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Dr. Michael Clarage on Levels, Principles and Meaning in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

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Karen’s guest is Dr Michael Clarage who gained his PhD in physics from Brandeis University, studying the biological and statistical behavior of proteins. We discuss the nature of light, the levels of reality, the triples of physics and the electric universe.

Links follow the notes:
The path of the photon
Complete 3-D maps
Particles and their trajectories
The line of time according to Newtonian Physics
Principle v. Imposition of Rules
Electric discharge
Herschel filaments
Galactic medium
Energy can be conveyed electrically
As opposed to the paradigm that life is ONLY chemistry
The principle of circulation
The principle of community

Article by Michael Clarage:

Michael Levin on bioelectric signaling in cells:
Introductory video of Michael Levin:
Dr. Levin’s work on limb regeneration:
The Levin Lab at Tufts U: …

Dr. Eric Smith’s talk on Earth’s Battery:
Dr. Eric Smith on New Theories on the Origin of Life
17:20 to 21:00

Earth’s Battery discussion on Karen’s channel:


  1. Electrolytes, yep. All of that and much much more. Matter. All matter. All matter on the periodic table is a delicate dance of charged particles, which produces a nett charge by default. All charge wants to discharge. This is why a charged hydrogen atom will naturally move from it's environment of charge to an environment of lower charge. Like a river that runs to the sea, all charged particles in space flow from an environment of higher to lower nett charge. This is how galactic currents are created, and when this river of charged particles becomes focused on an area of negative charge, they will discharge to it, causing ignition. This is how the electric sun is powered; by this river of charged matter. It's powered by virtue of the fact there is matter and there is space.

  2. CLIMATE CLIMATE CLIMATE - Ken Dickman says:

    Thank you Michael for your words of wisdom!

  3. 47:36 Left and right do cooperate in the sense of colluding. It's Pro Wrestling- totally staged enemies. Only donors and activists have no clue who is leading them.

  4. The Elements of Principles. I understand it this way: at every point in space and at every moment in time there is a force expanding in all directions at the speed of light that moves every object, including your neurons forming your thoughts. A 4D hypersphere interacting with our 3D world. This is the sheet of paper that your time line is drawn upon. This is the beginning, middle, and end, eons nested within eons. This expanding force we are connected to, even though it moves all objects like the power for a computer game that moves all the game's characters.

  5. At birth, we begin to learn to see. We are creating the rules of construction as to the rules of connecting different sensory signals and patterns. For example, seeing an object is also seeing its meaning. Its meaning is my interactions with the object and this interaction becomes my meaning. The interaction is how my previous skills and learnt rules of behavior create my interaction and meaning of the object.

  6. It seems to me, appearances are always reflections of wider realities. As photons travel at the speed of light they don’t experience time. They exist in eternity. Such a beautifully true doxology. “As it was in the beginning, and now, and always, and in the ages of the ages”. Great conversation as usual Karen. Thank you both!

  7. 3:25
    Might One say then that "Principle" allow for infinite modes of manifestations ?

  8. 35:50:
    Is Harmony the balance between accuracy and expression ?
    Harmony as the Mediator ?

  9. Re: lost meaning of eternity
    "Setting out from eternity, time returns again to the bosom of eternity, wearied by its long journey…Were it possible for time not to divide into quantity or issue into movement, then time would be identical with the eternal."

  10. Stance. 🏹
    Instance of Finite Faith,
    Constance of Eternal Trust
    and Circumstance of Infinite Belief.

  11. Francis Schaeffer describes the beginning of the shift in the late Medieval in his little book, Escape from Reason.

  12. Interesting thoughts on "in saecula saeculorum". That is the Latin phrase that translates Revelation 22.5 eis tous aionas ton aionon, which King James translation renders "for ever and ever". Orthodox liturgy in English says "unto the ages of ages", and the Anglican Prayer Book says "and ever shall be world without end". Very interesting conversation which I shall have to listen to fully later as it's way past my bedtime here!

  13. All my shit, in one video? Fuck yes. This was great. I've heard of the electric universe theory before but hearing Dr. Clarage put it together really blew my mind. Really enjoyed the rapport between y'all, it was truly flowing at the end there, no pun intended. 😂

    But yea, this was awesome. I loved so many aspects of it, but one thing that stood out to me was the idea of levels, really loved the focus on that and just how it all started unfolding was just beautiful. Dialogos. 👌 Thank you both!

  14. As I resume listening, I would remark that the phrase sicut erat in principio actually translates as "as it WAS in the beginning", that is, erat is the imperfect tense. It is the same phrase as in John 1.1 "In principio erat verbum", the Greek "en arche en ho logos" also being the imperfect tense In the beginning WAS the word. I know that principium and arche may also have the sense of principle, but the root idea is surely that of beginning. It is a bit of a stretch to make it say "As it IS in principle", although of course it is true that what was the case in the beginning of creation remains the case today, and always, the Word, the Father and the Holy Ghost being eternal and unchanging, the Creator and , through the Word, the Sustainer/ upholder of all creation.

  15. 28:30 The "awareness that does not fade" is a feature of our memory and conscience which we carry within us through time. As creatures, we are necessarily in time, having a beginning and a progression of moments. Our memory/mind is vast, and all our experiences, thoughts, words and deeds are retained in it. We carry them all to our judgement. The wrong things we have done, and the neglect of things we should have done, are forgiven by God as we confess them with true contrition. That does not involve us losing the memory of them. Rather, the memory is healed as we see the sins and faults as having been forgiven. They remain in our memory, as a check to future erring, and as a reason for gratitude to God for His mercy and healing. It is the person who refuses to repent of wrongdoing who experiences God's holy condemnation of the guilt of persistence in rejection of Him and His call to love and mercy. Besides hell, for the stubbornly impenitent, there is a purgatory of remembering wrongdoing as a means of purifying those who died not yet ready for the perfect beatitude of heaven.

  16. The word for archer comes from the Latin arcarius, from the word for bow, arcus.

  17. Principles are necessary for the practice of mercy, in order to see choice and exercise creativity. Are principles justice?

  18. “The left and right are off their…”.
    Off their rocker, one might say.

  19. Jordan Peterson and Rex Murphy were just talking about the very idea of politicians being together physically, conversing, eating meals together
    As opposed to Zoom in Canada….

  20. In the second canto of Paradiso, Dante is trying to figure out what causes the darker spots on the moon. That is in Paradiso, a musing about the moon and it’s composition and the nature of light. Beatrice tells him to perform an experiment to try to understand what is going on.l

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