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Dr Paul Brown – Resonant Nuclear Battery Demonstration 1987

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In late 1980s, Dr. Paul M. Brown patented a resonant nuclear battery, and successfully demonstrated a 75 watts prototype. It used a 2 millimeters long Strontium-90 needle to produce that much electricity as compared to NASA’s Plutonium based RTGs which produces 0.54 watts per gram.

Apparatus for direct conversion of radioactive decay energy to electrical energy:

Alpha-Beta Voltaic Effect – NuCell Resonant Nuclear Battery:

The Half-Life of a Nuclear Battery – Amazon:

Dr. Brown attempted to communicate with John Searl in the 1980s. He wrote 13 letters to John Searl because Paul Brown said he had built his own SEG unit called the DPU (Demonstration Power Unit) using a strontium90/neodymium alloy.
Here is one letter:


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  2. i just want to know….. can resonant frequency destroy cancer cells by matching the specific frequency of said cells….. ????

  3. I was wondering where you were at. Did YouTube nuke you? Been years since I seen your content on the SEG.

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