FINALLY! NBD's Nuclear Battery Runs More Than 28,000 years -

FINALLY! NBD’s Nuclear Battery Runs More Than 28,000 years

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As if the concept of nuclear batteries couldn’t sound any crazier, the ones that might one day find their way into our phones and cars would actually be made of artificial nanodiamonds.___ One of the leading companies working on this technology is NDB, “Nano Diamond Batteries.”___ To say that the technology that underpins these nanodiamond batteries is complicated would be an understatement. In the most basic language, radioactive elements are removed from nuclear waste and encased in diamonds using chemical vapor deposition. The diamond then turns the radiation into electricity by acting as a transducer



  1. wish they would make a NBD battery for E Bikes, which are powered by 48 wh lithium Ion rechargable right now. I hope you do figure out disposal as well. E Bikes owners would love you

  2. But will not help a EV , not energy dense enough to provide the needed electricity for EV

  3. พิมพันธ์ สุรางค์กูร says:

    First it was 2023 now it 2024 I have a bad feeling about this, in that it will not come out for a very long time, if ever at all. Because it is stepping on to many very powerful toes.

  4. I just want a mobile battery which last 3 days. Why I need a battery run for 28000 years lol when I can't even live for 100 years?

  5. Relax, there will never be a nuclear battery .

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