Dewalt Atomic Vs. XR -

Dewalt Atomic Vs. XR

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  1. I am a career carpenter and love my ATOMIC drill , for drilling decks or hanging doors etc all day it is ideal, I even put a 600x16mm auger on it in speed one of course ,it powered it through 300mm of seasoned hardwood easily ,very impressed. I bought it specifically because I wanted a light drill and I am on the 18 volt platform ,if I wanted brute force I will use the heavier 996 . The 708 was never meant to match the 791 ,but It still punched well above it's weight.

  2. Hey Dave which dewalt hammer drill is the best at drilling a masonry bit

  3. I wanna see a masonry test with all your hammer drills cause that's what I mainly use these drills for

  4. Hi mate, picked up a DCD709 + DCF809 with 3 2Ah batteries for £199 (GBP). Is this worth it?

    OR should I return it and buy a DCD796 + DCF887? Mainly for home use & for other people. Should be around the same price but will have to be refurbished or used drills.

  5. They should have put a metal chuck in that 708 and its perfect.

  6. Seems like the onboard computer is protecting the transmission when you are on speed 2. Tools have gotten very smart these days. You can tell because it shuts the light off as well.

  7. So in general what’s your favorite power drill for everyday use?

  8. Do you know how to use a drill in 🤣😂🤣😂😍

  9. You ever think maybe it is the operator maybe it is not the drill you made them fail lmao

  10. the same XR vs the dewalt DCD 780.. brushed but very powerful.. another great video.. thanks

  11. I got both, but the atomic is my favorite just because of the weight

  12. Was looking at oscillating tools and actually spent 10 less on an xr vs atomic. Tool only on both. Have an xr impact and love it.

  13. I like the video and find this stuff amusing but when did we start treating drills as if we were taking them to the track

  14. That XR 791 is an awesome drill I am a huge fan of DeWalt over the years but I’m going to go ahead and say I am very disappointed in DeWalt’s new line of compact drills and compact Hammer drills they are all underpowered and DeWalts impacts are just terrible including the aging dcf887 that wasn’t very good to begin with I use a Ridgid impact in place of the dcf887 I hope one day DeWalt can give us a decent impact tool and nice review on these two drills 👍

  15. I have the dcd 796 so theoretically it should be better than both. Still in that mid-tier category but it performs well, you can even attach a side handle if you can find one that fits, even though it's not designed for it.

  16. My dad has the XR line impact driver and Xr line Drill Driver. I bought the atomic drill driver and hammer drill combo with two 1.5 amp batteries, a charger and a touch system case for $150 at Home Depot. It doesn’t have the same power as the bigger dewalt and makitas and Milwaukee but I have the less fatigue from not having a heavy impact while at work.

  17. Tell ya what, if I've got to drive lag screws on #1 setting with the Atomic, I'm fine with that. I paid $129.00 for my atomic hammer drill/driver and it's done everything I've needed to do. And it did it for $150.00 less than the XR. Smile every time I watch one of these tests and the guy says the XR is far superior! lol. That XR stopped at the same point on #2 that the atomic did and both had to be switched to the #1 setting to finish the job! Oh wait…the XR can screw in the 6" bolt 2 seconds faster? Haha who cares? Unless your playing racing drills.

  18. careful what size drill bits used in either of these drills. the manual actually warns max size bits to use. if too big it ruins the gear assembly. composite gears unlike the larger dewalt drill with metal gears. I ruined 2 compact XR hammer drills, one using an 1 1/4" paddle bit and the other mixing roof coating in a pail with mixing paddle. dont get me wrong, these are great drills when used correctly.

  19. I was going to buy the atomic but now I'm thinking twice.
    I do drill thru wood, sometimes concrete but only one hole or 2 a day. I don't know now.

  20. XR made in USA atomic made somewhere else

  21. 4:50 what is he doing exactly? click it one more back as in if it's on 15, click it to 14?

  22. It looks like the atomic did everything that the XR did (with the exception of maybe one test), and the main difference is that it takes a bit longer due to the stronger motor of the XR… the time difference is something that may not be a deal breaker for the homeowner/DIYer who does few jobs here and there around the house, but will make a big difference for a pro who's using this for hours daily… great video and I think I will go for the atomic given my use and taking advantage of its price and lightweight

  23. I like the atomic because it is so small and light and it will do 95% of the jobs needed

  24. I have the atomic driver. Now I'm planning to buy tomorrow drill. After seeing this video. I think I'm getting the xr drill because of 50 cad difference. And the battery for the xr is 5AH it's a good deal. My question is will the battery of xr can be use with 20V atomic driver?

  25. Why use different size batteries on the tool

  26. Folks don’t buy hammer drills to compare how they bore holes in dimensional lumber or set screws in firewood; show us the hammer drill in concrete and stone!

  27. Thx for the video! Also worths mentioning that you can actually get the atomic line for "free" with Airmiles (Canada), which I got 🙂 And indeed, the line is perfect for DIY users, these are my first tools, I'm not gonna use them more than 5 times a year, and as a bonus I can use the same batteries as the XR… that's a great deal.

  28. I have the Atomic impact and hammer. I recently got the XR impact. I plan to get XR 1” sds hammer drill instead of the XR hammer drill

  29. I'm DIY too, but I need a drill that will drill 3/4" holes in 3/4" thick steel. I have a 320 A welder and I do not work with it industrially, but I need it for my projects. : D

  30. Sometimes you need to realize that time really doesn’t matter if it can get it done. On every test, the atomic could do it quickly, but not as fast as the XR. In my opinion, the size difference is worth it because it has the power to do it.

  31. I know this is an older thread, but I am curious how the dcd791 would compare to the milwaukee 2801…have you ever looked at that?

  32. Why does nobody (or no test at all) show clearly how the wobble is during drilling? I've had several good cordless drills, but all of them had way too much wobble when drilling. Just use a small (long) 2 mm drill bit in metal

  33. You are having issues because you are a barbarian rough in carpenter.
    Home owner D.I.Y. people are not in a hurry to stampede holes through framing lumber.
    The Atomic is great for normal people.

  34. Just buy only the thing you can afford and depends on your need. If your only a diy'er atomic will be more than enough and can finished same as xr

  35. I opted to skip the atomic drill and carry the xr and the 12v extreme drill instead . I just really like the specs , built quality and feeling of the XR, never rock my drills or driver with a bigger battery than a 2 ah, or a 4ah max, so weight to me, feels the same almost, if i really want to go light i use my 12v.

  36. Hey man, great comparison like always. Did you manage to do the mid range xr vs Atomic hammer drills?

  37. Hi. Would you take the dcd 706 or dcd 708. The price is the same.

  38. Atomic is ergonomic and powerful enough to drill wood. Love my atomic hammer drill and It's comfortable. Put mine through hell for 2 years and it's running strong.

  39. DCD708
    0-400RPM, 0-1650RPM
    0-550RPM, 0-2000RPM.
    speed on 791 better.
    therefore, I see no reason to measure the drilling speed. This can be seen from the specification as well.

  40. I have the 709 atomic. I am a light domestic user. Watching the big block with long screws interested me as the atomic stopped, though it was a big block. Masonry hopefully should be good….

  41. Excellent review. I went from old school (2009) dewalt 18v xrs to the atomic. I then got the 1/2" impact, by far the best investments I've made in years.

  42. what a painfull review to watch . clearly speed 2 was going to fail but still you persisted with it . I would say learn the product before reviewing it!

  43. Great video thanks, can you use the 20 volt max batteries on those 2 tools?????

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