FALLOUT 4 PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough (Full Game) Institute - ndbatteries.com

FALLOUT 4 PS5 Gameplay Walkthrough (Full Game) Institute

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Fallout 4 PS5 Next Gen Remastered Update Gameplay Walkthrough – Full Game
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  1. The TV series is amazing. I can’t wait for the next one. It’s gonna be in Vegas and I got the PS five right now I’m just going to buy the game.

  2. 8:21 I'm not the only one who hears Ben 10 Grandpa Max RIGHT??!??!?

  3. Best 11 hours I've spent on YT. Every minute watched

  4. Ho yessssss. Thank you for playing fallout 4. keep your eyes on loots

  5. Fallout 4 on ps5 with 60fps is a real game changer,I could never complete the game before it was so janky,it still has its problems but is playable now,keep up the good work scott 👏

  6. bethesda's best work. everything since then fell horribly short, at least to me. and yes, including starfield.

  7. Scott keep up the good work, you are by far my favourite youtuber

  8. I gave this an hour but I just can't watch you ignore all of the loot and terminals any longer

  9. Oh boy this is going to be the longest one thank you Scott🎉

  10. Well… Wasn't expecting a full playthrough upload of the game! But boy am I excited to listen/watch while I'm at my job as a sous chef at a high end restaurant. Gonna make my weekend a little more enjoyable! Thank you for the great work and content! Keep it up!!!!

  11. They haven't fully fixed everything if you have too many saved games or less saved games it will block you out and kick you back to the main menu I'm your console well at least for Xbox smh

  12. I sided with the institute my first time playing when it came out on PS4

  13. I have definitely watched the first season of fallout and it’s amazing I love how the characters all have there own roles in the story and backgrounds story as well. I’ve played all the fallouts except fallout 76 wasn’t all that into it and still not sure if it’s gotten any better. But lmk if it has and I’ll be down to try it

  14. Great walkthrough! Makes me want to play the game again… Guess I know what I'll be doing this weekend. LOL!

  15. I'm at the Courser chip mission in my playthrough but got distracted by the lovely weps and Power Armour of the update. Gonna do the main story then the DLC. After that hopefully London.

  16. I'd much rather have a pip boy than a I pad.

  17. I enjoyed this walkthrough, hope we can get more long walkthroughs. ❤

  18. Store junk in a workbench, use the other work areas to use it (weapons, armor, chemical, etc)

  19. Also, instead of dropping items, your companion can carry a lot

  20. What 💩 video you’re so annoying to watch missing out on so much and you can’t even tell where enemies are shooting you from 🤦🏼‍♂️ definitely not subscribing or watching future content hopefully you start listening to people

  21. Watched every second – was a pretty fun ride. Good to see you stick with it and reach the ending.

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