Dewalt Atomic vs Roybi HP ($100 Tools Sale) -

Dewalt Atomic vs Roybi HP ($100 Tools Sale)

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  1. Bought this for various automotive projects and was impressed MyBest.Tools with one i used beforehand. Super powerful and with more than enough juice to get through projects like changing rusted old bolts on vehicles. I went with the hognose version as other reviewers didnt seem thrilled with the indent pin version. I personally like the ease of putting a socket in and taking it off. Perfect tool for big heavy duty jobs and part of the dewalt max family so can use the battery in other items as well

  2. Just noticed your reaction to the specs, after you just said the impact was actually a wrench, not an impact driver. So, Wow, really?? 600 rpm difference astounded you?? Try using a dewalt impact wrench against that ryobi and see if the results differ. Or just get the correct ryobi impact next time so we get a true comparison.

  3. Great video, nice to have someone who does knowledgeable, fair tests her on youtube.

  4. nicework
    I want to be like you but I don't have the tools:(

  5. i was unaware that ryobi makes two different 3ah HP batteries. need a comparing video of the two now!

  6. Great comparison and great review of each tool.👍👍💯💯

  7. Make good use of that Atomic 809 by swapping it out with a 3/8 hog ring anvil.

  8. I was very disappointed with the HP tools from Ryobi and returned them. I am still trying to wrap my head around the HP line not having the contacts for the older HP batteries.

  9. I wonder how the 12v xtreme would do agains the atomic, both using 2ah batteries.

  10. High respect for your videos; Very Fair and Informative and will continue watching! 😀👍

  11. The atomics better but I still don’t like the atomic line of tools for not much more you can get the XR which is much better Which is the tools that I have

  12. Dude. I could watch your videos all day…….if I didn't have too work 😡. Have watched a load more than once. Very entertaining. Love how you put content together. TOPMAN!! 👍

  13. Great deal. In my country, those tools cost at least 350$, enjoy this deal!

  14. Dave I almost bought the atomic!! But since I already have the Ryobi and Xtreme plus the drill test you did they where almost the same. I didn't. This was a bigger gap in speed. But then again the Ryobi impact is smaller so… I would have like to see it against the Ryobi proper "impact driver". Keep the videos coming Dave!!!

  15. Do both the compact 4ah and the 4ah XR 20v max batteries have 21700 cells or just the compact? If so which batteries have the new cells? Im in need of another battery for my impact and cant seem to find much info online

  16. I honestly thought the Dewalt was going to lose.. pleasantly surprised..

  17. What I learned today….Ryobi's newest tool cannot match up very well against DeWalt's current worst/weakest tool. Fine, entertaining, video but it just does more to confirm, to me, that Ryobi is still lagging well behind the really great lines. You really need to start looking into Ridgid, Kobalt or something else if you don't want to spend a fortune on tools.

  18. Great video. I was not a fan of the Atomic line at first but it’s making some waves and changing my mind. Appreciate the channel and the vids. Stay at home order in effect again in CA so we appreciate the good entertainment!

  19. I’m loving that the Atomic has beat the Ryobi HP in just about every test but 1. And to think that’s the higher end of Ryobi. I do like the look of the new HP line but the battery Base kills the small footprint benefit.

  20. DeWalt DOES have batteries with rubber molding on them, they're sold as the Mac Tools 20v batteries. Completely interchangeable and both made by DeWalt. I have 2 of them, a 4 and a 2. Interestingly DeWalt also makes a fluid resistant version of the 887 sold by Mac Tools. The MCF886.

  21. I doubt u need safety glasses for using a impact

  22. Great comparo a lil upset that the ryobi didn’t win, it should of since its newer and they cost the same right now i believe.

  23. Ryobi should be making guns with that grip. Comfortable as hell !

  24. DeWalt hands down. Enough of this "Ryobi is cheaper" non-sense, its just a step below the big guys like Milwaukee, DeWalt, Makita, Bosch, I'm not even talking about the premium ones like Hilti, Metabo and Fein because they are on a league of their own. Overblown torque and speed ratings that never check out in real life scenarios. I'd pick up the DeWalt even if it was $20-$30 more expensive.

  25. Tacklife came out with an impact driver on Amazon, take that and compare it to a black and decker impact driver. Both 20V max and both $60-$70. Also do a 20 year old GOOD drill/ impact driver vs a new cheap impact/drill

  26. Next time, measure the temperature of the chuck. I drove about 20 4" #14 screws one after the other with my brushed Ryobi impact driver and the chuck was too hot to touch and was smoking. I then tried to cool it by running it with no load intermittently. It still works fine. Also, what do the guts of these tools look like? Does the Ryobi have a lot of plastic and the DeWalt metal? With this test, Ryobi did fine. So what if it took a second or two more to run a lag screw all the way in. More time is is wasted drinking coffee and BS'ing.

  27. Thanks for the video! I have no regrets of not buying Ryobi tools!
    For the same price, definitely Dewalt all the way. If Ryobi HP were $55 or less, I would take Ryobi.

  28. I love you MCT love you videos I have sub to you like all your videos MCT you're the best 🛠👍

  29. You should really compare with same size batteries.

  30. I would have liked to seen the actual compact impact driver compete (even with the wrong anvil) instead of the impact wrench.

  31. In my experience, the slim 3Ah HP really doesn't compare to the 4Ah HP. Even though it has 21700 cells, it's still just a single row in series. The 4Ah has two series rows in parallel. The amp draw is divided across twice as many batteries in the 4Ah versus the 3Ah. That makes a big difference. A single (quality) 21700 cell is superior to a single (quality) 18650 but five 21700s don't compare to ten 18650s.

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