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Diamond Energy: A New Take on Nuclear Energy with Professor Tom Scott

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Professor Tom Scott explains how a team of researchers at the University of Bristol hope to recycle radioactive material directly from former nuclear power plants to generate ultra-long-lasting power sources.

Bath University 2019 seminar.


  1. For electronics running at very low power in the 10s or 100s of micro Watts, this is awesome battery technology. As the power density is 1000s of times less than Li-Ion batteries they just won’t have any chance for EVs, laptops, phones and other consumer devices.

  2. If the manufacturing and engineering challenges can be overcome this technology will change the world. I'm astonished there isn't more attention being paid to this.

  3. Great talk. I believe that there's a mistake on the slide @38:47 : to have have power in the order of 10 micro Watts, we are talking micro Amps, not milli Amps at 2.1 V. Also, 15 J/day per 1 gram => 1,500 J/day for 100 g => ~17 mW for a 100g battery. Unless I'm missing something, that's not really comparable with a mobile phone battery. Granted, it lasts thousands of years and it could be used to constantly charging a mobile phone, but not directly.

  4. This is straight from Sci-fy like a Z.P.M module from the Stargate series!

  5. Captain! We doont ave any more lithium crystals!

  6. Very very interesting. Many applications for this type of battery. The possibilities are endless.

  7. Who is that flat earth beliver that dislike this video..??!!

  8. @ 2:13 diamonds are the BIGGEST racket in the world ! TRUE – soooo TRUE !!

  9. gamma-voltaic @ 21:00 is really what you are driving at – you should call the video that – makes a lot of sense ! – the issue is power density and also gamma isolation. If you are just using it for the radioactive waste in the ground, no problem. Just not a widely distributed system as you mentioned in 20:15

  10. 10uW of power is basically powering a sensor, but you probably could get more energy from a small solar cell @ 39:10

  11. I recommend that you spend more time in making an underground gamma band gap reactor CONTAINER and electrical power distribution system that can extract electrical energy while have the environmental and safety issues under control. The production process and involvement of dealing with radioactive material is a big non-trivial issue. Overall i like the research, but i don't the like path you are going. The energy output for risks and the costs are not worth it, especially when there is SO much more electrical power that can be extracted from the nuclear waste.

  12. Since I first understood how nuclear energy was used when I was a teenager, I've been absolutely appalled how the only way we've figured out to harvest nuclear was to BOIL WATER. Say it again now, it's just flabbergasting how BOILING WATER is the way we're producing power from the forces that run STARS. It's about damn time we start harvesting the actual radiation and not just the heat produced from the damn thing, seriously. BOILING WATER, for frak's sake. I just can't. I can't.

  13. Let's put solar panels on every home, business and covered parking rooftop and switch to electric vehicles making nearly everything we do solar powered while completely decentralizing our power supply and empowering everyone as power generation owners.

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    A 3-5 year ROI (return on investment) for a solar array that will generate power for decades is a no-brainer and the panels can even be made locally too.

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