Firm testing 'nuclear waste battery' that can last forever -

Firm testing ‘nuclear waste battery’ that can last forever

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California-based company NBD claims that it has completed a proof of concept for a nano-diamond battery powered by nuclear waste. The company claims the battery will be able to last 28,000 years without having to re-charge. RT America’s John Huddy reports for the News with Rick Sanchez.

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  1. That's even longer than the half life of the power cells on the Ghostbusters' proton packs.

  2. So how do you dispose of it when it fails?

  3. John Hutchinson figured out this battery. And he uses crushed up rocks lol

  4. This will never be allowed for public use, only military. If it's ever developed?

  5. It will last forever, but will infect you with radiation poisoning if you drop it just once loll

  6. Yes they produce micro-watts So to power your phone you will need a bucket load or carry around a suitcase to power your phone are we really going back to the 90's? I believe it is 100 micro watts

  7. They can be used to power real life terminator robots? You know it's coming.

  8. The idea of converting radiation, alpha, beta and gamma radiation, into electricity is not new, nor novel. In fact, it has been studied since the start of the 2010s by various universities around the world. It is named differently depending on the radiation it converts (alpha particles = alpha devices, beta = beta devices etc). Most of the radioactive material can stay radioactive for a VERY long time, they have half life of thousands if not tens of thousands of years, and it is not especially surprising if they could stay active for this long. The reason why it has not seen widespread application is due to the following:

    1. They don't produce a lot of power. Small batteries can only produce voltage in single digits (like 2-4 volts) measured in microwatts and can only produce significant energy over a very long span of time.
    2. They might leak. Alpha and Beta radiation are relatively more hazardous if the radioactive material comes into contact with skin. Especially if they use reactor graphites to manufacture these.
    3. If you turn up the radioactivity to increase power generation, you will need more expensive material and it will also get even more dangerous and require exponentially better casing to shield users.
    4. Radioactive material can, sometimes, turn other materials around it radioactive when it leaks out.

    The most likely applications are for appliances that need reliability but low power. Like small computers on spaceships, or a pacemaker. It will be physically impossible to find a material that decays rapidly enough to power a car, but also won't immediately kill everyone around it if there is the slightest leak (like fallout from Chernobyl).

  9. 凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹凸凹
    Hang on! The radiation will kill other electronic components, AND YOU !!! Charging your phone will be the least of your concern if such batteries come of age~

  10. It's fake news, this battery will never be practical. Watch
    Thunderf00t video.

  11. There gonna try to charge consumers thousands

  12. Cars running on water? Tesla's 'Free Energy'? Eternal batteries? The Capitalists will never let that happen…

  13. If this is true, then why not use the waste to make huge battery banks to supply to the grid? I think they will use this on phones and laptops, but maintain energy scarcity in order to make high profits.

  14. Ah yes, another KickSarter-style start-up created by folks who know a lot about marketing but absolutely nothing about physics. They'll get a gaggle of free publicity from the illiterate press, truckloads of cash from illiterate investors, then either quietly disappear or simply swallow all the cash and declare themselves bankrupt when the funding dries up.

  15. I've come up with the proof of concept for a time machine.
    When Covid 19 is done with, then I'll go ahead and start building them.
    It's too bad I'll have to wait such a long time for Covid 19 to be gone. 🤓

  16. What about if the Battery Leaks?Does anyone want Nuclear waste around their stuff or on their person??Plus,we use the phones close to our heads/face & the battery contains Radioactive material!!!I wouldn't use a battery like that;love the battery life,but messing with radioactivity isn't worth it for me!!

  17. So now any one can make nuclear weapons after that because they found nuclear energy in every product which they make its to dangerous

  18. I don't watch jihadi paid media but I watching it because I want to know about diamond battery

  19. Its NDB not NBD. correct your video description

  20. Probably can’t buy, you will have to lease them. Also probably comes with tracking technology.

  21. lol yes because carbon, crystal form or otherwise is a better radiation shield than lead

  22. Capitalist market won't like it…Remember the cars driving on magic fuel.

  23. Please one battery for my IPhone! Thanks 😅

  24. America talks too much. Technology like this should be kept secret

  25. Each one will become nuclear carrier.this is most dangerous thing to happen talibani will cut dimond layer upper layer and keep radiation open to destroy earth .

  26. If this is real then these people WILL be Arkancided soon !

  27. Anyone remember that Mighty Max episode where the Aliens wanted out nuclear waste?

  28. Yes… let's really fuck this world up and spread nuclear waste everywhere

  29. Take some theoretical technology, claim to be "working on it", get funding to lead a free life, produce a little theoretical data/"proof" once in awhile to keep funding trickling in, party on. Facade funding 🙄


  31. I'd believe this if it was not Rick Sanchez reporting

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