DEWALT DCF403D1 20V XR Brushless 3/16" Rivet Tool Review -

DEWALT DCF403D1 20V XR Brushless 3/16″ Rivet Tool Review

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Install aluminum, steel, and stainless steel blind rivets up to 3/16″ with the 20V XR Brushless Cordless 3/16″ Rivet Tool. The brushless motor delivers up to 2,100 lbs of pulling force and has the capability to pull 800 rivets per charge. Other features like a tool-free nose piece change and onboard nose piece storage help to maximize productivity on the job site.


  1. Any ideas why it would be cutting off just a very small piece of the end of the rivet which then will get lodged into the jaws? We've switched out the jaws so they don't seem to be the problem.

  2. Engage the trigger and the tip screws off no problem

  3. It's a fatter handle cos the motor is in the grip.

  4. $100o!!!! this thing better rivet every I need done while I watch and eat a sandwich, pass!

  5. The motor is in the handle. That's why it's so thick

  6. I ordered the dcf414 4 days ago I can't wait to use it. Dewalt took there time making this it sure looks like a great tool.

  7. Pull the trigger and keep held in if like the m12 and takes pressure off the piece you change. Makes changing easyLove the m12 rivet toolKeep a 3/16 rod, I use a piece of coat hanger for the smaller than 3/16 rivets the waste pieces won’t push each other out they will jam and clog. Just clear the tube between rivets or a pia when the aluminum waste mushes together

  8. Is there a corded version of this riveter?

  9. Dewalt if your listening… Make an Offset pulling head for this like the Cherrymax H781A-456 and you wont be able to keep them in stock. Running one of these on the floor right now, pulls 3/16 cherry rivets like nothing. Faster and smoother than the pneumatic guns, the extra weight penalty is more than made up by not having a damn air hose to drag around and trip over.

  10. Hi! Really excellent tool and video! Hopefully something similar for nut-serts will be available sometime in the near future… Cheers!

  11. Your about to get first grade level small hand jokes from the Milwaukee fan girls 🤣

  12. Nice review. We implemented the transmission & motor in the handle.

  13. I want this a lot. Can't find it for sale in the UK 🙁

  14. this will make installing gutters, rivet requested jobs, faster.

  15. My thanks, another very well delivered and super informative video.
    🤠👍 🇦🇺

  16. "The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do." —Motivation

  17. Have the m12 rivet gun at work. The "fingers" dont always grab the rivets firmly and sometimes its takes several pulls of the trigger.

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