Dewalt XR vs Atomic Impact Drivers -

Dewalt XR vs Atomic Impact Drivers

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  1. Atomic over Makita xdt16? I don’t understand this thought process.

  2. Dave awesome content new to this channel stopped watching other tool reviews keep up the great work

  3. Would you say it’s more powerful than the xdt16? I’m trying to decide between the two.

  4. I have the 887 and have been happy with it, but that small size looks something that I could get into. Hopefully the next gen brings more power. #beltsandboxes

  5. Nice shirt; Im on the fence about the 850 and you might have just convinced me. #beltsandboxes. PS dig that ryobi shirt!

  6. #beltsandboxes Sooo EXCITED I just picked up the 850 yesterday! NICE to see it works so well! Thanks for the video!

  7. Great comparo. I have the 809 but seriously thinking of upgrading to the 850. This video helped! Thanks!!!

  8. Are they trying to move the Atomic range from handyman / DIY to trade ? I’ve kept away from anything with Atomic on it for my trade tools so interesting to see the results here.

  9. Great video and honest comparison. Will the Atomic be released everywhere around the world? I am in Australia. Thanks


  11. Been using my 850 every day two weeks from now and I have no regrets at all. 887 been on my tool box since a went to my local depot and bought the new atomic. I even test it against my 887 and it really performed really well beating the XR in almost every test. I’m a drywall framer

  12. You should try the dcf840 impact that just came out and see how it does against the 887 and the 850

  13. Hey man this is a really uncontrolled test. Get a new damn block of wood, that shits got so many holes in it that simply drilling 1 inch next to another hole I guarantee makes the bolt drive in faster. Get some new wood.

  14. That wood is not dense quit fooling yourself, go out and buy a 50 buck piece of stump and make legit videos.

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