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Elon Musk’s INSANE Nuclear Diamond Battery FINALLY Hit The Market!

Elon Musk Vibe
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Elon Musk FINALLY SHOWED Nuclear Diamond Batteries!

Batteries! The invention that powers most of the modern world! Many electronics you enjoy using won’t work without them. These include your phone, laptop, tablet, and the electric car in your garage! Some satellites also use batteries out there in orbit! However, these batteries have limitations that affect the level of satisfaction we can derive from them! This is why scientists have been working hard at creating a new battery. The latest result is a diamond battery that has the potential to last for thousands of years and also help eliminate nuclear waste! How does the diamond battery last so long, and how does it work? Join us as we bring scientists’ insane new diamond batteries just released! The best battery with ability for a wide range of applications is the lithium-ion battery.

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