Dewalt's newest Atomic saw!! 20v Max 4-1/2" circular saw REVIEW -

Dewalt’s newest Atomic saw!! 20v Max 4-1/2″ circular saw REVIEW

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Brad reviews the new #Dewalt #Atomic Compact Series 4 1/2 Circular Saw DCS571B. Check it out on Amazon USA , Home Depot USA , Amazon Canada


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Brad’s original Atomic Saw unboxing:


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  1. I'm going to get this specifically to rip plywood.

  2. How close is the blade to the guard? Think you could fit a 5 inch blade in there?

  3. On a scale of 1 to 10 how loud is this saw?

  4. Im very happy with dewalt. The guy that came up with this idea needs a raise

  5. Would you compare new 20v with old version 18v? I want to buy one of this but still thinking wich one !

  6. Interesting compact saw. I just got the six and a half inch circular saw.. But this would have been an option. I guess it is more limited though. So I'm glad my decision so far

  7. Great channel with some excellent reviews from a real user 👍

  8. Mine is has a really high pitch. I have to use earplugs when using it😞

  9. It's freaking heavy as the regular size saws.
    What is the point having it?

  10. It works great I don’t have it yet but I’m working on it

  11. I got mine a year ago and I have started using it 90% of the time.

  12. Can i use it asgrinder?
    Howmany rpm it is,,,?

  13. If you're not careful that saw kicked back a doesn't like plunge cut either..

  14. Can anyone please tell me the outer diameter of the blade retainer arbor bolt washer ? I wish to fit a continuous diamond blade but can not find with 9.5mm (3/8") bore. I can find 15mm bore and was wondering if I turned a reduction ring (15mm~9.5mm) they would fit but obviously the arbor nut needs to retain the blade 👍.

  15. I recently bought this saw and every time that I use it I am more impressed with it's performance than the last time that I used it. It was a bit pricey BUT worth every penny that I paid for it. would buy it again in a heartbeat.

  16. It’s very heavy and just barely cut a 2×4

  17. says there is a follow up video but said it was private and wouldn't play. I clicked the link, am I doing something wrong?

  18. Nice saw, but I hate the fact that its a left handed version. It just doesn't feel right. The sight lines are weird and when you need to life the guard slightly to clear an obstruction, it doesn't feel right. I would not have bought it if I realized how awkward it can be.

  19. I love you called the dewalt saw a skilsaw Good review
    I like this saw as a trim base saw.. put a masonry blade on a trimmed some tile 👍

  20. This little saw is a nice addition. I purchased from amazon for 95.00, used it friday at work to pad out a mounting location for my electrical panel in a pole barn building.. I cant wait to use it on cutting plywood, either for a job or my speaker box

  21. Them Britches have had enough, Steamy Ray Vaughn

  22. Great for remodeling when you need to make patches in sheeting instead of having to use a heavy circ saw or long cuts with an oscillating tool.

  23. Could I use this on wood siding for replacement windows?

  24. Gr8 tool -bigest disadvantage is dosnt have light

  25. Perhaps you couldn't stall the dewalt tool, but you pushed hard enough to stall the camera – it weren't able to record the sound of cutting! Impressive!

  26. Great, but what about thru treated 2 by? Heard it bogs down big time.

  27. Is there a track guide you can buy to go with this? I am just looking for something light to cut Eucoboard/tempered hardboard for painting panels, but I need a guide for accuracy. I am not confident of my ability to cut a nice straight line.

  28. The unit preforms much better with a higher quality of blade.

  29. You were able to stall the microphone audio capture 😀

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