Ermac - A Visual History -

Ermac – A Visual History

Maximilian Dood
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Max breaks down all the existing Ermac designs through the years of Mortal Kombat, to decide which is the best.

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  1. Ermac history from casual ninja to sorcerer is something very cool

  2. Honestly MK9 alt and MKX base/Crimson are the best outfits, imo.

  3. Henry Rollins should be casted as next mask less sub-zero

  4. In terms of him looking like what people expect and desire out of specifically an Ermac design, the new design is absolute dogwater.
    In terms of him looking like a unique character that makes you curious of how he plays, in the vision of someone not concerned with his old designs, the new design is actually very interesting.
    If I try to throw off my tinted glasses of wanting Ermac to be a wizard ninja and not a grey skinned weirdo, his new design actually ticks a lot of positive boxes for me. I thought it would be very goofy but also cool to have an ugly as fuck alien looking character, like a grey alien almost. And Ermac being a psychic telekinetic wizard actually fits a gameplay build for some weird cerebral alien looking mother fucker. So in this regard, this new Ermac design is actually very cool.

    But the ultimate problem is that it's Ermac. He's not a new character. We want him to look more like a ninja and not like Moblius the Zeta Reticulus Numbnutsotron. Here's hoping he can have best of both worlds for the people both concerned and unconcerned with his prior designs, in the form of alt costumes.

  5. Sub-Zero needs this… he went thru some designs

  6. What no Ermac costume koncept art….

    mkx Ermac with his stupid Spiderman gloves, the faux ass Kahn-Rah of MK….

  7. as a ermac main i agree with everything said in the video. fix it.

  8. I honestly didn't know that was Ermac in the dlc trailer for MK1 until like 3 watches, he is unrecognizable and not in a good way at all.

  9. I can't stand Ermac new design, I really hope they will add some type of cosmetic or costume to fix his bad design

  10. Motherfucker is really going on a rant based on one picture.

  11. when I first saw m1k ermac I thought he was wearing a mask, like that ugly dark souls 2 mask, and I thought it was a cool idea. but no, its just his actual face

  12. Honestly, when I first saw the kombat pack, I thought he was just another DC character.

  13. I'm excited he's making a return but he reminds me of Voldermort from Harry Potter with his current design.

  14. I don't know why NRS can't just give us a ninja wizard Ermac. He was originally conceived as a ninja but lately they seem to have a hard on for turning him into a floating shriveled corpse.

  15. I love this series… what is the Bgm for this video

  16. current Ermac looks like a cheap 3d printer made voldemort body suit

  17. It both amuses me and infuriates me how this guy has just convinced himself that deception comes before deadly alliance

  18. It was actually Mortal Kombat 1 that had error macro. There was an april fools image of a red Scorpion with "Ermac" in the health bar and a victory pose that said "Error Macro Wins."

    MK2 was where the Easter Egg text "Ermac does not exist" showed up.

  19. Ermac look like Voldemort now 😂😂😂

  20. definitely have to agree with you here. Ermac is my favorite character and they damn butchered him. How could NRS do that. So disappointed.

  21. Yoshimitsu has so many different designs between Tekken and Soul Calibur.

  22. Let’s hope this ends up like Joker in MK11. Trailer was awful, in game looks a lot better

  23. That thumbnail has me thinking “lord volde-Mac!” I can’t I unsee it and stop laughing and I’m okay with that 😂🤣💀.

  24. I legitimately had no idea that was ermac until you said 'that's ermac' it looks NOTHING like the guy! my first MK was 9 so I remember ermac as the guy with red accents a mask, and big flowy clothes. new ermac looks more like a grandpa trying to be a stripper. I HATE it. I'm hoping against hope that they add in his MK9 skins in MK1. and ffs cover his face. not everyone wants to see his wrinkly mummy lips.

  25. 25:05 to me he honestly looks like Lord Farquaad if he didn't die from being eaten by the Dragon in Shrek and survived all the major burns while escaping the Dragons insides lol
    Edit: i hope the MK 11 Skin is gonna be an alt skin in MK 1 i think we deserve that after being robbed of him and that skin in MK 11 lol. I need that for him . One of my favourite fighters in the game

  26. Ermac didn't survive. Mk1 is simply a different timeline. Plus he's dlc so who knows if he exists

  27. I wanna see one for Yoshimitsu. That mf has such a drastic change in every game he’s in… and every game includes at least 2 each

  28. Can someone make an edit of Ermac from mkx turning a tarkatans spine into dust followed by Ermacs reveal with Voldemort screaming no over it?

  29. Part of the reason why Ermac looked so cool was the glowing green eyes and the obscured face, contributing to the mystery and obscure nature of him (I assume, not really a MK fan)

  30. What really bothered me about his MKX iteration was that they removed all the ninja out of the wizard ninja, they just made him a full-on wizard floating around in combat. His gameplay was neat mechanically but I could never get over that aspect when MK9 nailed the mix so well.

  31. I don't like how he went full wizard in MKX. I prefer him standing to fight more than floating around and swinging his limbs mid-air.

  32. MK 9 alt costume is the best …lol yeeeeeesss give us MK9 alt skin …lol

  33. i would love to see you do a visual history on mileena, to me they can't seem to decide between two directions (her deception, mkx kahnum skin kind of direction and her mk9, mk11 direction)

  34. I thought the mk1 design was martian manhunter when I first saw it

  35. I love the Coarse palette swap ninja skins from MKX. I'd love a full MK game made in that style.

  36. Visual History of Smoke would be fun! 😀

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