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Elon Musk JUST ANNOUNCED Extreme Powerfull Nuclear Diamond Battery!

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Elon Musk JUST ANNOUNCED Extreme Powerfull Nuclear Diamond Battery!

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NDB stands for “strong diamond-based alpha, beta, and neutron voltaic battery,” which can offer “life-long and renewable energy” to devices. For deep space missions, NDB is developing a low-power diamond battery. They’re also developing nine-year-lasting diamond batteries for smart phones and consumer devices.Elon Musk started research on his battery in 2012 and hopes to have a working device by 2023.What is the Mechanism used for this battery?? Is diamond battery safe??

Diamonds are great at carrying heat, according to Popular Science, and micro-sized diamonds transport heat out from radioactive substance components to the region where power is generated.The NDB batteries technology is comparable to the first DNV battery, which utilised graphite waste from a carbon black nuclear reactor.Thanks to radioactively tainted graphite and heat-conducting diamonds, the device might last thousands of years. The differences with NDB’s approach are that it generates more energy by using many levels of diamonds and nuclear waste panels.

However, the long-lasting battery life is an advantage, each single cell produces very little energy, necessitating the use of a huge number of cells to operate conventional and larger gadgets.

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  1. I am off and now against MUST until he cleans up and comes straight regarding Amber

  2. It sounds fascinating, but not once was a price point even estimated, sounds very suspicious to me

  3. Elon .musk stopped that you ruined our world,our Queen Virgin Mother Mary she not happy and his son Jesus Christ.

  4. Did Elon really say this or is this channel saying this? You said yourself that it was a slow discharge battery. Being only able to provide a small amount of amperage would significantly limit its effectiveness in an electric car.
    Perhaps someday this technology would be capable of producing the 1000 plus amps needed for acceleration but if its this new,, its not likely going to be functional in an electric car. Maybe in combination with a lithium battery? Who know? I'm sure its the future but its likely not for a while

  5. Not once have I heard a distinction between natural and lab diamonds. If you can use lab diamonds for this, the price will reduce significantly.

  6. Hell yea long live Elon musk !!!!!!

  7. until the market picks up on this , it will be pricey countnon it !

  8. Black diamonds are cheap , this is speculation. It's unlikely to be produced in 10 years ,

  9. new high tech in social media and word record. everyday we have new teller say musk or nikola tesla discover something with photoshop and picture to make peoples belive in lies.
    plz just tell him to pay the sale tax to the state of california and fix the problem of tesla battery and not buy chinise battery. tell us how much you get payed for lies with photoshop

  10. Hello! The New Flux Capacitor NDB💯❤️

  11. People will make videos about anything now a days lol

  12. yeh give it to the corrupt governments and see how long before they turn it into a weapon

  13. You mean in the future, you got all of the business.好利害.

  14. This awesome and really will change the future….


  16. Grow up, we are tired of every new announcement from Elon Musk described as ‘insane!’ Learn some new words !

  17. Sorry. I like Elon. But brilliant as he is, somethings wrong. Who else is on his board, directing things? This is not credible to me at all. Not a scientist, no. But not unintelligent either. Just small and powerless.but not stupid. This is screaming red flags at me. Where is the car engine that runs on h2o? We know it's feasible and working models were made. Where is it? This stuff is not credible with camera shots of pretty glass ornaments being handled by Damp fingers as they're dug out of the 'radioactive ' slurry.
    What? Sorry Elon, I just don't believe this one. You're brilliant but emotionally immature to a startling extent. Otherwise you'd have a better sense of social responsi ility. We are drowning in our own shit because we can't solve the domestic waste problem let alone hospital waste and other industrial waste. All those science fiction books of dystopia futures were sadly? Very accurate predictions of the consequences of our unthinking greed based consumer society. We throw away instead of repair. When has that ever been a good idea. Where do you think it all goes.? I challenge you all. Go and take a drive to your nearest landfill waste site. The one that your weekly rubbish collection goes to. Go and have a look. Take a picture, time and date and location, and post it here . Add to that that our society is sick, seriously mentally ill, ( take a look at Richard Grannon on YouTube, he's a world renowned psychologist along with Sam Vaknin and you'll see what I mean).
    The longest are definitely on the grass and I'm scared. My wonderful daughter has to deal with this shit and I'm horrified at the mess we've made and the failure to deal with the consequences. Elon. That's a word you should learn about. But making stuff that's not repairable to force the xonumer( that's us little poor people), be forced to buy a whole new unit when a new seal or seating was all that was needed is immoral. Incandescent light bulbs used to last for hundreds of thousands of hours
    But the manufacturers realised that cost them profit so they gradually designed the fiaments to fail in shorter and shorter times at a pace the public didn't notice. Built in failure. More waste. And now Elon? A battery that may last a long time but what do you do with it when it's Dead? And how toxic is it to the already poisoned 🌎 earth and therefore to us. Man, please use your money for the planet we live on. Or are you planning to run away? I can guarantee you won't like living on Mars, or in a shop or on a space station. You're not the people ever type who would withstand reconstituted paste for food and not being able to wash because of water rations and not having a window to a pretty view and having to obey regulation after regulation because if you don't the whole environment blows. No fancy clothes or pretty women. No cars because no roads. No going outside the habitat without suiting up and carrying your oxygen with you. No parties and probably no alcohol because it would be such a hazard if people became drunk and blew the habitat.
    Wake up man. Grow up.
    All of us.

  18. The loonies are on the grass. Autocorrect strikes again. Phrase is from Pink Floyd's Dark Side of The Moon, have a listen.
    The loonies are definitely on the grass.

  19. This technology will definitely put everyready batteries out of business

  20. Pioneer type. Not people type. I'd switch off the autocorrect if I didn't have arthritis so badly in my hands.
    So Elon. Yes, you would hate living in no frills habitats living on rehydrated paste and drinking your own recycled water. So running to the stars won't help you. And if you and those others blessed with your astounding intellect don't start helping the planet where on now? In a few years, it might as well be Mars without the environment suit. And that won't last long as the weather degrades and air quality is contaminated. Seafood is rapidly becoming nor only scarce due to over fishing but toxic due to mercury contamination and worse, not just micro particles of plastic but the little exfoliating 'beads' and such like in cosmetic cleansing products. They're so small that the fish are ingesting them and then we eat the contaminated fish and so we ingest them. Eew!
    I'm not a loony greenie nutcase. I don't want to live like a 17th century peasant. I couldn't anyway, I have serious health issues and I have an equally serious appreciation of the technology that has kept me alive when I would otherwise be pushing up fairies at least 20 years ago. And the medical teams who study so diligently and give of themselves to apply that medical technology . I owe them an unrepayable debt. But where does all the waste go? The disposable syringes, the intravenous tubing
    The sutures that don't dissolve? All that biowaste? We need it so badly. But do we need 1million different types of car? how many brands of tea? Choice is vital to our society. Self expression essential. But could we not keep having 'New and improved' whatever when the one we have now is fine and serving its purpose. Why do we need to continually fix something that isn't broken?
    I'm talking particularly about the consumer market here. What's wrong with the mascara we've already got? There's thousands of brands of the stuff al doing he same thing but someone will tweak the formula to make no difference in performance but rack up fees for the research and testing to make sure it's safe for humans by burning little bunnies' eyes when we already have safe stuff and don't need to hurt animals for a product that's been here for decades . There's already enough of the stuff. It's just a blind to get the gullible makes to go 'Ooh! New and Safer!' I'd better buy that.

  21. Fed up. Gone out for a walk along seafront. While it's still there. You lot can stew in your juices. Trouble is, that means the rest of us do too.@%#$

  22. Why does this video have parts that repeat? Idc if every rapper wants one so why say it twice

  23. There are different possibilities for nuclear waste. One would be the traveling wave reactor, which is not operational yet. The NDB would be an ingenious solution. The stupidest solution would be to bury the nuclear waste, when there are other, better possibilities. Great stuff, Elon. Go on.

  24. Since not many of us can afford diamonds and we don't live 28,000 years this doesn't sound like it is very economical for the majority of us.

  25. Actual nuclear waste put in Batteries? There may be radiation issue, be it radio interference or worst, cancer.

  26. You cannot switch off this because the radiation is continuous! Good for pacemakers, clocks etc, which require constant power. Same for satellites!
    But cars, mobiles etc go on and off! Even when they are off, still the radiation will not stop.

  27. Sorry I don't want an iPhone and I don't want to go to Mars…..
    You liberals and Democrats can have it….
    I will take the nuclear fusion any day 💥🧳

  28. Liberaltards hate anyone they can't profit from

  29. Be very careful who or what you admire or worship.

  30. Ephesians 1:23-22-21-20-19
    Which is his body, the fulness of him that filleth all in all.
    And hath put all things under his feet, and gave him to be the head over all things to the church,
    Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come:
    Which he wrought in Christ, when he raised him from the dead, and set him at his own right hand in the heavenly places,
    And what is the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power,

  31. BUUUUUULL SH………………………………….

  32. This is starting to look like fallout

  33. Thank God for his son Jesus Christ the true savior of the world

  34. It will not be i an apple I phone. It will be in the new Tesla Pi phone, and Apple will be lost in the dust fimally.

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