Easy way to repair 12v lead acid battery step by step , Awesome project that can help you - ndbatteries.com

Easy way to repair 12v lead acid battery step by step , Awesome project that can help you

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Easy way to repair 12v lead acid battery step by step , Awesome project that can help you save money

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  1. It's not worth it go and buy a new battery, in labour only this battery will cost treble of a new battery, not Rocket science

  2. Not repair… that’s “rebuilt”… different things.

  3. i kind of regret what i did.. so i might get the bodies from under the patio and try to revive them… i am inspired

  4. I was expecting the car headlight bulb to be blindingly bright. It was so dim! The battery was not strong enough to be used like a brand new car/lawnmower battery at all. It wouldn't have started any engine. A complete failure!!!

  5. Not even going to mention the electrolyte used?

  6. omg , i used to assemble and create low volume batteries, "rubber batteries " so called as the case was vulcanised rubber , used in many vintage cars , i cringed at the methods used here , to join plate banks i used "bar " lead not soft solder,(solder is tin, lead ,antimony ,copper and bizimuth )posts were attached directly to the plate banks , this repair would work but not for long before the joints would crack or the wire dissolve , never really understood why the rubber batteries lasted an average of 12 years as opposed to new constructions 4 years , being able to maintain electrolyte levels in the old style was definately one reason tho

  7. See how the cells are puffed up. That means the battery is completely sulphated. That means that the battery is not being charged to the proper voltage to restore the battery. Check out Peter Lindemann's Battery Secrets video for the correct voltage for each cell.

  8. Not giving any vocabulary detail . How can anybody understand this. Using paper is not sufficient and not safe with the sulfuric acid. This video is a useless one.

  9. Its basically what the indiqns do in the street with primitive tools, but using safety gloves and 21st century tehniques

  10. I tried this and the positive plates were all crumbled away.

  11. What is the ratio of sulphuric acid and distilled water u added

  12. Sorry but, what king of wires you put inside? If it is Cu this repair will not work for long time… 🙁

  13. Never do what this person did. Don't connect the positive and negative terminal of the battery with your bare hands. The battery they used is not just "dead", it has been discharged to zero. Nothing left. Even "dead" batteries will instantly heat up to a skin-searing temperature if shorted. Enough to turn the terminals and the wire you are holding orange. Cool video, but 99% of powersport batteries laying around in a garage have enough charge to burn the shit out of you

  14. Most guides just tell you to add destilled water, and it never solves the problem. This probably will, but if you have the option you probably should buy a new battery.

  15. i do like that the title says 'repair' but the man in video proceeded to take the battery apart with a saw and do unrepairable damage to the battery housing.
    thumbs up

    but yea, you can actually do this.. all you need is, a Saw to break the battery housing open, a knife to clean the plates, some paper to separate the plates, acid, a soldering iron(a beefy one), solder, some wire probably 18 or 20 AWG, Epoxy steel to weld the battery housing back together without making a total mess. how much would all this cost just to repair a battery?

  16. Do not do this please🙏🙏🙏🙏
    This guy is contributing to our planet' pollution problem.

  17. decided to buy a new one… thanks anyway

  18. And you think it is worth spending 6+ hours doing this for a 12 $ cheap battery inhaling all this lead fumes???

  19. You probably could have just charged the battery as it were and got the same weak result. That battery was and still is TOAST!

  20. I recommend you to watch this video in 2x speed

  21. I was going to turn off the video once a desulfator or baking soda appeared but when the hacksaw appeared I gave it a chance.

  22. Tissue paper in sulfuric acid 30% by weight, are you serious? Tissue paper, which is typically made from wood pulp, is not resistant to concentrated sulfuric acid solutions. Consider using materials such as PTFE, Teflon, PVDF, Polyethylene, Polypropylene, PEEK, ECTFE, and PFA

  23. Now you know why it failed ..no water .!!or acid…

  24. low profile person with big brain... says:

    the battery just 8us dolar

  25. It's easier to just buy a new battery like who's got the time ?





    Fart 💨 man

  27. American woodworking tricks / Stolarskie Triki says:

    Hi guys. I must say I am not an expert in the field of batteries, only a cabinet maker, but I do deal with batteries every day in my shop. I heard about the army using crystalline batteries over ten years ago. It bothered me many years how make it? Now, because I had to buy a new battery for the forklift, I decided to do such an experiment. The video has two parts. I attach links. What do you think after seeing the final data? However I am aware that time will be the final judge… Thank you for your time.



  28. Never open a lead acid battery! This battery had only a small amount of sulfate at the plats – this can You repair without opening the battery by a pulsar electronic. If You open a really defectiv battery all the plats will fall into lead and leadoxide dust!

  29. if you play this at 1.5x speed the music is a jam

  30. I would like to know what paper material u used ( was it tissue paper) and if so would not the acid destroy it within a few minutes, other wise I think I understand it fully. I think we have to add acid to full the empty fills

  31. This video is for educational purposes only, do not reproduce it at home. Dangerous to reproduce it. Just dropping tin into the cell can cause a short circuit. Especially since for the price, I'm buying another! All in all, it's instructive.
    Merci pour la vidéo mais pour le prix j'en achète une autre ! En tout c'est instructif bravo

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