DeWalt Atomic Reciprocating Saw vs Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hackzall | Thursday Throwdown -

DeWalt Atomic Reciprocating Saw vs Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hackzall | Thursday Throwdown

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In this week’s Thursday Throwdown, we pit the DeWalt Atomic reciprocating saw vs the Milwaukee M18 FUEL Hackzall. We test cutting speed in wood, metal, and PVC and compare features, weight, vibration, and more…

Check out our head to head where we compared 44 different cordless and corded reciprocating saws:


  1. Dewalt 1/2" stroked length, Milwaukee 7/8" stroked length

  2. If you want to leave your tool in the tool box or you don't want to damage your manicure or even look pretty wearing it ,then buy a Dewalt.But if you want to cut thru wood, plastic,copper,metal with ease then buy a powerful saw and that is a Milwaukee

  3. I’ve had both and the dewalt is not as good honestly I’d only ever get it if all my tools are dewalt

  4. Doesn't matter which one is a little better on a few individual tools, what matters is your major investment in batteries. It's a major commitment to jump to another brand where you are already invested in thousand of dollars of good quality tools and batteries. Milwaukee, DeWalt, Bosch, Makita or Hilti, doesn't matter just stick with one and not having different batteries and chargers all over the place.

  5. Excellent unbiased review. I have both dewalt and Milwaukee cordless tools. Based on this review I'm going Milwaukee

  6. Im here just to talk about the guy that doesn’t like to lose hahaha

  7. To all prospective DeWalt Tool buyers/newbies- READ THE FOLLOWING:

    I just purchased the DCE400D2 ($450 + Tax) & it was missing the Owner's Manual. I went to DeWalt's website to get their tel# to call & request an Owner's Manual, instead of returning the tool to Amazon & waiting for a replacement; HOWEVER, DeWalt can no longer be reached by phone. When you click on the "Contact Us Today" link, you are directed to a "Submit a request" form! That is some piss poor Customer Service! I have THOUSANDS & THOUSANDS of $$$ invested in DeWalt tools & I'm thinking of selling it all & buying Milwaukee Tools, as they care enough to have a telephone # for their customers.

    It is: CUSTOMER SERVICE 1-800-729-3878

  8. I personally like "Big Red". Of all the versions I've tried, "Big Red" has never failed me. Also, the cordless tool used by NYC Transit, Yup "Big Red". They even beat Snap On on durability.

  9. Milwaukee blows dewalt out of the water. I wish I never bought any dewalt tools. I'm beyond satisfied with Milwaukee.

  10. I agree with you on the price changing. I just bought the Milwaukee with a 12.0 battery & rapid charger for $249 at Grainger.

  11. As a service plumber I tend to run Milwaukee (Specialized work)
    12v series), Dewalt (Demo Work), and Metabo 18/36v (Impact / Hammer drills). Each have a spot.

  12. Do you need to buy a Sawzall if you buy this? Going to be doing Construction in my own home. Can not even higher anyone. No matter what the price these days

  13. As a contractor time is money. If you was cutting pipe all day , you would want the Milwaukee

  14. I have M12 fuel hackzall and as a plumber I find it to be the perfect one handed sawzall. If I need the power and have the space I'll run the regular fuel sawzall. Best of both worlds

  15. I’ve only ever saw a plumber and electrician use Milwaukee tools but on the other hand I don’t think I’ve ever saw any other trades use them, it’s always makita or dewalt. I work for a tile company that does full kitchen and bath remodeling and all I use is dewalt never had anything break my brother-in-law in an electrician and only has Milwaukee tools. I tried his impact and sawzall, dewalt is way more comfortable to me and just seems to be all around better for what I use thier tools for

  16. Thanks for this one. I was in the market for a one handed recip-saw. The price and weight of the DeWalt were very attractive, but at the end of the day these are tools for work. Battery platform isn't a factor. I buy tools that preform and no one company makes the best… everything. If price and weight were my determining factors, I'd be more inclined to get a M12 hackzall. Hd is running a deal currently with a rapid charger and two XC 6 ah batteries for $299. The M18 Fuel Hackzall is one of the free tools you can pick. There are more expensive tools available in the deal, but this is the tool I needed. Thanks again, you made my decision very easy.

  17. From the jump you can’t have someone that loves Milwaukee judging another brand because they want their preferred brand to perform better. The beginning just seems like the pressure put on dewalt cutting was a lot less than the Milwaukee

  18. I wouldn't want to wear this on my belt…

  19. I'm not sure that I quite get this comparison TBH, we are comparing the DeWalt atomic (compact) vs the Milwaukee M18 fuel, which isn't (meant to be) in any way shape or form compact. So a good comparison video, but not an apples to apples. I feel like the M12 would have actually compared better to the DeWalt because let's be real here, M18 Milwaukee are meant to be compact for being full sized, with full size batteries and full sized power. If you're wanting compact or sub-compact then you need to be looking at M12 or a different brand.

  20. I work in the solar field and although my employers have decided to go with the Milwaukee line of tools there have been multiple instances where I was glad I went with the Dewalt line because without the compactness of the Atomic Reciprocating Saw we wouldn’t have been able to finish the job as hassle free as if I hadn’t been able to bring Dewalt to the table.

  21. Bought the M12 Hackzall after watching this last year. As a homeowner, I invested in the 12V Milwaukees instead of 18V…for the smaller size and price.
    As it turns out, prices on these two tools has plummeted while the 12V has held steady. I assume they fell into that void between DIYers and tradesmen where sales suffered. It doesn't help that the M12 is an overachiever.

  22. Should have swapped the blades out between tests too. What’s the difference between stroke length and Rpms on the two? Also what about a stress test?

  23. Great video, most likely the first time I've ever subscribed to a channel after one video. Nobody else is making such clear and concise tool reviews, it really makes your channel stick out. Looking forward to watching more.

  24. Milwaukee stop caping that it's Dewalt lmaooo tall look like clows

  25. I'm an apprentice Carpenter I have to say I want a Hackzall for ergonomics and tight spaces.

  26. Yeah if I am standing there cutting all day you can keep some of the features. A bit more vibration for a shorter time beats standing there for a longer period at a bit less vibration

  27. Just out of curiousity: since the Milwaukee is almost 1lbs heavier than the DeWALT is has an advantage in the weight cut comparison. I'd like to see a test with an added pound to the DeWALT, it wouldn't surprise me that they'll be on par, If that's the case the DeWALT will be a clear winner 😉

  28. I went through two dewalt atomic saws , the first one was defective right out of the box, it would work for a couple of seconds then stop, work for a couple of seconds and stop. I returned it and bought one from amazon ,that one worked for about a month before it started doing the same thing….junk !!!



  31. I used both of these the Milwaukee over time the battery connection gets loose the down side for the dewalt is the keeper for the blade is plastic and I’m always afraid I’m going to break it

  32. Atomic must mean small can’t play with the big boys

  33. The weight doesn’t make sense because the Milwaukee is heavier and if you don’t push down on the tool the Milwaukee is gonna cut faster

  34. It's just too bad that Milwaukee battery chargers are junk…

  35. If you get paid by the job Milwaukee, if you get paid by the hour Dewalt

  36. My thoughts are…. if anyone cares. The reasons the Dewalt got those poins, you can find those in the m12. If power matter and weight doesn't (like me) m18. If you want all the middle ground in the world go Dewalt. Both are gonna get the job done so it really only matters what battery you have. Go Ryobi

  37. Hahah……😂 stop helping Dewalt let them cater to the DIY’res with this POS. I would buy this tool for my grandma so she can have something to prune her garden. 😂 get real go Milwaukee if you are serious.

  38. Just bought the milwaukee from HD. 2 5amp batteries + charger and tool for 200.

  39. This was kind of disappointing to watch I really like your channel but y’all are grasping at straws for a tool that under performs.I can honestly say I didn’t finish The video. Still really enjoy your videos but I can’t give up the like on this one.

  40. Milwaukee fan boys all excited their saw was 2 sec faster 🤣🤣

  41. A little extra weight and faster cutting means you don't hold the tool as much, a clear advantage

  42. For me buying a power tool is for the power to get the job done. Those minor differences in so call features don't matter that much.

  43. Lol wtf do you do for a living I do construction and demolition and trust me they cut through 2x 4x 6x haha what de ef haha "they don't do good on wood" biggest lie ever

  44. They should put a handle like those on a hammer drill on these little sawzaw.

  45. Milwaukee hands down a more powerful tool. The dewalt is a little more comfy. If I was given either tool for free. I would certainly take the Milwaukee.

  46. Damn I’m on the DeWALT platform and I love DeWALT but this is embarrassing. DeWALT needs to step it up or I should just switch over to Milwaukee

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