Don’t hesi pull up, run 🏃 🚨 🔥 🔥 -

Don’t hesi pull up, run 🏃 🚨 🔥 🔥

Joe the tool guy
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@Philly Fixed

Dewalt set

M12 inflator

Tuesday drop with hacks and DT6 Drama! 🚨🔥


  1. ship to home it switches price. hopefully ship to store works.

  2. I just changed to other local store p/u and price dropped

  3. I'm not sure if I should jump on this🤔 Give me a little motivation …what do you'll think.- P.S First time commenting

  4. The batteries alone are worth it. Already have the 850.. sooo swap in new std. 2Ah batteries that I have and it'll make a great eBay combo! 😉👍

  5. I don't think its a glitch. Maybe the 5 amp powerstacks are coming out in a few weeks. Their trying to dump these before then

  6. Well, missed another one. They changed the delivery price to $79.99 and I'm pretty sure they figured it out.

  7. I don’t have any tools and was eyeing up the dewalt xr stuff but this deal has got me thinking? Is the 850 that good? Getting into doing house flipping. Haven’t seen crazy needs out of an impact although we’re gonna build a little deck on the next project. I’ve heard it overheats really fast any insight? Trying to get quality but save a little as this is a heck of a deal it sounds like

  8. Thanks a Joe I was able to get one. 👍🏽🙏🏽

  9. Adventures in Colombia, South America says:

    No issues shipping to home here in PA. Price doesn't change.

  10. Adventures in Colombia, South America says:

    This is why you never buy new edition tools when they first come out. Full price is for suckers. Wait a few months and you see huge price drops. Like now!

  11. Holy hell thanks for the heads up. I could definitely use 2 power stacks for my 923 and 921on the job site

  12. Worked for ship to store #6168, Batavia NY. May have to unsubscribe, I'm spending way too much watching your channel.

  13. Just ordered plus got 10% military discount

  14. This was a tough one to get to work. Price kept changing on me after I selected payment method. Finically found a combo that worked. Thanks Joe!!

  15. Its coming up 229 at my store. What store number

  16. I don't need another 850 but what the heck , Just ordered one , worked for me, Gracias Joe👍👍👍

  17. The ship to home price was not working for me because the stores in my area were not yet discounted. You can find the $139 price by looking at other stores nearby or by shipping to an home address that is in the zip code of the store that has the discounted price.

  18. Just order the dewalt. 68 out the door thanks to pro Xtra rewards. Usually I'm Milwaukee fan myself but I figured I'd give it a try since the price is right

  19. Thanks Joe, shipped to home 131.98 with mil discount.

  20. Add the product from all the stores around your house and find out which one has the combo at 139. So far, I found 6 of 15 of the home Depots

  21. I’m glad I waited to get the 850 now I’m getting it at a steal of a price… thanks Joe…

  22. This is a great deal. Order placed, $151 and change delivered to my house.

    Thanks Joe!

  23. Link for the DeWalt set is showing me 1.7ah batteries, is that right?

  24. This is bonkers fam – just scored 3 ship to home.

    @joethetoolguy I gotta say I’m really bummed about the deal team six situation. I know you said on the other video it was gonna be invite only – does that mean everyone was purged lol? I just went to post a deal in store and cannot find it anywhere – smile on me fam! I brought nothing but goodness. Regardless always appreciate you!

  25. I placed 2 orders about 2 hours ago but home depot are canceling the ordering saying its no longer available

  26. This deal is worth the batteries alone!!! I got it back when it first came out at $229. The hammer drill is ok. Plastic chuck sucks. Small impact is not bad

  27. Store 1957 worked for me ship to home killer deal thanks

  28. Thanks again Joe, 2 on the way, ordered from 2 different store both ship to home. What a great deal. I would never have found this without your link.

  29. Can't get any store to show $139. Not on the app or website. Must have missed this one.

  30. Hold on, how do you get the powerstack combo for $139?! I tried it at my store and it said $239. HELP!

  31. The DeWalt deal doesn't work in my area because the price is coming up at 239$ and won't come down. Must be a regional deal in only certain areas. The prices in Montana area always marked up 30% over whatever it says online. I even complained to the manager about why they are putting new higher price stickers over all the cardboard displays here with some Milwaukee stuff 100$ higher than advertised.

  32. Couldn't get it to show that price. Thank though

  33. Didn’t you say the other day to stay away from atomic ??

  34. In Bel Air MD the cost for the DeWalt combo was $239.00. OUCH!

  35. I thought you restored Deal Team Six in your previous video. I’m not seeing it on FB.

  36. Thanks, I was able to score this one for a steal!

  37. I got the glitch deal on the dewalt thank you 🙏 feels good to pay less lol

  38. Great video. That Dewalt set is a great deal. 2 of the powerstack batteries and even though the atomic stuff isn't the best it's still a great deal!!

  39. Just picked mine up from Home Depot! Thanks Joe!

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