DIY Nuclear Battery! -

DIY Nuclear Battery!

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Building a DIY nuclear battery using a solar cell and tritium
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  1. This seems more like a device that uses the flow in the dark properties to produce electricity versus the radioactive discharge

  2. Ok so the halftime is about 12 years.After 12years you get around 0.5Volts.But how much was the peakpower?

  3. Please give links where to get the tritium from! Thanks!

  4. Yes it works .But there is a simpler solution . Patent US20140252920A1 .

  5. Another misleading video. Keep laying to get more views.

  6. The next time make it like the same size,but make it so it produces 3 volts,i have an idea,what if you add enother solar cell to the opposite side,please scale the project

  7. RIP him bro. He dead the second he touched the battery

  8. nah he good, you would need a lot more triduum to sustain any major damage

  9. Tritium doesn’t actually glow instead it fires electrons that hit phosphorus thus creating light.

    Also i am not sure if it has good current or not…

  10. I don’t care so much the voltage coming out as I care the power being available. In this case you are talking micro Watts and that’s why it’s quite useless even if you scale it up unless you get into millions of them, which will cost you a fortune and make it a true radiation hazard besides taking up the entire space of a house.

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