Digital Atomic Wall Clock Setup Instructions -

Digital Atomic Wall Clock Setup Instructions

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In this video, we’ll walk you through the setup and function of your Digital Atomic Wall Clock. Though focused on our 513-1419, 513-1419BL, 513-1419-WA, 513-1419BL-WA, C86279, and C86286 models, the instructions found here should be pretty similar on many of our other digital units. Feel free to leave comments with your questions or suggestions on how we can better serve you.

Use the clickable links below to jump directly to that portion of the video:

0:00 – Intro

0:28 – Model Number Explanation

1:48 – Step 1) Power Up the Clock

2:24 – Step 2) Configure Basic Settings

6:10 – How the Atomic Time Feature Works

6:59 – How to Manually Search for the Atomic Time Signal

7:22 – Step 3) Customize Your Clock’s Display

8:15 – How To Connect With Us

For more info or to order your own visit:

513-1419BL (Silver with Backlight):

513-1419BL-WA (Wood with Backlight):

513-1419 (Silver without Backlight):

513-1419-WA (Wood without Backlight):

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  1. I bought the wood colored one I am very pleased with it.

  2. These clocks WILL NOT work if not facing east or west . Instructions should have made that clear in red writing but did not. Was ready to trash it and realized this. Hope this will help.

  3. I have had my clock for a few years and I have to come back to the directions every time my battery's go dead bc it has been probably a year since I put the last battery's in so I forget how it was done. Love my clock the temperature is very helpful to judge the air and heat for the living room

  4. No mode or set button? Press and hold the F/C button for 3 secs to enter settings mode.

  5. Hello you forgot how to change to show me how to switch it Pm-Am can you help me by replying

  6. Which machine learning feature can be added on Atomic clock ??

  7. I just purchased a atomic digital wall. Clock model w79752


  9. I have a La Crosse Atomic clock and the button for the Eastern time zone is inoperative. The clock has never been abused and is now a useless piece of crap. I don't know why your company uses low quality Chinese movements. Junk!

  10. My model 513-1918B will not turn on at all, even with new batteries.

  11. I have tried and tried and I cannot get my atomic clock to work properly… I am in Arizona and suppose it is the PST(Pacitic Standard Time) and my clock 4919v4

  12. My clock will not allow me to change the day of the week. Changing the month changes the day. Today is Monday but clock says Friday. It started after a power failure.Is there any way to solve that problem?

  13. Do these work in countries other than The US? I travel a lot (ie to South Korea).

  14. Our LA CROSSE clock didn't change it time when time changed what do we do?

  15. One of these clock with-ought a back light is WORTHLESS!!

  16. Please tell me how to shit off this damn alarm!

  17. For some reason the temperature won’t work………………….. please help.

  18. Model 513-1419BL – can't get the back light to stay on. Your thoughts – pls/thx

  19. Thanks for the quick response, it helped.
    The wall switch for that plug had been inadvertently been turned off.
    Clock and light working great, again.
    Appreciate your assistance.

  20. This is mission impossible for me to setup, it’s going back, I setup clock but weather features won’t work

  21. new LaCrosse atomic clock C86279v4 squeaks loudly with every minute change? Can you help?

  22. La Crosse 513-1419BL is the perfect clock! I especially like the top display mode showing the day of the week. It was quite easy to set up even before watching this very informative video. I also like the "free standing" option as I have it on a night stand and can immediately see what day it is when I awaken. Gloria in your Customer Support was very helpful with my additional questions. Thank you La Crosse Technology!

  23. I have a clock like this but when it sets to my time zone the time is correct but a little bit later it jumps an hour ahead. Do you know what's happening?

  24. I have what's called model BBB86095 (would seem to be 513-1419) There's NO mode button on or any buttons on top. There are set, +,-, alarm and snooze buttons on back. So….exactly HOW do I go about setting time and other functions on this thing ? your website and manual are not helpful. Seems to me having clearly defined instructions and how to operate the device would be a priority. Hopefully you can provide proper guidance on how to solve what would be a basic question.

  25. I have a model W86531 clock, but I cannot find instructions to set it up.

    Please assist.

    GO E

  26. I have my clock set up the way I want it. But in the middle of the night it switches to 24 hour time. Done this 3 times. I cannot find anything to tell me what to do. Its irritating. The instructor TALKS WAY TO FAST!!! HE SHOULD SLOW DOWN! IT IS VERY HARD TO FOLLOW HIM. Please email at to tell me how to solves this problem, or I will have to return it.

  27. You never showed how to keep the backlit display on

  28. Automatic time gives me EST. I live in the west coast . How do I get Pacific time?

  29. I bought this clock for an elderly friend that was having trouble remembering the day of the week or the date. There is no way he will be able to set this up. I thought the point was that it was an "atomic clock" and would set everything up automatically. I'm pretty disappointed. And the one I ordered did have a power cord…but STILL requires 2 batteries? Why?

  30. Once The Time Change these Clock Brand become not just a Pain in The Azz but Garbage, Why so F*ckin Difficult?
    I wasted My Money Twice!🥴😕

  31. Are you the official LA CROSSE Channel? If you truly are – and you are monetizing your Youtube Channel this way, it is beyond greed and it says a lot about your company's corporate responsibility.

    I changed my mind – No to your products.

  32. Why set the time and date in steps 7 through 11 if it is an atomic clock that is supposed to update automatically?

  33. How can the back light be set to be on all the time?

  34. I have this clock; I'll give it a 8/10 my only problem is I want it on Mode 3 but, when it's on mode 3, 15 seconds later it will go to Mode 2, then I'll set it to Mode 2, then it will change to Mode 1. Can you help me?
    Model | 513-1419BL-WA

  35. I never set the alarm because I have 2 other alarm clocks. Why did it start alarming at midnight. I tried everything to deactivate alarm, please help!

  36. The Atomic Digital Clock it can set to Daylight Savings On or Off

  37. This 5VDC powered/2x AA batteries is the best for seniors checking the time at night. At medium brightness is just right for this 78 yearold.

  38. How do I make it so the light is on all the time

  39. Thank you. I was able to adjust my Mom’s clock to the daylight saving time thanks to your video!🙂

  40. Why did my clock (Model # WT8005) switch to Mountain time which is 2 hours behind EST. I went through the cycle of changing it back, but it didn't give me the zone option.

  41. I just bought the model 513-1419BL v4 I bought this thinking that I could see the face at night when all lights are off. Can I still d that? How?

  42. Are there any atomic clocks that simply check in with wi-fi or bluetooth or something the same way your phone and PC does? That would be far more efficient than waiting hours or days for it to sync with a spotty signal.

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