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Diamond batteries

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  1. It's just ice they are spraying it with water so you can't tell it's melting on the concrete.

  2. The back end of that geode, you know the end that never faces the camera and has a suspicious flat spot on it, and without seeing it, I'd bet a years wage that it also has an hole in it. Yeah, that end would make a great spot to push a fake item into and you could then pretend to excavate it from the other end and it would almost make some people believe that the item of originally in the geode. Almost.

  3. What about those diamond batteries using nuclear isotopes? I wonder if they'll ever be commercially viable

  4. Wow…. What a creativity😑One is breaking that thing which they made themselves……. Then other man in peeing on that thing while breaking 😂

  5. Ok so how do you fake something like this?

  6. Those geodes are a type of ligament from giant beings, no items would be in there

  7. Feels like a moment out of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.

  8. I don’t understand y ppl make trash like this. Your not going to get anywhere by making garbage, fake content.

    You can even see where the cut was done, the video never shows the two actually splitting. And you try to cover it up with an awkward zoom.

    Get a life lol

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