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Elon Musk Creating New 4680 Nuclear Battery With Japan

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Elon Musk Creating New 4680 Nuclear Battery With Japan

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Tesla first teased the new 4680 battery they were building with Japanese conglomerate Panasonic in September 2020.

According to musk the new cylindrical battery holds six times the power and five times the energy capacity with significantly lower cost. In 2023, Panasonic will mSs produce these batteries and power future tesla EVs.

Here are 3 things why these new 4680 batteries are a gamechanger for Tesla-

● The New 4680 batteries will be made by Panasonic exclusively for Tesla. This means the battery could make tesla the leader in the EV market for the foreseeable future if we don’t see a better alternative developed by its competitors.

● With dimensions of 46 x 80 milimeters the new format is widely known as “4680”. Basically, the change of battery cell sizes to a wider format, and the implementation of tabless electrodes and other numerous approaches to the cell production is mainly to reduce costs and increase pack level efficiencies.

● the new battery would also improve the range in Tesla EVs by over 15%.

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