First Time Playing a Fallout Game - Fallout New Vegas Day 19 [Full VOD] Old World Blues DLC 1 -

First Time Playing a Fallout Game – Fallout New Vegas Day 19 [Full VOD] Old World Blues DLC 1

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I started the Old World Blues DLC and holy crap can these robots talk ..

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  1. This dlc was (is) also great. Nearly 30 minutes of intro-talk if you choose all options and don´t haste. Sad that you have to turn the music off, there is some smooth saxophone jazz music running all the time in the background. As weird as this dlc is, as good is it.

  2. Old World Blues, my personal favorite DLC. ALL TOASTERS MUST BE DESTROYED!!!!

  3. You definitely sound like you're feeling better. Thank you for the new episode.

    Welcome back.



    You can purchase and/or order Sioux City Sarsaparilla from curtain local grocery stores and online. It's the most common brand on the West Coast IRL. They used to sell it where I work, but a curtain "epidemic" messed with availability.

    As far as taste, it's similar to root beer, with a hint of licorice.

  4. Have you learned how to put attachments to your weapons and quick slot them yet. It’s very useful.

  5. Old world blues is the best dlc for the entire series.

  6. All hell the toaster.🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Listening to the radio is an immersive experience that’s a must in NV, ur missing out

  8. Love your videos. By the way, do you know the origin on fallout Mentats drugs? Came from Dune. Yes, the same popular scifi movie everybody watching. Though, Dune is a 64 book, the devs really had a lot of reference.

    And, the mentats of Dune are special humans trained to be like human computers and do calculations. Kinda make sense why fallout mentats give boost on INT

  9. Hey I just started this DLC today too lol

  10. English is not my first lamguage and hearing so much dialogue made my brain numb (which is very fitting for the story since you dont have one)

  11. I've played new Vegas 10 times and never knew about the pimp boy 😱

  12. I think the only way to save your companions from the poison from cazadores on hardcore is to dismiss them.

    Then go pick them up again and they should be OK. I'd be amazed if there wasn't a mod that fixes this but I don't know of one.

  13. There is a way how to make Deathclaw not deadly and pet, but you have to play Fallout 2

  14. Will she ever learn how to hotkey her weapons and stimpacks?

  15. The failed speech checks in new vegas are so worth trying sometimes. They are often overlooked but are sometimes so funny

  16. Yes Dexter's Lab, the Mojo Jojo villain guy from Powerpuff Girls…The Jimmy Electron etc…very reminiscent of all of that…

  17. Even reminescent of some of the marvel villains, like the big brained "The Leader" dude who is Hulk's biggest archenemy, or the basically every other "evil scinetist genius" trope kind of guy…Dr.Eggman (otherwise known as Robotnik) from Sonic The Hedgehog franchise or Dr.Willy from Mega Man, or Dr.Cortex from Crash Bandicoot! Haha you get it…

  18. I am So happy that you can get rid of the pimp-boy 3billion, can’t stand the angle it sits at.

  19. Tarantula hawk wasps don't want anything to do with you so you'd be hard pressed to even see one. I actually love photographing them, and unless it's too hot out for them to do anything, they're in one spot for like 2 seconds and gone. I also kept a scorpion and a centipede I found. They're chill and I only see them out of their burrows like once a month when they're hungry for a cricket

  20. The reason this DLC is so great is that it's all an over-the-top silly ass joke, surrounded by a game that takes its dark subject matter very seriously. Meanwhile the Fallout TV show takes absolutely nothing seriously and is basically we have Borderlands at home, that's why New Vegas and Old World Blues are masterpieces and why the Fallout show is definitely not.

  21. I just want to say i love watching your videos. As a wife who watches her husband play fallout its nice to see someone else like me play the game. I get excited every time i see a new video uploaded.
    Hope you are feeling better.
    Also does your Sweatshirt say Minocqua?
    I live 30 mins away from there. 😊

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