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DON’T BUY THIS NEW DeWALT 20V MAX XR Power Detect CORDLESS GRINDER! In this video we show the #verycoolgang why you don’t want to buy this new DeWALT 20V MAX XR Power Detect Grinder or NOT!! This new cordless grinder from DeWALT tools is amazing and has made us believers in cordless grinders on the jobsite! Let us know your thoughts on this new DeWALT 20V MAX XR Power Detect grinder in the comments section below.


  1. Im working in a mine, and in the end of the adit… no electricity for hundred of meter…

  2. Just bought it, my old cord one said good super happy with it. Been using the 5amp bat, for my DIY stuff around the house..its perfect!

  3. Home Hardware, Online Buy the Battery and Charger you get this tool free. Tool only is about $130 here in canada. 🙂 Who needs the Kit, we all have batteries lol

  4. I've had my eye on this particular grinder for a few weeks. I was scared when I saw the thumbnail, since I thought I had missed something in my homework. (Thanks for the heart attack! Lol) My husband is getting this and some different discs and blades for my birthday. It should be fine, since I'm just using it for little house projects and other hobbies. Once I level up to "Bob Villa" status, I may upgrade… depending on if my feelings about the quality changes.

    Some women get excited for jewelry. Some get excited for clothes or accessories. I get tickled over good quality power tools. They don't call me Tawanda (Fried Green Tomatoes reference) for nothin!

  5. I just bought one last 10 minutes that’s it it’s going back tomorrow

  6. What is the most current model number for this angle grinder in 2022?

  7. To answer your question, underground coal mining. Everything has to be electric or diesel and approved by MSHA so no small generators. Extension cords that are long trip breakers, sometimes there is just no outlet.. we live on the big boy cordless grinders when it comes to doing welding and fabrication down there.

  8. i am putting a PVE panels on my roofs and i need to grind the roof tiles to fit the hooks on, i appreciate cordless grinder more for this job. all other jobs you are fine with the cord

  9. I install solar panels on houses roofs and i work all day up there. Cordless tools are much easier to use. So answering the question what job you need to have to use a cordless angle grinder, solar panels intalling could be one of them. All do respect sir, i watch your videos about dewalt and became a fan of dewalt;)

  10. I need advice please…What diamond blade would I need to buy to level root damaged garage slab?

  11. Skip the 20v and get the Flexvolt. I have both and like you say it's almost impossible to stall the power detect, but the Flexvolt is ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO SLOW DOWN! The power detect is 1300 watts, just over 1.5 Horsepower, the new Flexvolt is 2300w, or 3HP, almost double the power and you feel it too! the much faster cutting speed also means you get more cuts per charge believe it or not. plus you get a much better grip, and a trigger is sooo much better than a paddle switch. I didn't think the guard adjustment system could be any better but they even improved that!
    The only drawback: you need a more expensive battery, but since that battery is cross-compatible with all the 20v tools who cares!

  12. Sharpen blades on a sod tractor out in a field

  13. I’m a welder/millwright having a battery powered grinder is a godsend when you are 40+ feet up in the air straddling I beams. It used to be such a pain in the ass to run a cord to the lift and have 60+ feet of cord being dragged behind you when you work. The safety factor is a big part of that too. No cord for anyone to run into or get caught on. Iv had one to many occurrences of a grinder being ripped out of my hands after someone runs it over with a lift. All and all this is a great tool for those who really need it. If you are a shop worker and have access to outlets then stick with the corded. It will save you time and money. If you have no power source then you can’t go wrong with it.

  14. Say what you want, being in the field I keep this in my tool box, use it all the time.

  15. I use my cordless Dewalt 5" grinder all the time I also use my Dewalt corded grinder all the time. If you don't use the cordless grinder you don't ever leave your home, this Video is STUPID.

  16. Uhh, would you rather lug around a generator or a rubiks cube size battery?

  17. lol… right now I'm doing tile punch out. this tool works great for it. most of the time when we put in window sill and there is NO power. this tool works great for it too.

  18. I owned a Hilti cordless for years and it was the cat's ass. I'll buy a Dewalt now. With today's battery life it's silly not to unless you're doing production work. I'm working off grid so it's a no-brainer. Seems kind of shitty to say don't buy it cuz I don't think you need it ffs.

  19. Fabricator here. I contend with a mig lead and a ground cable all day. I have a two grinder set up too. 2 30ft extensions. One with a Blending wheel, and number two with a cut off disk. The draw is one or two less cables to fuck with. Would probably only use it to clean fittings, or finish work.

  20. Which dewalt charger will charge ANY Dewalt battery in under an hour? Certainly not the one in that video you referenced.

  21. On the junkyard i often go, they don't let anyone to use the power. Even if they did, what can i do if the junk i want to cut is 100 meters away? Extension cord? Generator? Forget about it. So yes, there are definitely a place for the cordless.

  22. I'm a bricklayer. I use my battery grinder for griding out pointing jobs.
    Cable can be a bastard when up a ladder.

    Thats why I use one with a battery

  23. I absolutely hate fighting with cords, and I already have a ton of Dewalt batteries, so, as long as the tool can do the job, I'm going cordless.

  24. I just purchased the Dewalt DGG416 FLEXVOLT Advantage which uses the new Flexvolt Dewalt 20v/60v battery. I must say that I like this tool.

  25. So what's with the negative title? Clickbait?
    You won't be getting my like and subscription!

  26. I know I am late to this video. You said why do you need a cordless grinder. In the UK I am a agricultural/equine fencing contractor the convenience no cords is worth to me every penny. Its more quiet as the grinder don't need a engine running in the middle of a equine paddock makes happier horses. Also with price fuel and service cost's of a generator and getting a pack test over 6 mouths we would if Brought that grinder

    Also if its bad weather we not draing cords all though the crap and soil. when rapping leeds we keeps hands cleaner and makes or a cleaner finish as it's all about reputation also safer for my guys working in the rain no electric shocks. Also love how quickly the grinder turns off again safe.

  27. We have serious electricity blackout issues here in Zimbabwe.

  28. Apparently you don't look at tool shoot outs out of 17 grinders this grinder came out on top for run time and power dewalt has the best griders hands down. Has the best circular saw as well

  29. Cordless is better for quick repairs, as a maintenance person at my job every minute of downtime costs 60$ so running an extension cord is a massive waste versus getting the job done, cordless wont replace corded in the shop but it definitely has its place.

  30. You’re a complete idiot for diverting the general public away from this engineered product Mr.Controversal click bait 🥴🥴🥴

  31. I always imagined that only thieves needing to cut padlocks and chains actually need a cordless grinder….and they probably steal 'em…. I'll stay with my $20 Harbor Freight grinder(corded)…not wasting money on some ridiculous cordless one that'll run for 15 seconds, just for the convenience of not having to bring the mower blades or bush-hog to the house.

  32. well i was looking to buy one like the ones ive used at work, cheapish probably brushed grinders and they work decent enough, for mechanics we dont need much more and get a corded one for when i need it, but seeing these and the even better flex volts i think i may just buy one really good one and forget corded, i find the cord dangerous and cumbersome anyway. i agree, im pretty young, 28, and even i didnt think a battery grinder would replace a corded for a good few years, it appears its already come tho unless you are doing nothing but grinding all day, most jobs, having one charging and one being used this will last all day, with 3 batterys you could get pretty heavy use.

  33. I love this grinder. Grinding out mortar joints for chimney flashing, it's been the best

  34. 4real, I exclusively use cordless tools…

  35. You sure u know how to use that grinder? Prob not the safest to put your fingers right on the metal next to a spinning blade. I see ur trying to stabilize the grinder but it's not worth losing fingers doing that

  36. Trust me man I definiatly need it for my kind of field jobs

  37. I use this grinder for grinding woods and it fits ok

  38. A commercial roof is where i need one. Not many outlets on the middle of a big roof

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