EEVblog #1333 - Nano Diamond Self-Charging Battery DEBUNKED! -

EEVblog #1333 – Nano Diamond Self-Charging Battery DEBUNKED!

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Dave debunks the marketing claims of self-charging Nano Diamond Batteries in the first 10 minutes using their own material. The rest of the video is cream on top.
NDB Inc supposedly have a nano diamond self-charging nuclear battery that will revolutionise the energy industry and power electric vehicle and mobile phones.
TLDR; it’s no better than existing 100uW commercial betavoltaic batteries, but has an added graphene supercapacitor in the AA package.The rest is marketing BS.

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Thunderf00t’s Nuclear diamond battery BUSTED video:

Betavoltaics presentation from City Labs:


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  1. Made an entire video out of Miss reading something…..l

  2. If you throw it into a black hole and turn matter to energy at nearly 42% you would still not be up to a AA battery.

  3. Maybe we can make a watch circuit with no display so people can look at at it in a thousand years

  4. How you have so many subs is hilarious. Painfully crap video. Entire argument is based around a picture ffs. But I suppose if you get into the science of it, you would be found out. "I don't understand that" only honest and true line in this entire video.
    Using current science to debunk, doesn't get more ignorant than this.

  5. Dave is in an open war conflict with his RAM by the looks of it. Great video though!

  6. Guess what? Its been made… This video: Debunked

  7. if youre going to criticize somthing come with some facts to disprove it instead of just criticizing for the sake of it. You dont say anything that´s even remotely disprove this concept, all u do is showing u dont believe it . I doubgt that the finnish product is going to be 100 microwatts and this is just a proof of concept and need more research to actually be worth manufacturer in a bigger scale.

  8. You sound like an english bill burr. Good show.. pump and dump stock is what we are seeing here.

  9. just take some americium pellet from fireguard betwen 2 lil solar panel from calculator.. and some ducktape.. enjoy batery what will be power light on grave of your grandchild..

  10. Never having to have to change the battery in my remote controls ever again seams achievable and certainly not very nieche 🙂

  11. Another thing, I am not saying this works or anything and I seriously doubt it comes close to the claims in the stories as usual, I simply don't know enough, but surely trying to extrapolate any information form that picture is a fools erand, the reason I say that is that is we don't know the actual size of that chip, the chip could just be a container, look at a cpu only a small fraction of the chip is the actual processor which means in theory the cells could be tiny and in that volume (whatever it is) could potentially contain thousands of cells . Again I am not saying anything positive about it as it might be shit it might not but your arguments also don't hold water

  12. This guy kind of angers me. And just like him 1,000 times throughout this whole video, I'm not going to specify on why that is. (If you watch the video you know what I mean.)

  13. I have a cheap westclox travel alarm clock i use to avoid power outages and 1 walmart cheapo aa lasts 6 years

  14. I seriously doubt this man's knowledge. He sounds more like the marketing bullshitters who he is trying to debunk. I will not listen to this and try understand more of the physics and decide.

  15. In a few months the Hydra-Kinetic Motor will be unveiled and it is the ultimate energy device. Clean, quiet, cheap, simple, efficient, powerful, can power anything that needs power.

    Can run on its own energy for 20 years before needing to be replaced. Can bypass the need for batteries altogether.

    Will be reviewed this summer. It will put every other energy source to shame.


  16. I see so much great technology out there and it is not used because of the high cost.

  17. Sorry Dave, it appears you rushed your “debunk” video without taking the time for due process!

  18. The proof of concept has been verified by both Cambridge University and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Let’s wait and see what develops before jumping to conclusions. Time has a way of sorting these things out. That said, the potential is HUGH should it all work out

  19. The moment I saw this I thought "this sounds like a really crappy radioisotope generator". 14.29 times as efficient as an RTG (allegedly) but with a power output that is six orders of magnitude smaller somehow.

  20. its easier to get free electricity from thin air from radio signals

  21. I believe that if we positioning the uranium or other radioactive atoms synchronizing the electromagnetic waves targeting the electrons, it can create electric current and boost solar panels.

  22. Bullshit huh? Maybe. Or maybe not. You know the US Navy ships are powered by nuclear energy. That is why they never have to come into shore. They just keep on going, and going.

  23. IF you could use the entire half-life of the unit in a reasonable timeframe, this would all work. That's where they're getting their "energy density" from. But no user is going to be using their product for 5,000 years. The most optimistic timeframe is probably about 50 years, where you as a youth buy some gadget and pop in a nuclear battery and 50 years later it's still running and you've never needed to change the battery. I suppose that'd be nice, but very few electronic products are still going to be usable 50 years from now. I'd like my cell phone to never need a recharge, but cell phones made even 10 years ago (analogs) are incompatible with today's networks. So lets use 10 years as a water mark. It's similar to the lifespan for say, a good smoke detector. (and we already have 10 year lithium batteries for those too) So comparing the power used over 5,000 years vs the power used over 10 years is silly. And that's why 100 microwatts is pointless for most applications.

    I suspect that the person that made that 100uW dip picture in cad was given a picture of circuitlabs' unit and told first to duplicate it, and then the marketing people sat around him giving him instructions on how to make it look like their product, without considering they were leaving an actual fact-checkable number on it. If someone told them that was a quantifiable measure of performance, they'd have immediately removed it from the graphic. You really can't give it any credibility at all – just because it's all they've released doesn't mean it's credible. It was a MISTAKE, you need to quit harping on it. Unfortunately, every other hard number in their marketing is pretty obvious BS (like claiming near 100% efficiency, when their competition already in the market has only managed 8% after probably 15 years of R&D) So ultimately there's nothing to go on, they just say what sounds good, and the actual engineers had zero input on the matter.

  24. A non-moron would extrapolate that they can make bigger versions than what is shown in the picture. They will need to make their articles moron-proof in future.

  25. Of course the power is ridiculous and it already exists with tritium or plutonium, but you forget two huge differences:

    There is already no Tritium in nature and especially Tritium is ionizing like Plutonium which is one of the worst crap that can be made.

    While their C-14 is therefore a Beta emitter without any danger, which we can consider producing on a large scale and distributing it commercially.

    So nothing to do with RTG sources produced in very small quantities for space programs. It is obvious that in the first place with a very small production capacity the box is positioned on the micro-power market like its competitors to demonstrate techno, the higher powers coming later.

  26. Something like this might be good for a smoke detector assuming the radiation does not kill you.

  27. Can I testify in the court case against you. Your self marketing sounds fine to pole without a brain. Why don't you calculate the actual volume of the example photograph, and the sub volume in the chip (hint: Did somebody say 7 watts a gram of material, is that even true? How big is that?). 7kw will run an EV. How big is 1kg?

  28. is this a 57 day recharge time on the aa batery?(900+ without 16 times eficienci)????

  29. A hundred microwatts? I have a dead AAA that puts out more than TEN TIMES that amount!

    Wow, this can disrupt marketeeeeering for decades!

  30. I remember the days of the S100 computer bus, when static RAM was the only type trusted — DRAM being considered too newfangled, complicated, and above all, unreliable for serious use.

    And so, a serious hobbyist computer might have one (or more) boards, each containing perhaps a total of EIGHT Kilobytes of RAM — yes, 8KB — that's one eighth of the 64KB total addressable space for the 8080 CPU (a massive amount of RAM that NO ONE seriously expected a normal person to ever need (or afford) — however, some high-end devices — like the Intel Development System — did come with a full 64KB of RAM, but no one really expected that much to be realistic in the real world).

    I digress.

    Each of those boards was fully populated with SRAM chips, in order to provide the 4KB to 8KB per board.

    THIS "exciting new technology" may bring the S100 bus back to life! However, this time, instead of being used as a housing for a CPU and tons of memory boards, it can be used as a real powerhouse! With enough of those fully populated boards it might be possible to power a TV remote! Or even (given enough time and effort) a small night light!


    Can you say WOW?

    Say it with me, kids! W-O-W!!!!!

    (Or, in the words of the Late Great Frank Zappa, "Wowie, wowie zowie! Wow-ie, wow-ie zow-ie!")

  31. Um, they can make it bigger? Or use them in series? Or refine and perfect it over time?

    This may be marketing bullshit. It may be a full out scam.

    But can someone explain to me why if it can actually do what they say it can do at 100mW, it can’t just be made bigger, or refined over the years like micro chips?

    Not saying to go invest in this company. I’m just saying, eventually – in 100’s or even 1000’s of years, this technology could be refined to do what they say it can. But not saying when or how they’ll pull this off, therein lies the scam.

  32. It's still going around…….. yep "Disruptive Technology" Do you suppose the Biden admin has pushed or will push funds to this waste of oxygen?

  33. Hi Dave,

    This is what make Aussies different from rest of the world, too smart and too honest.

    Brilliant work indeed.

    Keep up the good work.

  34. Why don't you wait until they have a working prototype to see first hand if it's bullshit or not.

    you know, people like you thought the transistor was bullshit when it first came out. They didn't want to believe something that small could replace Vacuum tubes……

  35. You won't get 4.5 W/hr out of that size of a super cap.

  36. Energy density comparison, yeah, it's so bad LOOOOL

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