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‘Diamond-age’ of power generation as nuclear batteries developed

University of Bristol
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New technology has been developed that uses nuclear waste to generate electricity in a nuclear-powered battery. A team of physicists and chemists from the University of Bristol have grown a man-made diamond that, when placed in a radioactive field, is able to generate a small electrical current. The development could solve some of the problems of nuclear waste, clean electricity generation and battery life.

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  1. I literally came up with this process as well when I heard that diamonds generate electricity when exposed to a radioactive field!

  2. 15 Joules per 24hr , gives output of 0.0001736 Watts for 24hr ….you will need a lots of this diamonds mate to make a proper baterry – a lot

  3. 1 gram of carbon-14 gives 15 Joules per day, which is approximately 174 µWatts/day, which won't power even the most energy efficient devices. Nice idea in theory, but not practical in reality until we develop better ultra-low power devices/components and/or increase the mass of the carbon-14.

  4. Excelente manejo del grafito carbon-14 de nocivo a implementacion productiva

  5. It would definitely be nice to be able to track your pets by implanting GPS things in their chips. In fact the battery sounds like it would be able to power fancier implants in general

  6. yassss weve been using these old concept batteries for sooo long know. we definitely need something new and better.

  7. wow …. these azzholes knew 60 years ago that this. They didn't build nuclear plants for power generation. but instead needed the nuclear "waste" to fuel man made electric diamonds for space vehicles.

  8. awesome idea but what now? where can i buy them? are there useble allready? are there people still working on this?

  9. Why do they keep calling it a battery when this is clearly a generator 😉

  10. Nuclear diamond battery powered submarines and ships that would never need refeuling and have far simpler safety requirements.

  11. You want to produce steam.. anbd the best way you can do that is gonna be the nuke?? u need funding for education man. dont you have deserts?

  12. Well the military could make use of this limitless source of power, imagine a conventional submarine (SSK) powered by Diamond Batteries in place of diesel engine! that cost 1/4 the price of a current SSN and many more to come military applications!

  13. いいね!この研究を日本でしてみたい!

  14. Off the top of my head carbon nanotube lattice matrix or bucky ball configuration metallic lead sponge separators and another ionic material

  15. Fantastic! Cars, homes, etc. No more LITHIUM!

  16. What voltage can be obtained using this method?

  17. Total impractical BS. Debunked by Thunderf00t

  18. Thanks YouTube for recommending this video.. but Thunderfo0t has already debunked this BS.

  19. EEVBLOG debunked wild claims made over a sensor from the same University EEVblog #971 – Zero Standby Power TV – BUSTED!

  20. We're just going to not address the part that bananas are radioactive? That explains King Kong…

  21. I want it for my remote in Double AA or Triple AAA sizes

  22. So it is finally happening; the energy crystals from Crash Bandicoot are finally making it into reality. Now I finally have something to power my evil mutagenic zap ray.

  23. This tech, the Christmas machine, and robot workers would change everything. It would quickly become an abundance society worldwide ending poverty.

  24. Has it been tried with compressed glassy carbon instead of diamonds?

  25. Use it for Mobile, cell phones, car batteries….

  26. Now it is viral names 28000years diamond battery

  27. Not only have we found a new use for radioactive waste but we've also found a new way to revive the banana for scale meme. Woot!

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  29. More labratory facts please, the video is interesting, but questions like how much pover can a small battery creat ?? I think very little, but maby enough for a chip in an electronic part ??

  30. HAHAHAHA ….. fact checked ? Nah … Kickstarter style BS ? Yup…

  31. If all process is taking place inside hardest diamond then how would we use it ?

  32. Could small nuclear batteries continually charge larger banks of less costly batteries that were used to intermittingly power homes

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