EEVblog 1595 - 50 Year Chinese Nuclear Diamond Battery! -

EEVblog 1595 – 50 Year Chinese Nuclear Diamond Battery!

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A Chinese startup has developed a tiny 50 year life diamond nuclear battery that’s going to change the world! Yeah, nah.

Beijing Betavolt New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Nuclear Diamond Battery Debunked:
Nuclear Diamond Battery FRAUD!:
Mailbag with Nuclear Tritium battery:
Casio calculator test:


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  1. Dave please get an ad blocker for your computer

  2. So a 50 year old collectable guitar with active pickups MPE MIDI2 is entirely possible. Or the night vision that has macro for the next pandemic and long range for the accuracy of The 1000 Yard George Carlin Stare.

  3. a 1.35 v mercury battery replacement for old cameras would be nice.

  4. The earth battery has suddenly become relevant😅

  5. Even if they could make a 3V 1W battery that would last 50 years, they would fail because a 50 year battery is not good for profit, good for the environment but not good for profit.

  6. God, we are so desperate for a battery with an order of magnitude better capacity and less size and weight!

  7. If it's cheap and reliable it could be useful for RTC

  8. Putting the hype aside, even if they were able to eventually power a drone for 50 years, how long would the motors and payload last? 😅

  9. Agree with it being hyped. But it could perhaps be applicable in biotech? pacemaker etc. That would make sense with 50yr batteries. What do you think?

  10. China is making thousands of flawless synthetic diamonds every day.

  11. Dave the ZOYI ZT-703S is out. Don't you have a review sample yet?

  12. Wow good on some respects but totally clueless, the point is as you said if it’s affordable and can actually get our hands on it…. The part about it having few uses is the part that shows a luck of brain power, this could be used in millions of applications from a emergency light that always on demand and self contained to larger low demand self contained systems. Then again it’s all about pricing in the end, and I already designed all this in a couple minutes, I was bored… so please think before you speak and assume things

  13. This will change everything. This time for sure.

  14. The Cancer Lotto Some More Nuclear Cancer Lotto So Stupid People Are Fluoride In The Water BY LAW So Stupid Greed LAW

  15. Would scaling up a battery based on ionizing radiation not present problems? Namely that the larger the source the larger the shielding which automatically creates an inverse law with regards to power/energy densities?

  16. No reason why it can't. But only for very small devices requiring very small amounts of power.
    Problem is that the media and fraudsters can convince or confuse people by twisting and extrapolating figures to match their narrative. Be that getting clicks or cash.

  17. We all have used a 2500mah battery they die fast . Now imagine 200mah battery this battery cant even turn a clock
    Imagine trying to place 45 nuclear batteries into a xbox controller
    Good luck

  18. Chinese "nuclear battery" – Why do I expect what you'd actually get is a NiCad battery inside a box with "nuclear" stickers on the outside?

  19. Size will be cubed, so 10 times longer, wider, thicker is 1000 times the density or capacity. Still massive and a 1000 times nothing is still basically nothing I know.

  20. Hey Dave. Lets presume this works and produces claimed power. Can you design a circuit and test it using a nuclear battery simulator (power supply) to do something usefull? like harvesting energy for a day to make a mesurment and send a packet of data over wifi

  21. This stuff is deliberately made by the chinese government. They dont care about the 10% of people who are sceptical. 90% of the people seeing this make the connection "china=advanced" in thair brains. So to them its a total success. The exact same thing happend when they made the first room temp superconductor. That turned out to be fake, but who cares 2 weeks after it was on the news? Prepare yourself for way more stuff like this because its incredibly effective as propaganda!

  22. There's a very significant difference between He atoms and He nuclei.

  23. What is the cost of this isotope? Just wonder if this isn't going to be really expensive. For a 100 mW device that isn't maybe that bad, but for something like a 1W device and say at least 1000 times the amount of Ni isotope, doesn't that mean 1000 times the price? Even if it isn't dangerous because well packed and stuff…. I have the feeling that making anything bigger will be very very costly.
    Or do they really only use it to dope their diamond and doping is at say 1 ppm or so?
    BTW If they make a battery with 100µW costing 1 US$ then a 1W version will already cost 1000 US$ at least I would say.
    I really dont get those journalists that make this crazy extrapolation/ produce some imagination that such stuff would ever be used in higher power products

  24. Old news, my free energy vapour cyclic generator produces 1TW of clean energy by harvesting the third cosmic dimension. And I'm not even Chinese…

  25. I loved it when thay said "it's betavoltin time" and betavolted all over the place. Truly an energy moment of all time.

  26. I hope these batteries isnt a joke and takes us to a new level

    If i take an off-the-shelf RemoteControl Toy Car, how do add power from the battery to the motor, This means adding to the standard motor controller for for a higher output. The motor and battery are safe for eachother but the final current that actually gets to the motor is much lower, so can i add an ESC between the current motor and get a boost??

  27. I discovered how to make cheap near free energy years ago, but why should I share it with humanity? Screw that, ill keep my near free power, I dont even use the electric company anymore. You might say why dont you sell it, I guess I could do that, but money isnt important to me really, I have enough that I need. Id rather die knowing I figured it out and took it with me. I wasn't trying to discover this by the way, it was really a lucky discovery from an accident that I couldn't understand, but once I did oh boy, i am still surprised that this still has not been discovered, its so insanely simple, and no ill never respond with what it is, its mine and ill die with it. Maybe I am odd that makes me happy

  28. I hear "Mr Fusion" makes a portable reactor that makes in excess of 1.21 gigawatts.

    It's enough to easily drive a flux capacitor.

  29. Those idiots who are blind when they wake up they are 4 to 5 generations………?????!!!!!!!!!

  30. To watch this video and write a comment at the same time on my chunky phone, I need around 5W. 1u Watt is 1/10000 Watt, so I would need 50000 of these batteries to power my phone for the response.

    Assuming each battery is 2g, 50000 * 2g = 100kg. I would need 100kg worth of this battery to just power my phone to watch this video and write this response! Not to mention N-63 goes for around $4000 USD per gram!!

    Unless this company can improve the battery's output by 10000x and make N-63 hundreds of times cheaper, this is nothing but some snake oil BS!!!

  31. It´s China, what did we expect exept fassades and smokescreens? China fails, bubbles pop, the ccp party don´t know left from right no more because of their heads spin from all the circlejerk going on there.
    My only concern would be the pace the dragon goes down. It´s in the span of a few months that millions flew the cities, now Shenzen tanks.
    AliExpress won´t do refunds no more- ask how I know.
    I fear the re-structure of the world, until the dust settles there will be grid zero grinding for us poor schlobs- I don´t wanna become grinding paste.
    God bless Australia, keep Your head over the waterline!

  32. How much power can you get by strapping a Peltier element to your arm? I bet you can get a couple milliwatts, right? Write a press release about how you created a device that generates power your entire life 😂

  33. total scam and nonsense. I remember solar calculator from 1990`s that worked even indoors under dim study lights or any house light so why would anyone use this for their calculator unless they wanna use calculator in with lights off at night which is a silly joke anyway 😆

  34. This guy is a liar. If it was so simple why hasn’t been companies doing it already?

  35. Those YouTube racist clowns are trashing the platform. Too many paid and unpaid white racist posting on YouTube.

  36. The only useful application I can see for this tech is pacemakers (expensive buggers where replacing the battery is kind of a pain). Better than replacing them every 10-15 years. Don't see them producing useful power for any consumer application at an even close to affordable price

  37. It's funny how we have easier and wider access to any information there is and yet these "good old" funding scams are popping out more than mushrooms while it rains. That they keep coming really means there must be people stupid and rich enough to fall for them which probably more frightening than that there's scammers pulling these off.

  38. I dont know anything about battery but i know when I smell bullshit. 😂😂

  39. It's bad enough people are disposing of LiPo batteries in regular trash thanks to disposable vapes.. i dont even want to imagine the possibility of them disposing of nuclear ones!

  40. Well, carbon and hence diamond DO have nuclei

  41. I've got a question.
    How would it compare to the oxford electric bell's cells in terms of density?

  42. old washing/drying machines or freezers can last 30+ years, but even most of those need replacement parts every decade… I just had to replace a washing machine belt, good old Maytags

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