DeWalt Buy One Get One Atomic Impact Drivers/Wrenches Online! Black Friday -

DeWalt Buy One Get One Atomic Impact Drivers/Wrenches Online! Black Friday

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Here we show you how to pick up DeWalt’s hardest to find buy one get one tool deals with the new atomic series subcompact impact wrenches and impact drivers. These are the hardest-to-find DeWalt buy one get one tool deals this Black Friday at the Home Depot. These BOGO deals are very hard to find in stores, as many Home Depot stores don’t have them yet.
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🎄🛒 DeWalt Atomic DCF921 1/2″ Impact Wrench/FREE 5AH Batt:
🎄🛒 DeWalt Atomic DCF923 3/8″ Impact Wrench/FREE 5AH Batt:
🎄🛒 DeWalt NEW Atomic DCF850 1/4″ Impact Driver Kit:
🎄🛒 42 in. W x 18.1 in. D 10-Drawer Mobile Workbench with Solid Wood Top in Red:
🎄🛒$78 Ultra-Quiet 3/4 hp. Belt Drive Smart Garage Door Opener
🎄🛒 Gorilla 48″x12″x20″ Aluminum Work Platform 53% OFF!:
🎄🛒 DeWalt Atomic DCF921 1/2″ Impact Wrench/FREE 5AH Batt:
🎄🛒 DeWalt Atomic DCF923 3/8″ Impact Wrench/FREE 5AH Batt:
🎄🛒 DeWalt NEW Atomic DCF850 1/4″ Impact Driver Kit:
🎄🛒Gorilla Ladder 18 ft. $99! (50% OFF):
🎄🛒 Werner 8 ft. Fiberglass Step Ladder 250 lb. Capacity:
🎄🛒 Gorilla 48″x12″x20″ Aluminum Slim-Fold Work Platform:
🎄🛒 Home Depot Main Black Friday Tool Deals Page:
🎄🛒 DeWalt 6-Tool Brushless Combo kit
🎄🛒 DeWalt Tool Deals Main Page:
🎄🛒 DeWalt Buy One Get One Free Tool Deals:
🎄🛒 Milwaukee Tool Deals Main Page:
🎄🛒 Milwaukee BOGO M18 FUEL Hammer Drill Impact Driver Combo Kit (2-Tool):
🎄🛒 Milwaukee M18 BOGO XC Starter Kit with (2) 5.0Ah Batteries, Charger & Contractor Bag:
🎄🛒 Milwaukee M12 BOGO XC Starter Kit (2) 6.0 Ah Battery Packs and Charger:
🎄🛒 Milwaukee M18 2-Tool Combo Kit w FREE TOOL BOGO:
🎄🛒 Makita Tool Deals Main Page:
🎄🛒 Makita BOGO LXT Battery Pack (2-Pack):
🎄🛒 Makita BOGO LXT Rear Handle 7-1/4 in. Circular Saw Kit:
🎄🛒 Ryobi Tool Deals Main Page:
🎄🛒 Ryobi HIGH PERFORMANCE 4.0 Ah Battery (2-Pack) $50 OFF:
🎄🛒 Ridgid Tool Deals Main Page:

⏱ Table of Contents DeWalt Buy One Get One Tool Deal (Click timestamps to jump to a chapter) ⏱
0:00 Intro: Home Depot Black Friday DeWalt Buy One Get One Free Atomic Tools
0:55 4 DeWalt Atomic Impact Tools: DeWalt DCF850 KIT $199, free EXTRA 5Ah Battery
2:08 Size comparison new DeWalt DCF850 Atomic Impact Driver to existing models
3:18 DeWalt Atomic Impact Tools: DCF850 bare tool $99
3:42 DeWalt Atomic Impact Tools: DCF921 $199 with FREE 5Ah battery
4:35 Size comparison new DeWalt DCF921 1/2″ Impact Wrench to existing models
5:35 Gorilla Ladders Work Platform $34.88 almost 50% OFF
7:00 Quick view othher recent Black Friday tool deals videos


  1. Score!!!!!
    Thanks so much for info. Your right the tool guy didn't know which deal it was. I was about to bail but kept looking and found one impact driver kit left!!! And one extra battery. Deal pops up at check out no issues!!! Thanks again man!!!!

  2. @jeffostroff I was able to score a DeWalt atomic Hammer drill/oscillating tool combo kit for $85 from Home Depot.

  3. How To Get it

    This item is unavailable at Marple

    Out of stock online

    Receive an email if this item is back in stock.

    Thank you! We'll send you an email if this product is back in stock. WTF?

  4. Hi Jeff, Do you think Home Depot will carry the DeWalt 6' ladder anymore or come out with a new one anytime soon?

  5. Thanks for all of the great black Friday deals do you see any deals on outdoor equipment for black Friday I am looking for a light weight battery chain saw I just need to prune branches from my trees. I was watching seejanedrill and she recommended a electric chain saw but the video was a few years old and i do not want to have to plug the chain saw into an outlet thanks again for the info

  6. I wouldn't buy a dewalt if it was the last tool in the world.i won't evan accept it if you bought it and gave it to me no no thanks.

  7. I have 3 gorilla platforms I bought like 2 years ago, a tall one and two shorter. And ILOVETHEM

  8. Looking at my new 921 impact wrench next to my 887 impact driver, proves without a doubt dewalt could make an impact driver the size of the 887 with 300 ft pounds if they wanted to!!!

  9. Those platforms are great, I loved buying them last year for $23 bucks but still a good score at $35. I may grab another one

  10. Jeff so I scored the 850 kit with free battery. 50 off I applied fir the homedepot card!! Paid 160 returned the battery for 71 credit. So 91.00 fir my 850 kit!!! I am stoked!

  11. Buy it in store and return the 5.0 batterie and you get the kit for $110

  12. The platform cost me $25.00. I think last year or 2 years ago.

  13. I saw those new atomic compact impact driver, impact wrench in my local HD stores.

  14. When are all these Home Depot’s deals over, don’t wanna miss any

  15. Just a heads up if you return the "free" 5 ah battery they will give you back around $83 so the 1/2 or 3/8ths are gunna cost ya $118 instead of the nearly $200 tool only price tag..I lucked out finding all the kits looking for that new ryobi 1/2in impact with the 1,170 ft lbs of torque so still waiting to try them all out,also on line the new ryobi HP extended ratchets the 1/4in and 3/8th that the 3/8th alone is $159 & the 1/4in version only online is $169 but right now you can buy both online for $199 with free shipping so hope to have them tomorrow if FedEx tracking is correct..good luck guys…

  16. Jeff, check your last Lowe's video for my comments on the Big Mouth Bag, Skill Router Bit Set, plus the Brushless Craftsman Hammer Drill score in clearance for $15 while picking up the Battery for the Radio BOGO deal. I just might get that DeWalt BOGO Impact Driver to go along w/t 110pc DeWalt Bit Set I got for $24 at Lowe's…

  17. Atomic 850 is already out of stock online! 🤯

  18. The whole out of stock bullshit totally turned me off on buying anything. I have to peck and hunt to get exactly what I am looking for and in the end something is always out of stock and unavailable. I give up.

  19. Got the platform sent to the house! There were over 6,000 when I ordered. You said 4k when this vid was made?😳

  20. I clicked on the link for the impact driver and it seems to only come with 1 battery, is that not correct?

  21. Hey Jeff i bought the atomic 2 piece combo kit from the depot . Came with impact driver and drill and two batteries for 149 is this a good kit or should i have gone with the other one ?

  22. Picked up radio and batteries at Lowe’s. It actually worked. Finally

  23. Just got my DeWalt 20v battery starter kit + free recip saw.
    Depot associate said DeWalt tools had plastic parts and were not quality now .. asked her how she knew that, she said a Depot store mgr. told her…. I say no, what do you say ?

  24. Jeff the Home Depot is good and set with everything,fat max ,850;3 pices set, run to it

  25. like your channel jeff like knowing about sales

  26. Hey Jeff I just picked up a craftsman hammer drill from lowes for $29. It’s usually $119

  27. Not to change the subject but I was just in Lowes and they have some unbelievable deals on hand tools. The three wrench deal from Kobalt are 12.99 which is a steal. Anyway thanks for this video on the Dewalt deals.

  28. I was able to get the new Dewalt impact driver last weekend. It involved a bit of a journey, though. Ordered online at HD because it said they had several tool only drivers in stock. When I arrived to pick it up they "discovered" they had none in stock. They called called several other stores and found 1 in stock. 🎉

  29. @jeffostroff my ratchet arrived yesterday. Thanks again!

  30. Picked up my battery and radio last week. Thanks for all your great videos

  31. I am personally tired of Home Depot and Lying Lowes not honoring any of the sales you show in my local store. The links don't work in my area once they see my IP address. Says product is N/A in this store. Lowes Manage Phil argued with me and downright called your video fake and refused to honor the Craftsman sales. Wish you could've been there to hear what he said. They also will not stock or order the Profactor DeWalt tools and refuse to honor the sale. Lowes is Waste Of Time.

  32. You can't hack this if you buy online, in store only to hack… Battery return value is $88.

  33. Thanks for looking out for these fantastic deals!

  34. HEY JEFF, the DCF921B/923B was $149. for a few days before the BOGO started so your really paying $50. for the battery but if it's returned you get $88. back so your really saving $38…. Now the DCF850P1 is regular $199. so the battery is really free and you get two in total

  35. Hi Jeff maybe you can help me, I bought the impact wrench dcf921, , which charger work with the free battery , I have the dcb107 charger and doesn’t work, supposed to work,

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