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Elon Musk’s INSANE Nuclear Diamond Battery That Changes Everything

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Would you believe us if we said that batteries might last indefinitely? Diamond nuclear batteries open up an entirely new universe of potential. A lifetime is defined as 28,000 years. The world’s wealthiest individual, Don Musk, intends to use this technology in his EV manufacturing company.

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  1. Musk PROMISES EVERYTHING but DELIVERS NOTHING! $14 TRILLION and SEVEN YEARS later with the blueprints from Rocketdyne to work from, he can't build a WORKING copy of a Saturn V rocket that my Daddy and other built with SLIDE-RULES and LATHES and sent three men ( I all knew PERSONALLY) to the MOON and BROUGHT THEM BACK in 41 MONTHS!!! WHERE'S his "REVOLUTIONARY" sodium battery??? His "revolutionary" mega-stamping press is half as powerful as the one BMW used to build the Folk-Wolfe 190 fighter frame made by MAN of Germany. He's so full of BULL-SHIT his eyes are BROWN! He's exactly like Edsel Ford. He promised "Cars of Tomorrow" and delivered Edsels. Both are "rainmakers". "Give me money and I'll make it rain!" If it rains-he's a hero. If it doesn't "Give me more money!" Question: Why isn't NASA and the Military buying this technology and keeping it secret like they did the microwave oven for nearly 40 years??? (Yes, Virginia, WWII submarines had microwave ovens and so did some B-29's!!!) Stuff I worked on in 1974 in the Are Farce is STILL "Eyes Only".

  2. Truck loads of empty promises until they get their prototype out of the lab, any 2nd year college chemistry
    student can make an expensive phone battery now and promise that someday they will be cheap.

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