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Today we go over some specifications and tell you not to buy DeWALT Tools newest atomic 20V Max compact impact driver! How compact is it and is it worth the money? Lets find out what is really going on here.


  1. Did they address these issues with the new 840?

  2. You cant beat a Milwaukee, even its customer service is fab. I would never touch Ingersoll Rand, such arrogance!

  3. Well this is old and I have the 2021 model of the brushless and it has a light on it I don't care for the light though I'll soon find out how well it'll do on large nuts if the cheap hex bit doesn't break in the drill

    I've broke hex tool bits many other times by hand turning them so I know they will break at times.

    i could really use the one I have now but need to buy the socket bits for it

    The other not so great thing about the dewalt tool is you cant just put any bit in it and clip it in it only takes hex so you have a round drill bit end it wont clip into it but that's were my other drill is better cause it'll take any bits and any drill bits

  4. I do use my 2 speed brushless wireless drill for all my wood working projects the low speed is what works the best it's not a dewalt brand

  5. I got the e dcf787 with the flashlight, orbital sander, oscillating tool and drill for $243 out the door at my local lowes.

  6. No WONDER….. you are a PRO MILWAUKEE!!!

  7. I've seen more DIYERS with milwaukee. Every job site I went to it was dewalt n makita

  8. I've had 3 impacts 887, maybe over the last 6 or 7 years. Yes then have been dropped from height and still worked. But with all of them I've have to open up and re-solder the terminals at the battery. But now all 3 are dead. Just keep for spare parts now. 4th is on its way.

  9. Stick with Milwaukee M18 Nothing But Heavy Duty 💪

  10. Thanks for this review. I heard about the Atomic thing before, but not much. I just bought (yesterday, May the 27) a 787 kit for the reduced price of 170 Canadian $. I think it works just fine. It gives me even more satisfaction than the Makita18v DTD152 impact driver. I think this review will be very useful for many DUYers and other to help them make the proper choice. Farewell!

  11. Damn, I wish I would've seen this earlier. I was using 809 and it would stop for a simple screw. So I looked for for adjustments and couldn't find one. ??? My chief engineer bought me a milwaukee one a couple years ago and it has adjustments……….. Anyways, at least I know I'm not going crazy.

  12. i dropped mine on my fishing boat and made a whole, sinking the boat. That was 2018. Today he still on the bottom of the lake, now he works for the catfish electric company.

  13. I recently purchased atomic 1/2 impact wrench and dcf850 , both broke so soon. The dcf850 broke on day 1. Is the DCF787 still the best option? This video and analysis was from a while back. Just wanted to know if anything better came out yet. I appreciate the work you guys put in I'm just going to search for 787's online and buy that one if you say so..

  14. what you are saying is all a lie, I do not deny that some tools, of all brands, may have faults, but dewalt less than any other. For years, as a professional, I have used almost all the well-known brands and by far I prefer Dewalt. I'm sorry but this video is a fake movie you earn money for speaking ill of dewalt and the professionals who use this brand know it

  15. Lol thee atomic isnt for building full houses everyday. But for a homeowner and they're repair needs ,these atomics are great. I've had mine for 4 years and no problems.

  16. The atomic series was advertised as if It could replace the 20 volt and it can't. The impact heats up beyond touching just putting self tappers in

  17. Just fing review the tool and tell us why you should purchase the tool, all this BS 887 787 etc etc etc ….just get to the fing point !

  18. Mine sucks the dewalt brushless impact is already done

  19. Sounds like someone's Burt hurt and trying to make a profit, didn't even watch the video. SIMP

  20. Everyone it's simple.. If you are a serious about your tools.. Just buy ryobi… We all know it's the best thing, why watch these videos. My wife even likes ryobi she uses it to clean the shower and make dinner with..
    Cant go wrong Lmao

  21. This dude has a liar face if I ve ever seen one. I can tell when someone s lying and this guy is lying out his ass about the DeWalt

  22. Bought an atomic went out after the second use a year later. No more than an hour usage all together,,,, Pc of crap!

  23. i’ve used the 807 in home building and it did just fine used it for two years and no problems

  24. Билан теперь в штатах подрабатывает😀

  25. stop telling lies and tell us who pays you to speak ill of dewalt. Me and every builder and woodworker I know have used dewalt for years and it's awesome.

  26. Well to start with the 809 is a 20V mashine so it can't compete against the 12V mashines. Total gimmick.

  27. As i have 18V XR Impart driver DCF887 so can i operate on 20v XR DCB 1.5 or higher Battery, if not what is the reason b/c 20v max is actually 18v(90% of 20v max.)
    Need your advise in this regards, Salim

  28. I've had one for year.years.. among other Dewalt tools.. never had a problem

  29. Can you drill in masonry with an impact driver?

  30. I just bought my 1st DeWalt DCF885 for $25 charger and it also came with a 2ah battery. But this Christmas I got a DCF809 should I return the 809 and get something better? Or keep it??

  31. I've had my 887 for a few years and it started having electronic problems after only a few months. I just put up with it until recently when I replaced it with the 809.
    The trigger on the 809 feels a million times better than the 887. It's much smoother and way easier to control the speed. I haven't noticed much of a power difference but I also don't drive big screws very often.
    I got my 809 on sale for $70 so for that price I think it's pretty good. It fits my needs

  32. i have a dewalt atomic and i use it with the powerstack compact.i replaced a milwaukee m12 fuel with it and honestly ive been happy with it. it gets used mostly for screws occasionally i put a wire wheel on it for cleaning hubs. in my use case the power isnt super noticeable because ive had things that neither tool would remove so im not sure which is actually stronger. the milwaukee used the 4ah 12v packs the dewalt uses the 20v powerstack. the dewalt is a little taller but size isnt meaningfully different and run time is good for both, again they are used sparingly in automotive and most of what they are being used for is very light work. so far dewalt atomic is holding up well in a shop environment and im not easy on my tools

  33. They should’ve put torque settings on the 20 V impact driver.

  34. I'm confused about the 18v while its carrying a 20v battery

  35. It's reliable and I cared more about the price than how long it was or how heavy it was. I care about price, power, reliability.

  36. Hey Vince…Buy the "RED" right? You're really turning into a joke

  37. This dudes the biggest loser that talks about tools on youtube

  38. What is the point of the whole video? Apart from the fact that the creator will probably be an idiot and doesn't understand technology? I'm certainly not defending Dewalt, but this is a completely pointless video.

  39. This reminds me of the old Delta Machinery company. We used to joke that they were starting the “Miter Saw of the Month Club” when they kept pumping out new designs that didn’t catch on. I forget who they were chasing:probably Makita or Hitachi.

  40. time will tell. put in a real world. put it to work on the job . you find out it weak points. and strong points.

  41. The original atomic line was really a miss compared to their newer offerings. I feel like it was an experiment that they couldn't afford to scratch.

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