Fixing and Playing a TOMY Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine From 1979 -

Fixing and Playing a TOMY Atomic Arcade Pinball Machine From 1979

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In this video I am fixing and hopefully playing with a toy that I wish I had when I was a kid. It is a 1979 TOMY Atomic Arcade Pinball machine. I will dismantle, clean and hopefully fix this classic toy.
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  1. Well done Ken, many, many people would have given up on this and throw it away. Another litle analogue system saved for prosperity 😉

  2. back in the late 70s when i was nine…they made toys really well that nice tin would have been cardboard today!nice machine!

  3. Thanks for the video. I just picked up the very same at a thrift store and it needs a bit more work than yours buy it’s in great shape overall for it’s age.

  4. Cool machine, my cousins had one back in the day and I loved it. I recall when I first saw their NES I would play it while I waiting my turn.

  5. That was a great find. It's very clean. The tin plate was a nice surprise. Five D batteries! Perhaps those were so the parents could tell the kid to go play that noisy thing outside.

  6. Let me help all of you. DIRTY ON/OFF switch is the usual problem with these. Try gently pushing down and operating the switch back and forth several times. Quick fix without disassembly.

  7. Surprised you didn't lubricate everything while you were in there. Also of note. My box art says (C) 1990 and the machine only takes 4 batteries. Must be a later one.

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