’t supposed to just break loose when you pull the trigger. Pulsing the trigger only keeps it from building torque. I’ve never used a cordless impact but I’m pretty sure you aren’t supposed to use pressure and you aren’t supposed to modulate with the trigger. I did use a $20 corded Harbor Freight version on a motorcycle sprocket… which is probably closer to this than a traditional air tool. It worked, but ONLY when you don’t push and let it bang at full speed for a while.Maybe you were nervous and rushing for the video but that torque wrench technique is way off too. You torqued more in this video than I ever have but maybe you didn’t notice the click since you kept tightening. The click-type torque wrench doesn’t stop you from over-torquing! It just clicks when you reach the torque specified.I do appreciate the demonstration. It’s clearly better than the Harbor Freight thing I used on my motorcycle once since it made faster work of your lug nuts even when gimped by pulsing the trigger. 😉 Thanks!

  3. Tested with the dcf850 (rated 1850 lbs/in) with a 5ah battery and it doesn't work.[EDIT] It WORKS, make sure you have a heavy deep impact socket (important!), run on max speed and push against the nut.

  4. Is there a lower torque setting that allows you to drive in the nut all the way but not exceed 90 ft-lbs, then finish if off with a torque wrench?

  5. Can you reinstall to 90 ft lbs using the impact driver? Or it will simply go to its max torque??

  6. I absolutely love this set MyBest.Tools should have upgraded to the 20V sooner. The impact driver is a must have for driving screws; compact and all muscle.

  7. Bro that’s not how to use torque range you probably torqued it way more than 130lb also I’ve seen videos of these opening 350lb nuts with 5ah battery

  8. Thank you … I just picked up the 809 today and was wondering if it could do lug nuts…I now know I don't need to buy a impact wrench after your review.

  9. Combo on sale at homedepot for 150 with bag and charger and 2 small 1.3ah batteries

  10. What's up with the off and on with the driver? Any reason for it?

  11. I checked mine with a mac torque wrench and I got up to 150 before it wouldn't bust them off anymore.

  12. Excellent test and demonstration, Thank you. It's now April of 2021 and the same combo is $229.00. Holy Toledo!

  13. Ive always wonder, why do people tap the trigger on electric impact guns? The gun is already impacting on its own so juat leave it pressand let it do what it does.

  14. Great test.. it's good u hit 130 torque foot pounds and didn't go past that.

    Good deal. I bought one at Lowes for 99$ and it came with Bag, Charger, and a battery plus the 20 volt impact drill..

  15. Once the torque wrench clicks, stop. If you go any further you could mess up the springs and the calibration. Also, don’t do this on your car, your lugs could stretch and you could destroy your lugs. Make a nut and bolt rig out of sheet metal, and a nut + bolt. Much cheaper than breaking a lug nut.

  16. This is the best video I've watched for the longest while on YouTube… Thumbs up bro👍🏿 stating the facts in the video is what matters…

  17. Don Ashcraft Photography and Restorations says:

    Those little batteries that come with it don't have the amps to crank up and lug nuts. As soon as I put a 5 amp battery on my 809 atomic DeWalt I was able to crack a lug nuts off my truck.

  18. This was a great review…it answered the exact question I had about the Atomic impact driver. I thought I would have to go bigger to loosen lug nuts. Thanks for the very useful info.

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