DeWALT DCS354 Atomic Multitool -

DeWALT DCS354 Atomic Multitool

It started with sawdust
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Decent tool review with the DeWALT 20v DCS354 multitool.

DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX Oscillating Tool, Cordless, Oscillating, Tool only (DCS354B)

DEWALT Oscillating Tool Blades Kit, 5-Piece (DWA4216)

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  1. We are replacing the subfloor in our home MyBest.Tools and this tool has proved to be invaluable. So many different uses. Cutting away boards in tight places, cutting water pipes to name a few. We love Dewalt tools in general, but have really enjoyed the flexibility and durability of this multitool.

  2. I have a cheap Ryobi multi tool, nay need to upgrade. Nice Video!

  3. Why doesn’t this atomic multi tool have a speed selector switch on the base?

  4. so 1 inch per second so your going to be there all night taking 1 thing up its just a waste of time look at how small it is there so up close to make you think its doing something but its so fucking loud

  5. Solid tool, but I do miss the speed selector.

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